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Students at Kpop College can now start earning Kpoints! 

Those with the most Kpoints will earn more recognition at our university thereby increasing your visibility for South Korean Record Label Scouts that visit Kpop College. It's vital that students develop very strong teamwork skills if they want to advance to Kpop artist level. When you're working for a Record Label, you'll become an actual employee and the success of the group depends on how well you and your teammates can work together to create exceptional new Kpop songs, video's and concerts. 


To get started take a look at the different ways you can earn Kpoints here at Kpop College. Choose as many as you like to participate in, complete those actions then visit our: Kpoints Tracking System to record how many Kpoints you earned for a particular day. We are depending on students to use the honor system and be honest of how many points you earned. We will performing random audits to ensure those points are truly being earned.