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Established: August 2011  (KpopCollege.com)

Kpop College roots go back to 2007 when we first started following Kpop music. It all started in our search for Jpop music (Utada Hikaru) that we stumbled on the talented Kpop artists in South Korea. Ever since then, just like everyone else we've been hooked on the powerful music and music video's produced by these talented artists.

In effort to help the Hallyu wave spread across the world (as did the British Invasion) in the mid 1960's with the United Kingdom rock and pop artist branching out to the United States we wanted to help this 2nd wave of music genre do the same thing for the 21st century.

We've spent considerable time, money and effort to help this cause. We are a non profit site, taking in absolutely no income. Seeing how much happiness it brings to people around the world dancing and singing the Kpop covers we felt the need to help bring it to the masses in whatever small effort we could assist in.

Photo 2015: Angie Yang. 
Student Communications Director, Administrator, Composer, Musician, Singer and Striving Artist & Actress. 
Visit Angie's Official Links: Kpop College Profile Page - Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram

Angie is one of the original members of our first Kpop girl group Kitty Pretty. She is now an administrator at Kpop College assigned as the Student Communications Director. Angie is an amazing individual with talented musical skills, excellent communications skills and a perfect golden personality. Angie graduated High School in 2015 with top honors being named Valedictorian and will be attending college in her home state this autumn 2015. Angie has amazing skills and we believe she can go on to become a Kpop super star someday.

The Founder and President of Kpop College is "Kpop DJ". It's of course our fancy stage name if you call it that. In effort to help shine the light more on our students and Kpop artists we thought it would be best to use our stage name. Kpop DJ just works behind the scenes pushing and pulling the levers as he builds this university one brick at a time. It's our long term goal to hopefully construct a actual college campus on land with lecture halls, professors, degree's, residence halls, cafeteria, cafe's, library, student union center and the world's largest stadium for Kpop concerts and sporting events. Our goal is to become the world's most prestigious and attended university in the world. It too is our goal to be able to construct a campus which will be a non profit institution where our students, record labels and Kpop artist's can benefit the most.

Visit Kpop DJ / Kpop College Official Links: Kpop College Profile Page - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram


Kpop College Video Introduction

Please meet our Korean Teacher, Dean of Foreign Languages, Administrator and South Korea Director, Han-Na Kim.

She is a highly talented and effective teacher. Han-Na will be providing high quality Korean language training videos for our students on campus.

Han-Na too has a perfect personality, she's always willing to help out her students and she works extra hard to produce high quality educational materials for our students. Kpop College is so happy to be working with such an amazing talented and super kind individual.

Kpop College Motto: 
The Premier Place Where Students Learn About Kpop Music Artists, Enjoy Making New Friends and Strive to Become a Popular Music Artist, Actress or Actor.


At this time, we're just an online non-accredited university building our foundation to one day hopefully become a full fledged accredited university with actual degree's. But for now it's all for fun and enjoyment. No degree's but yet no tuition either, it's just a fun virtual online university. We are neither sponsored nor affiliated with any record label, entertainment company, institution or artist. We do a lot to try to promote those entities to help the Kpop Hallyu wave and their artist's, but again we are not affiliated. 

While students of course can have fun here, they too can learn, enjoy making new friends and strive to become a Kpop artist while attending our university. We can't guarantee students will go on to become a professional Kpop artist, but it's our goal to help talented students get recognized on social media platforms so they can increase their chances of being noticed by a record label or entertainment agency. We spend a significant amount of our time promoting upcoming and talented students striving to reach their dreams of becoming a Kpop artist. It's the best free advertising promotion students can receive at no cost. All we ask our students to do is show great Teamwork Skills, Endurance and Optimistic Attitudes. This combined with talent to Sing, Dance and Act. We want our students to not only grow to become a popular music artist but for many that can't make it to that level we want them to acquire the skills noted above so they can become more instrumental in the world in making this a bright place to live and enjoy.

Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information for common questions.

Or Contact Us if you have any other question. 

Kpop College - Launch Plans

Launch Phase I: 

As of right now, Kpop College is in Phase I of our launch which means we're not an accredited university at this moment but rather a "virtual online college".

We still have to line up investors and grants to reach Phase II. The more students that participate and are actively involved on Kpop College will directly impact how fast we can reach Phase II. So help us, help you by proactively engaging with other students, go ahead and send friend requests to other students and provide them feedback on their covers. Be a leader and show the record labels you're serious about becoming a future artist. Those that sit on the sidelines, waiting for others to approach them and lead will most likely not achieve Kpop star level. Good team work and leadership are great attributes you can utilize in any career you pursue.

