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Welcome to our College Admissions Office.

The Premier Place Where Students Learn About Kpop Artists, Enjoy Making New Friends And Strive To Become a Kpop Artist, Actress or Actor.

Our university is currently online and not accredited, however our long range goal is to open an accredited campus on land where students can attend classes in our lecture halls, earn degree's, stay in your college residence hall and participate in Kpop performances at our college stadium that will hold over 100,000 guests. The best part of our university, there is no tuition or dues, it's 100% free to attend.

At Kpop College, you can post your covers on our site and obtain suggestions from other students on campus. If you work hard, you're a team player and you have an outgoing personality, you could get promoted by staff. This will increase your visibility with the Record Labels and Entertainment Companies. We have a large number of well known institutions from South Korea following Kpop College, Kpop Artists, Celebrities, Fashion Models, Radio DJ's, TV Actresses and Actors, Government Institutions, Travel Companies, Movie Directors and large TV networks like Nickelodeon (several famous artists launched their career from there like Miley Cyrus, Arianda Grande, Others)!

So what are you waiting for, get started and click the Enroll now button below. Or if you're already a student at our university, click the blue button below to Sign In.

Important Tips when enrolling at Kpop College:

Social Media Links

When you fill out your student profile information, please note that when you add your social media links such as (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc), it's important that you leave off the "http://www." in front of that link otherwise the link will not work. See the example below for Kpop College social media link for our Twitter page. To correct it, return to your student profile page and click "Edit Profile" under your student profile photo. Be sure to correct your social media links otherwise you'll miss the opportunity to gain more followers just because your link was not set up correctly.

Incorrect method: (http://www.twitter.com/kpopcollege)    

Correct Method: (twitter.com/kpopcollege)

Student Profile Photo

Students who upload a profile photo receive many more views of their profile page by other students on campus. Like the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words". Don't miss your opportunity to gain more followers and friends by not uploading a student profile photo. Other advantages include a welcome message from Kpop College and you never know when Record Labels or your favorite Kpop artist is on our site. When you present your best Kpop Selca photo, you increase your chances for possibly being recognized by them. Record Labels are looking for new artist that have social skills to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans on the concert stage. If they feel your shy, that will deter them from gaining interest in your talents. It's also best to upload your photo from your laptop and not your mobile phone as some mobile phones don't use javascript to import photos correctly. Remember to smile and prepare for your best stage appearance!

Making New Friends

Don't be shy when you enroll at Kpop College and (wait for others) to friend request you! Show the Record Labels you have an outgoing personality and you're comfortable meeting and greeting new people. If you don't have that many friends on Kpop College they may feel you don't have the courage to greet your screaming fans and sign autographs when you arrive at the airport in Seoul, Tokyo, Bejing, LA, New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, etc or at the concert venue. You may be shy in the past, but not no more! Rise up to the occasion and start improving your courage today. Once you friend request 10 other students on campus, you'll break that "fear you once had" and start becoming very comfortable meeting and greeting other students. Show your team work skills, your optimistic attitude and your perseverance to succeed!

Give it a try, you are now a student at Kpop College!! 



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