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Here at Kpop College we want our students to display great teamwork skills. This attribute is vital to have no matter which work career or relationship you have. Unless people are helping others, society will break down. 

Watch the video to the right, this is a great example of teamwork. The power of multiple people brings home greater success. Students who wish to become a future Kpop artist, actress or actor need to show strong teamwork skills. Record Labels don't want to invest into performers who can't get along with others, its a business for them and you'll need to show you have strong teamwork skills at Kpop College to be promoted.


How can you get Promoted by Kpop College?

Take the Teamwork Quiz below to understand your score and how close you are when it comes to getting promoted at Kpop College. There are 5 essential elements required to be promoted by Kpop College (Teamwork, Optimism, Perseverance, Talent and Image). After you take the Teamwork Quiz, please proceed to the other 4 Quizzes to determine your final score. Those students that score well on all 5 attributes have a greater chance of being promoted at Kpop College. Please note, there are a few other elements for promotion, but to make it easy we have narrowed it down to these essential 5 core elements. 

Teamwork Quiz