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For those students who want to major in Science, this class room will provide several science related topics and courses geared mainly on the topic of Molecular Biology. Thought provoking scientific topics that inspire our students to be creative and to reach to a new level of understanding will be encouraged in this class room. Collaborative work with other students from different corners of the world who specialize in different scientific studies will be developed in effort to bring the world together to solve our pressing scientific problems. 

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Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at the SENS Research Foundation

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Homework Assignment: 

Prepare your research paper on this topic and how this advancement can change the world.

What obstacles will it face? How can those issues be addressed in advance to prove or disprove the argument?

Dr. Aubrey de Grey takes your questions on Twitter

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at the SENS Research Foundation

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SENS Research Foundation:

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Why do people age and get old?

Everyday the clock ticks and humans age and become older. 

When we're younger, our cells do their job and our metabolism converts foods, water and oxygen into energy so we can move and think as humans.

During that process our cells get used billions of times over and over. And just like the rubber tread on your car tire it begins to wear out over time and needs to be replaced at so many miles. If you don't replace those tires the lack of stability from tire to tire begins to adversely affect the car's performance until the point it structurally can't take any more stress and it ceases to exist.

Humans are fighting not a biological problem, but a physics problem. Cells are said to divide up to 50 times in our life and at that point become too small to divide. When cells divide they keep the system going because they make an exact mirror copy of themselves to keep the body working. It's like a basketball game, when one player gets tired the coach sends in someone to replace him or her. That person has the approximate same skills to keep the basketball game going. But what happens when the team runs out of players to send in to replace tired players? They can't recruit someone from the stands who doesn't know basketball and if they did, they would most likely get trounced by the other team with a losing battle. So think of cells dividing in this way, they keep the team / human metabolism process working properly with food, water and oxygen to keep them living in a healthy condition to fend off diseases.

As humans age, our cells receive signals to die. It's called Senscence, they are programmed to do that so they don't go rogue later on and keep dividing in half. Because if that were to occur, that disorganization of cellular structure creates "cancer" which keeps growing because cells are dividing still. So cell division can be good or it can be bad. We want cells to divide when they are healthy, but we don't want them to divide and grow in numbers when they are disorganized. It's a akin to having a drunk person drive a car in that they can't drive the car no longer straight, they can't pay attention to rules to stop at the red light and so on. But if the person isn't drunk they can pay attention to these rules to keep things organized and working properly. 

One way that happens for senscence is that the cells release molecules which creates inflammation in that area where the rogue cells are at. This inflammation triggers the Immune system to send in it's cells to destroy basically anything in it's path. Most of the rogue cells are destroyed, but some escape and other good cells are also destroyed in the process which is not good to those healthy cells and tissues. Over years this continuing battle rogue cells eventually accumulate in small numbers to form big numbers later as we age. When that occurs, it permits diseases of all kinds to set in and "take root" to grow and take over the human body's health. Diseases grow when their is mass cellular disorganization where they can "cling onto" things and proliferate. 

So scientist like Dr. Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation are working on scientific methods to rejuvenate the body so those "rogue cells" don't accumulate over years. It's like taking your car to get it's regular oil change to remove the wasted by-products that harm and destroy the cylinders in the engine. To do this, they are now researching how to set biomarkers in the system so as we age, they can better understand the cause and effect relationships that is taking place instead of waiting until the person is very old. It's akin to having a thermometer in your car engine, it monitors the heat build up in the engine and the light will turn on when it's overheating. Then they can ask themselves, "why is it overheating now?". And by having "realtime" data feedback they can identify the cause while it's still present rather than doing detective work later on after it's long gone.

Did you know that technology is accelerating at a rapid pace these days? In fact, in just the last two years alone, 90% of the world's information was created! It's mind boggling to think. Scientist all over the world now are collaborating with the use of the internet, and social media and bringing together their expertise to solve these issues at an accelerating pace. It's called the "Moore's Law", it that each year that passes our information quadratically increases giving scientist more firepower of cause and effect relationships to solve the disease of aging. Dr. Aubrey de Grey calls this "Longevity Escape Velocity" in which the scientific community is now "outpacing" the disease of aging. Once this happens "Game Over", we won! Because then science can keep ahead of the curve and keep solving newer problems faster than death can keep up with us. This isn't science fiction either, it's actually real. You're living in an exciting time now!

So as students at Kpop College, keep your mind wide open thinking about these issues and how you can help the world become a happier place. When we can eliminate the disease of aging we will stop 100,000 people from dying from the effects of old age "everday"! Just think of that! Even if we improve it by one day alone, that's 100,000 people who can enjoy life with their family and friends with more happy smiles and fun times. Here at Kpop College the joy of music gives us the energy and optimism to keep this great momentum going in the right direction. Let's work together as a team to help older people give them more days of happy smiles! Just remember one day you'll become old too so now is the time to solve this problem and stay young and vibrant for thousands of years to come!

One other note of confidence: Scientist have already been able to do this on mice that were 80 years old (human years) and turn back the clock for them so now they are 50 years old (human years)! They have the same mind just a younger more youthful healthy body. Scientist are also working on another project as we speak (2016), in that they are trying to understand why those "rogue cells" don't accumulate in "naked mole rats" who live 30 years compared to regular rats who only live 3 years. That's a 10 fold difference with the similar species! At the molecular level, the scientific community is hot on the trail to understanding these things, let's keep supporting their great efforts!