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Korean Teacher & South Korea Representative
Han-Na is from South Korea and she is our Korean Teacher her at Kpop College. Check out her amazing videos and start learning Korean today!

Kpop DJ

Founder & President
Kpop DJ is the Founder and President of Kpop College. He's been following Kpop since 2007 and opened up this university in 2011 to help students one day achieve their dreams.

Angie Yang

Student Communications Director
Angie Yang is a talented upcoming artist with a magnificent singing voice. Angie is the Student Communications Director at Kpop College presiding over the entire student body.


For those students that like to volunteer their time to help Kpop College expand our university, please use the contact form to the right. 

You can find your Student ID Number on your Kpop College student profile page at the top with the last digits for the link on that page.

Open Volunteer positions:

Greeter, Alumni Messenger, Illustrator, Grammar Analyzer,  and more to come.

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Kpop College Volunteers

To visit and friend request these students here on campus just click on their student profile below.


Representing Kpop College with assigned functions.


Campus Tours

Claire is in charge of Campus Tours at Kpop College. You can visit her Campus Tour page and check out the tours she is recommending for students on campus.


Student Locator

Julgee is in charge of providing students a way to Locate Students at Kpop College who reside in different parts of the world. You can visit her Locate page here.


25 Things About Me

Violet is in charge of 25 Things About Me page. It's a way for students to get to know each other better by telling us 25 fun facts about themselves.


Representing Kpop College with assigned functions.


Sout Korea
Xshiae lives in South Korea and attends college there. She will provide students information about Kpop Auditions & Life as a Student in South Korea.

Wang Jungie


Wang Jungie is in charge of Lyrics here at Kpop College providing tips and assistance to students and emerging artist on English to Korean translations.


KPC Cafe

Evelyn is the Ambassador over the new KPC Cafe here at Kpop College. This is a place where students can chat in real time with other students around the globe.


Students assisting Kpop College with the assigned title.


New Kpop Artist
Ronabelle is in charge of locating new Kpop Artists and our Groups around the world. That is those groups that are professional working with a Record Label.



The Greeter will be in charge of warmly welcoming new students on campus here at Kpop College.


Alumni Messenger

The Alumni Messenger will be in charge of sending check in messages to students who haven't visited Kpop College in a while letting them know we miss them on campus.


Students assisting Kpop College with assigned title.


Residence Hall
The Residence Hall Coordinator will take in applications from students on campus that want to move into a dorm room and process information of when students can move into their dorm room.


Forums Analzyer

The Forums Analyzer will oversee discussions taking place in the Forums, to provide recommendations for new Forums that students maybe eager to start new discussions.


Selca Analyzer

The Selca Analyzer will oversee the Selca directory of photos to verify compliance and to oversee the Kpop Selca Tournaments.


Students assisting Kpop College with the assigned title.



The Illustrator will be in charge of creating design work for Kpop College with unique characters and campus artwork.


Grammar Analyzer

The Grammar Analyzer will be in charge of searching through Kpop College pages locating grammar mistakes that we will fix.


SEO Analyzer

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analyzer has to have experience on the internet, programming and SEO metrics to help Kpop College stay at the top.


Students assisting Kpop College with the assigned title.


Kpop Cover Analyzer

The Kpop Cover Analyzer will watch several covers posted each week on Kpop College and provide objective reviews for the students to improve.


Safety Analyzer

The Safety Analyzer will patrol campus to make sure the students are safe on campus. They will look for suspicious activities, spam and bullies.


Statistics Analyzer

The Statistics Analyzer will search for Kpop statistics on line so we can update our evidence pages to provide students & visitors facts about being a Kpop artist.