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Welcome to Kpop College World Calender. Listed below are upcoming Kpop events our students and our visitors maybe interested in. If you know of an upcoming Kpop event (i.e. Kpop audition, Kpop concert, your birthday, etc) please click (+Add Event) in upper right corner. Please provide a link to the event if applicable so viewers can learn more about the upcoming event. Students please take a moment to post your birthday on our calendar. For upcoming birthday's, please show your college team spirit and click on their name and wish them Happy Birthday! Note, only Kpop College students can post events, to enroll at Kpop College, click here: Apply Now.

Fri. 6/9 All day Sami's Birthday
Sat. 6/10 All day Latia's Birthday

Please wish a Happy Birthday to Latia today! Latia is a member of the new Kpop girl group: Kitty Pretty!!

Wed. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Mon. 6/19 All day Salma's Birthday

Please wish a Happy Birthday to Salma today! Salma is a member of the new Kpop girl group: Kitty Pretty!!

Thu. 6/22
Fri. 6/23
4:00 AM
3:59 AM
Darcie's Birthday! ^_^
Fri. 6/23 All day Han-Na Kim Birthday

Students, please wish our super talented Korean teacher Han-Na Happy Birthday today!!

Visit her page: Learn Korean With Han-Na

All day Mimai's Birthday <3
Mon. 6/26 9:00 PM Trixie's Birthday!
Wed. 6/28 1:00 AM Yung Seong Jeog Yeol day of birth Seven days after the summer solstice which matches my birth name that means extremely bright.
Fri. 6/30 All day Catherine Reyven's Birthday

Reyven's 18th birthday :D

Sun. 7/2 All day Andrea's Birthday~
Tue. 7/4 All day Independence Day
Sun. 7/9 All day Emily's Birthday

Today is Kpop College Official Greeter Emily's Birthday! Please stop by and wish Happy Birthday to Emily! 

Thanks Emily for all the hard work you do at Kpop College!!

Mon. 7/10 All day Afton Miller's Bday
Tue. 7/11 All day Cay's Birthday
Wed. 7/12 All day Rina(2TE)'s Birthday!


1:00 AM Amani's Birthday! And Auditiion
Wed. 7/19 All day Nivkh's Birthday

Nivkh's Birthday

Thu. 7/27 All day Sparrow's Birthday

Today is Kpop College's Lead Greeter (Sparrow's) Birthday! Please stop by her student profile page to Wish her Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sparrow!! Thank you for all the great work you do as our Official Lead Kpop College Greeter!

Mon. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
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