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Welcome to Kpop College's new Fashion Line of Clothing and Apparel called "KElegance". Four models that will lead this new clothing line are SamiRynn, Iseul and Fei. Clothing and apparel for the USA will be lead by Seyeon, Rynn will take Europe, Iseul takes South Korea while Fei takes China and Canada. 

Seyeon was the winner of the 2016 World Kpop Selca Touranment here at Kpop College and will be leading KElegance. Please keep checking back as we are still in our launch phase of KElegance. Our next goal is to start working with manufacturers to bring you a great new line of clothing and apparel designed by our four Beautiful Kpop College Fashion Models.

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Bio: Sami is the winner of the 2016 Kpop College Selca Worldwide Tournament. The 6 month battle to win the top spot was voted by students and visitors from all over the globe. Sami was congratulated by music artist Lola Fair from Kpop girl group Baby VOX on her victory. Sami is a Director at Kpop College over their new Fashion line called KElegance. She is also managing the US & European Markets for high school students.

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You also can receive 10% off at http://www.soaestheticshop.com/ 

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Seyeon's Profile

Age: 16

Birthday: June 9, 2000

Height: 170cm

Nationality: American

Fluent Languages: English

Varying Proficiencies: Chinese, Italian, Korean

A photo posted by Rynn (@sailorxrynn) on

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Bio: Rynn has been accepted into a prestigious college in the United States East coast. She has a talented gift of creating stellar magazine covers. Kpop College is currently in the process of trying to line up some work for Rynn with a magazine outfit in New York City who's interviewed Kpop artist CL for 2NE1. Rynn is magazine editor for KElegance and she will manage the US & European Markets for College students.

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Bio: Iseul Seong (Sage) is Korean and she does a lot of self run photo shoots. She speaks both Korean and English. She also plays the piano and cello. She is currently a trainee at Eterna Enterainment. Iseul will be handling the Korean market for high school students.

Isuel's Profile

Age: 16

Birthday: September 1, 2000

Height: 168cm

Nationality: South Korean

Fluent Languages: English, Korean

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Bio: Fei is from the country of China and is currently attending college in Canada. Fei loves posing for photoshoots and editing pictures. She plays the trumpet and she is a member of the talented Kpop cover group 2KSQUAD. Fei also enjoys yoga and gym.

Fei's Profile:

Age: 21

Birthday: December 28, 1995

Height: 163cm

Nationality: Chinese

Languages: Cantonese, English, French and Mandarin*.

KElegance Fashion Design Advice

Students this is your chance to get Fashion Design Advice from Sami and Rynn. Just post your fashion photos in the KElegance directory and Sami and Rynn will choose a few students to offer their opinions. They'll provide you advice on how to style clothing items. To get started, visit the KElegance photo directory to start posting your stylish fashion photos.

KElegance Model Photos

A photo posted by Seyeon (@seyeon.v) on

A photo posted by Seyeon (@seyeon.v) on

A photo posted by Rynn (@sailorxrynn) on

A photo posted by Rynn (@sailorxrynn) on

A post shared by 🌱sage🌱 (@_sagely) on

A post shared by 🌱sage🌱 (@_sagely) on

A post shared by ❀ Fei H.Z❀ (@feihzzz) on

A post shared by ❀ Fei H.Z❀ (@feihzzz) on

U Vote for the Best Fashion Outfit

Cast your vote below on which outfit you like the best from the two below. 

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Which outfit do you like the most?
Left side - Red outfit
Right side - White outfit
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Attention: Korean Models, if you like to get promoted here at Kpop College and be featured on KElegance please fill in the form to the right. 

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