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Kpop College Recording Studio

Do you have a good ear for music?

Can't dance or sing, but like to create original music soundtrack for a Student Lead Kpop group here at Kpop College? Then check out our Kpop College Recording Studio below to start your recording project. Below is a sample song recorded using this technology. 

Save your newly created sound track on MP3 file. Press the red record button then allow the adobe flash player and close the pop up menu. The recorder will start then return to this page and start playing your cool new music track. Once your finished, return to the recording site and press the stop button. Drag over the blue window to trim your recording then press Save and press Save again when it's finished for the windows screen to appear so you can save your MP3 file to your computer.  

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Create your own Kpop original music video to Post on Kpop College or create your own cool music track and visit our Kpop College forum where students are forming Kpop groups. Ask them if they like to create an original Kpop music video by using your music while they choreograph their dance moves and sing to the song! 

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