For Juniors and Seniors currently in High School, please plan on attending a college / university of your choice. You can still enroll at Kpop College at the same time and use our online resources to learn and improve your Kpop talents while making new Kpop friends.

Launch Phase II: 

Phase II of our launch will be constructing a college / university campus on land which will be located in the United States. It will have students, professors, lecture halls, student union, cafeteria, degree's, residence halls (dormitories) and a large stadium to hold Kpop concerts and sporting events.

Launch Phase III: 

Phase III of our launch will be constructing a sister university in South Korea, Japan, China and Germany. This will be for students who don't have the opportunity to travel overseas to attend Kpop College in the United States.

How does Kpop College work?

We provide students at Kpop College online resources to help them learn about Kpop music. How to dance, how to sing, how to speak, read and write Korean, how get the right image, etc. Students can post their Kpop covers from YouTube on this site for others to view and to obtain feedback on how to improve. When we discover students that have potential, we promote them by creating a Fan Club page for them. After that occurs we try to help them gain popularity on YouTube and other social media pages in effort to help them get recognized by South Korean record labels or other interested labels. To Learn more, please take our Campus Tour and we will guide you through the simple process.

Why should I enroll at Kpop College?

Well, for starters it's absolutely 100% free to enroll and participate at Kpop College! The great thing about our university is that there is no tuition to pay. In fact our long range goal is to make Kpop College a tuition free campus even in Phase II and Phase III. This will be accomplished by having advertisers, investors, donations and record labels who are interested in collaborating with our university.

Secondly, if you're dream is to one day become a Kpop star yourself, why not enroll at our university and let us try to help you become more popular. Think of us as your spring board to help you get to the next level. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but you can have fun along the way trying while making new friends who also love Kpop music.

We're working very hard behind the scenes to try to provide our students more leverage to help them get recognized by record labels. While students spend time practicing their skills, let us work the channels to leverage more popularity for you. We already have many Kpop artists, Kpop groups, South Korea Record Labels, Businesses, Government Agencies, Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, Movie Directors and South Korean Universities already following us as Kpop College's popularity increases. Check the: list of followers.

Where is Kpop College located?

As of right now we're on the internet as a virtual college. But in Phase II of our construction, we plan to build a multi-million dollar campus on land in the United States, specifically near Columbus, Ohio. The reason, is because that's were thesite owner (Kpop DJ) resides and secondly, it's near the one of the largest universities in the world called Ohio State University which houses many college students. Many students from all over the globe attend this university in Ohio. 

Why is Kpop College helping students get recognized by record labels?

We like to make students smile and achieve their dreams. It makes us happy to see our students smile! And our personal goal is to build a college campus on land to further help our students achieve all their life long dreams. 

What do I have to do?

Well, for one it's very important that you are a "team player". For us to build a large platform to help our students get recognized we need all the students to be team players to create enough momentum for this institution. As we like to say, it's akin to riding a bicycle. One must not only pump air into their front tire to promote themselves, but also pump air into their back tire to promote others. If students only spend time promoting themselves and waiting for others to come to them then you'll never reach your dream goals. It requires team work by filling both tires in your bicycle to reach your designation.

Students need to spend an equal amount of time promoting themselves and helping other students that post Kpop covers. They need to leave feedback on how to improve and to friend request other students in a proactive manner to get discussions going. 

Does Kpop College only promote Kpop covers?

Well primarily our focus is on Kpop covers, however we also will promote those that have exceptional talent in other music genres including Jpop, Cpop, American Pop and others that are of interest to our site. 

How old do I have to be to enroll at Kpop College?

Well, Kpop College is primarily for college age students (18 - 30), however we also accept students 13 to 18 as well as we know record labels are looking for younger students to groom them to become future Kpop stars. If you're 13 to 18, you should first consult with your parents to see if it's OK to enroll. If you're less than 13, you should have a parent with you when you are on the site so they can properly supervise you in the manner they see fit.

How do I contact Kpop College if I have questions?

If you have any questions, you can Contact Us. But please keep in mind, we receive lots of messages and it's very difficult to respond to everyone. Don't think we're ignoring you, it's just not possible to get to every question and / or we already answered that question. If you have some general questions for us, please visit our: Ask page to pose your question or review other questions posed by others. 

Is Kpop College hiring staff?

