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Jeong Mae Ryun

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Currently, the group has no name. It will be decided among members. Only two people will be in the group since I will also be in it as well. THE LEADER IS NOT YET CHOSEN! I WILL NOT LEAD! We will be singing in Korean AND Japanese (about a year after debut) so knowing both is important. Photos are not important except for a small part for a possible Facebook page and website. There will be no dancing, so everything will be VOCALS ONLY. I want this to be a vocal based group. You do NOT have to have a Korean but it may be written in Hangul. If yu want, if and when you make the group then we can try and find/make one based off of your real name (ex mine is Jeong Mae Ryun; it's explained on my profile). All videos will be posted to youtube. If you are interested in being a composer or lyricist, please do not hesitate to do so! Facebook is an IDEAL form of contact, however email or KPC is good as well.

To audition, just copy and past the following form in response to this post. 

Korean Audition:
Japanese Audition:
Can you mix audio/video:
Can you write lyrics or compose music:
Contact Options:
Do you have Line or Kakao:

I already have an idea of the first two songs to be sung as well as a coding for them: Kara's Damaged Lady and T-ara's So Crazy. There is also the possibility of doing Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle. Other songs will be decided by selected members.

Auditions will close when I feel like I've found the right members for the group. Thank you!

I want to live a dream within a dream. I'm Mae Ryun. NIce to meet you!
난 꿈이 내 꿈을 살고 싶어. 나는 매륜 예요. 만나서 반가워요!

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