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Accomplishments achieved by Kpop College.

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And many thanks goes out to our energetic students on campus who are making our university the most Prestigious in the World!


July 10, 2016

Students keep up the great work making your university the most popular college on the planet! With your love for Kpop College, our university moved into 1st, 2nd place for "Kpop Auditions" on the three largest search engine websites on the planet! The only other website ahead of Kpop College is YouTube which is a $Billion dollar company vs Kpop College that pulls in no revenue at $0. Not too bad for a bunch of students working hard to tell all their cool friends at school about Kpop College! This victory gives our students more opportunity to get recognized by the Record Labels and Entertainment companies that scout for new talent. With Kpop College ranking #1, #2 in the world for "Kpop Auditions", it will naturally bring in those entertainment companies as they know this university is rock'n with talent and energy from our great students on campus!

July 7, 2016

Kpop College just keeps breaking record after record! With our strong and energetic students on campus, our university surpasses 99.986% of all the (Billion) websites on the planet! Our students on campus keep telling their cool friends at school about the university they attend and their friends stop by to enroll at Kpop College. With these stellar scores being reported by the internet website traffic companies, Kpop College is rapidly moving up the ladder to become one of the most popular places on the world wide web giving our students more potential to get recognized by Record Labels and Entertainment Companies looking for new talent! Keep on rock'n students, you are absolutely amazing!!

June 27, 2016

Kpop College breaks yet another new record thanks to our energetic students on campus. Kpop College website metrics is outperforming some of the largest websites in the world! 

Kpop College is ahead of giant websites like Twitter and Instagram! We're inching very close to Facebook too. All those sites are Billion dollar corporations pulling is massive amount of revenue from advertisements, etc. But here at Kpop College we are running on a revenue of only $0. Yep that's right, we pull in absolutely no revenue as our website / university is completing free for our students. 

So with $0 revenue Kpop College is outperforming the giant Billion dollar corporations on Wall Street! We like to congratulate our dedicated students on campus who keep telling all their cool friends in school and college about our university. Keep up the great work students! You're great effort is helping make your university Kpop College, the world's most popular and prestigious university on the planet! Let's keep rock'n the world with lots of love and great Kpop music!!

March 16, 2016

Our university, Kpop College sets yet another new record! Based on web traffic data and analysis research center, our website KpopCollege.com is more popular than 99.88% of all the websites on planet Earth! 

There are 1 Billion websites, in fact to be more exact there are 1,002,694,874 as of March 16, 2016. With Kpop College's new website ranking, our site is now more popular than 1 Billion websites! Yes, that's correct more popular than a Billion websites!

So what are you waiting for? Visit our College Admissions office to enroll today! It's 100% Free and 100% Fun! With over 4,000 students enrolled from all over the globe who love Kpop music, you'll have plenty of choices to make new friends who live near you are across the globe who share the same interest as you!

Improve your Korean language skills to create a more impressive singing Kpop cover performance. Head on over to our Korean Language Learning Courses taught by our super talented teacher HanNa Kim! 

source: www.internetlivestats.com  and alexa.com

December 24, 2015

The "Top 25 Brands" on Twitter have an Engagement rate % with their followers of 0.07% whereas Kpop College has 2.1% which is significantly higher! 

Another performance metric that shows our students and followers love our brand Kpop College!   

source: socialbakers.com

September 26, 2015

Kpop College keeps on breaking new records one right after another! There are over 1/2 Billion websites on the Earth, and the top leading search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) rank our university Kpop College #1 for the search term "Kpop Auditions"!

So if you're looking for Kpop Audition information and resources, you've arrived at the #1 top ranked place in the world for the information. Here at Kpop College we spend a lot of time researching and connecting with others in the field making it easier for our students to spend more time working on their Kpop covers. 

So what are you waiting for, click on the Admissions link in the top menu to enroll at our beautiful university! We're always looking to promote talented young upcoming stars to help you get recognized by the Record Labels. Those that work hard, stay optimistic, show strength in endurance, be polite and show good teamwork skills will get our attention! Welcome to the World #1 Best site for Kpop Auditions!!

September 24, 2015

KBS TV Broadcasting located in Seoul, South Korea has a new hit TV show called "Global Request Show - A Song For You" in which they interview Kpop stars at their studio and receive questions from Kpop fans. The host of the TV show is Kangin from Super Junior, Amber from f(X) and Goongchan from B1A4. 

The hit TV has contacted Kpop College asking if our students would be interested in submitting their YouTube questions to the TV show to ask questions of their favorite Kpop star. The lucky winner will be shown on TV in South Korea so the Kpop artist can listen to your questions and provide their answers.

As Kpop College keeps expanding around the globe, our university is continues to makes connections with Kpop world of stars, actresses and celebrities. Look forward to opportunities for our students to get the chance to appear on TV with a Kpop star on this new hit TV show.

Learn more about how you can submit your YouTube video to KBS to participate!

Visit our collaboration with KBS called: A Song For You

September 23, 2015

Kpop College achieves another new record! The three largest Search Engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) rank KpopCollege.com #1 in the world for the search term: "List of All Kpop Groups". 

In addition to that #1 world ranking, Kpop College also surpasses many other large websites that operate on revenues that surpass $2 Billion dollars! Our university operates on just a fraction of that, matter of fact we operate on $0 of revenue, not one dime of revenue. Many thanks goes out to our students on campus who work hard to spread the news about Kpop College. Your teamwork efforts combined, outpace other gigantic entities that operate on billions, congratulations students!!

September 5, 2015

Today Kpop College sets a new all time high enrollment record! We now have over 3,000 students from all over the world attending our university! This new record also means Kpop College is larger than 74% of all the universities in the United States! 

Our ultimate goal is to open up a college campus on land with actual professors, lecture halls, dance studios, degree's, residence halls, cafeteria, cafe's, recreational center, parks, library and a large stadium for Kpop Concerts and other sporting events. When our university breaks into the top 5%, we hope to have investors lined up to begin phase II of our expansion!