Well, at this moment we are a free website / institution (virtual university). We don't have financial resources coming in to hire staff. However, if you like to be part of this new college tradition we encourage those that are interested to become a Kpop College Volunteer. We have hundreds of activities going on behind the scenes and with the resources we have now, it's very difficult to keep up. Becoming a volunteer not only allows you to get on in this college tradition that will be looked at many years later as the leaders who set up this wonderful university for students but also a way to show your community service. Those that are consistent volunteers, we would be willing to write college recommendation letters for you to show our appreciation of your service. Many universities require recommendation letters from those that know you and put in work. You visit our Volunteer page for a list of open positions and current students who are helping us achieve this dream for you.



2007 to 2011

 * Kpop College starts following Kpop music artists and educates itself for the next 4 years.

August 2011

 * Kpop College officially opened it's doors with it's website name. 

January 2013

 * Kpop College creates a new girl Kpop group called "Kitty Pretty", opening up world auditions. 

June 2013

 * Kpop College reaches over 100 South Korean Record Label audition sites.

 * Kpop College becomes the #1 top ranked site for Kpop Auditions rated by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

February 2014

 * Kpop College student "Sparrow" becomes the first volunteer for Kpop College as official Greeter.

 * Korean Movie Director Christine Yoo who directed the movie "Wedding Palace" enrolls at Kpop College. 

 * Kpop College student "Alex Schulze" releases his first music track for Kitty Pretty called "Oppa Dance" 

March 2014

 * Kpop College concludes our world wide open auditions for Kitty Pretty and chooses 9 members and 3 backup. 

 * Kpop College and Miss. Eunha Seo from Seoul, South Korea begin partnering together to bring Korean Language lessons to Kpop Students. 

 * Kpop College group OV Diary releases their 8th Kpop cover. 

 * Kpop College assists talent agency to locate cast for a new TV show called "Kpop High" that was later renamed "Make It Pop", a Nickelodeon TV show.

April 2014

 * Kpop College surpasses 1,000 students enrollment. 

 * Kpop College student "Angie Yang" from Kitty Pretty releases her first music track for Kitty Pretty called "Pouncin"

 * The Hwaiting Fight song for Kpop College is written and dedicated to the students in South Korea that perished in the Ferry incident.

December 2014

* Kpop College surpasses 2,000 student enrollment, setting a new record.

February 2015

* Kpop College and Miss. Han-Na Kim begin working together to provide our students high quality Korean training videos.

May 2015

* Kpop College surpasses 2,500 students on our campus.

June 2015

* Kpop College breaks into the Top 30% largest university in the United States for student enrollment.

Objectives of Kpop College:

1. EDUCATE students around the world explaining which Kpop artist are coming out of South Korea.

2. PROVIDE students an easy way to locate Kpop artist's official Kpop websites.

3. HELP Kpop artists grow their network of fans around the globe.

4. PROMOTE students who have outstanding dance and musical abilities to help them reach professional level.

5. CREATE the world's largest network of college students who love Kpop music to secure a new world record.

6. DEVELOP a library of Kpop dance classes to help Kpop students learn the famous dance moves.

7. ASSIST Record Label companies locating new Kpop talented artists with links to their audition websites.

8. GIVE Kpop students a way to advance their Kpop career by auditioning them for new Kpop groups.

How much does it cost to join / attend Kpop College?

1. First and foremost, it's 100% Free to join Kpop College, there are no dues or fees, it's 100% FREE!

2. There are no membership dues, no one will ask you for money. As we stated it's 100% Free & 100% Fun!

What will I receive if I join / attend Kpop College?

1. You will receive your own profile webpage within Kpop College (similar to Facebook).

2. You can Friend Request other students that join Kpop College who have similar interest as you do.

3. You'll be able to write on other student wall's to communicate with friends around the world. 

4. You will receive your own mailbox within Kpop College for additional ways to communicate with friends.

5. You can post a photo of yourself on your profile page if you choose (but not required).

6. You can tell others about yourself, your dreams and your hobbies.

7. You can audition for the new upcoming Kpop groups "Kitty Pretty" for girls and "SharpDM" for boys. 

8. You can show your other web pages like your YouTube Channel, your Twitter and Facebook pages.

9. You can show off your Kpop cover dances on your profile pages in the video's section.

10. Most importantly you can form new friends around the world that also love Kpop music like you. 

Community Outreach:

In addition to the objectives listed above, Kpop College is working on two community outreach programs to help other people around the globe. 

1. HELP individuals with painful life life threatening diseases:

    a. Help AADP (Asian American Donor Program) locate matches for patients with bone marrow disease. 

2. HELP International Super Star Anggun's new role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador stop starvation. Everyday a billion people are starving with a lack of food and water. We are helping her get her message out to sign the petition at 1BillionHungry.org Every six seconds someone passes away due to a lack of food or water.

3. Additional outreach programs are being reviewed to determine how we can help assist others.