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                                  Learn More Kpop Dance Moves

Listed below are more instructional videos from actual Kpop artist that show easy step by step Kpop moves. Click on the song name to watch the video or click on the artist's name to learn more about their official webpages. Film Credits (c) Leon Music

* C-Clown: Shaking Heart 

* DMTN: Safety Zone 

* Girls DayDon't Forget Me - Expect

* Glam: I Like That 

* Nine Muses: Dolls - Wild

* Nuest: Hello 

* Rainbow: Sunshine 

* Rania: Just Go 

* SecretTalk That - YooHoo

* ShineeWhy So Serious

* SpicaLonely


* Teen Top: Miss Right 

Tiny GMinimanimo

* 100%: Want You Back