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Visit her official links: KPC Profile PageLearn Korean from Han-Na - Homepage - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Please take a moment to friend request our highly talented Korean Teacher, Administrator, Dean of Foreign Languages and South Korean Director Han-Na Kim. Be sure to follow her on her social media pages above too, she provides superior Korean language training videos for our students!

Our 3 Step Process

Entertainment Path


Artist, Actress or Actor


Making New Friends

Posting your Cover Videos

Watching Kpop Music Videos


Dancing, Singing, Acting

Filming, Music, Recording

Korean Language

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Academic Path


Scientist, Engineer, Other


Making New Friends

Chatting at the Cafe

Watching Kpop Music Videos


Math, Science, Reading

Physics, Communications

Foreign Languages

Here at our high tech modern university, we provide our students two paths to follow their dream careers.

Take our College Entrance Exam to see where you score. It will help you determine which path to focus on.

With this system, you can travel both paths until you reach the deciding point that you need to adjust your course.

We've listed a few examples above, so start your journey today at Kpop College, Enroll Today!


Getting Started with Your Journey at Kpop College

Kpop College Builds Teamwork Skills

We can't stress it enough how important it is to be a "Team Player" at Kpop College. To unlock the first door, it's vital that our students work together to promote each other and not just themselves. We want to grow a rich community that highly values "Teamwork" and "Endurance". 

It's akin to riding your bicycle. You can pump air in your front tire (yourself) all day long but no matter how hard you pedal, you will not make it to your designation with a flat back tire. So it's critical that you balance your time and pump air in both your front tire (yourself) and your back tire (others) to promote. We look for students who are "team players", if you don't first unlock that door, it will be hard to get our attention to promote you.

Some examples of Teamwork include: 1) Leaving suggestions for other students who post their covers on Kpop College. 2) Friend requesting others on Kpop College. 3) Tweeting, Liking, Following, Subscribing to our Promoted Students at Kpop College. 4) Volunteering for Positions at Kpop College to help us further expand our wealth of Information for Students. 5) Participating in "Team Thunder". And other activities that show your teamwork spirit here on campus!


Kpop College News: Angie Yang named "Valedictorian"

Kpop College Angie Yang Rising Kpop Artist

On May 22, 2015, Angie graduated High School with the honor of being selected as the school's Valedictorian!! 

Congratulations goes out to our Student Communications Director at Kpop College! Angie is also an inspiring composer, musician, singer, artist and actress! To the left is one of her most recent covers. Please listen to her rich, beautiful, eloquent and colorful voice!

Please support her by visiting her social media pages below, friend requesting, tweeting, subscribing and liking her! Not only is Angie very talented, she is one of the kindest and sweetest individuals you'll ever meet! She has a golden personality that her Halo fans will love!

Fan Club - Student Profile - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram


TV Promotion: "Make It Pop" starring Asian girl group XO-IQ

Make It Pop

The new hit TV show "Make It Pop" starring Kpop artist Megan Lee airs on Nickelodeon TV network at 7pm EST. The show takes place at MacKendrick Preparatory School where Sun Hi (Megan Lee), Jodi (Louriza Tronco), Corki (Erika Tham) and the DJ Caleb (Dale Whibley) attend school. All of them end up of forming a new pop group called "XO-IQ" with Caleb as DJ. Season 2 is set to air summer 2015!

Kpop College Links:

Make It PopXO-IQ / Music Videos

Official Links: Make It Pop / XO-IQ

Twitter: Make It Pop / XO-IQ


Starring Kpop College girl group: OV Diary

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OV Diary

Kpop College girl group OV Diary is the hottest new Asian Kpop girl group rising from Europe. This six member girl group from Germany is a hard working team, producing over 20 Kpop performances last year. Their leader Ney Tran is a dynamic young leader who's taking her group to stardom!!

Visit OV Diary social media pages:

OV Diary - YouTube - Instagram

OV Diary members:

Ney Tran - Thynka Nguyen - Sisi - Cindy - My - Mondy