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Okay students this is your chance to list 25 interesting facts about yourself. You can choose your own questions to answer. Let the other students on campus know who you are!


January 23, 2016 at 10:24 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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25 Things About Me

1- I can easily learn to dance just by watching any video a couple times

2- I used to sing in school choir back in elementary but switched for art and language classes after

3- I can't sing to save my life

4- Big Bang was how I was introduced to Kpop - Shinee and B2st just kept it going

5- Onew/Lee Jin Ki has been my Bias since a year after his debut (it's been about 8 years now?)

6- I'm very friendly but also very protective of my friends

7- I can't stand math and science but get amazing grades in both subjects without even trying

8- My favorite colors are Green, Pink, White, and Yellow

9- I personally love to style clothes

10- I studied fashion design in high school but hate to sew

11- I learn very quickly and can easily blend in

12- sometimes I just like to be alone

13- I've been trying to start a small kpop group with my little sister and her friends and be their manager

14- I'm very invested in film and fashion but can't remember names to save my life

15- I used to do Cheerleading and Track but stopped so im not as active as i used to be

16- I have a lot of siblings, most that aren't fully related to me

17- I've been learning Korean alone with my sisters for the past 3-5 years now

18- I'm very critical

19- I love makeup but ive only experimented with mascara and  lipstick

20- I'm not a big social site user but i have an account for almost everything

21- I am 5 feet 5.5 inches tall with size 32G bra

22- One day I'll be able to afford a reduction

23- I am also learning the language Esperanto

24- I'm glad this is number 24

25- I refuse to live in the states in Trump wins

March 7, 2016 at 3:01 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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25 Things About Me

  1. I'm 5' 2"
  2. I don't know Cantonese too well even though I grew up learning it. (More like I know the informal version of it via family.)
  3. I've aspired to be a singer since I was 6/7 years old
  4. I've never been out of country
  5. I can learn languages very quickly and sound fluent
  6. I can play six instruments
  7. I'm not strong in math or science related things
  8. I love anything that will let me use my creativity
  9. I enjoy rpg games
  10. I originally thought that Korean and Japanese were the same language. (When I was about 9 or 10 ish)
  11. When I joined the K-Pop fandom I originally was in the pop side with Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, etc. But now I've fallen into the deep end of the hip hop side of K-Pop
  12. I enjoy cosplaying
  13. I tend to be very descriptive with my writing
  14. I like to compost music in my free time, but as of right now I can only use noteflight
  15. I sing in my free time a lot and a lot of my work is on Soundcloud
  16. At the moment I'm learning BTS's Dope Dance (Pre and Main Chorus)
  17. I'm graduating high school in May of 2016
  18. I plan on auditioning for JYP Entertainment within the next couple of years.
  19. I've applied for a dance group called KODE from ASU
  20.  I'm currently trying to grow my hair out long again
  21. I tend to dress very boyishly on a daily basis
  22. I consider myself Genderfluid
  23. I can come up with a good story
  24. I'm very bad at coming up with lyrics
  25. I can compost music when given a word or idea behind it.
March 7, 2016 at 9:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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25 things about Me

1.  I'm 5'3. Or 163cm tall.

2. I have always wanted to be a singer/dancer. 

3. I have been in dance classes and studios since I was 6, and I have always leaned toward hiphop/contemporary style.

4. I have been into Korean Pop and Hiphop music since 2006.

5. I am currently teaching myself Korean, but I am struggling to keep up with my personal studies

6. I am planning on sending in auditions to BigHit, JYP, and Cube.

7. I am a first year in College (becase I took a year off on schooling)

8. I am going to school for Cosmotolgy (SFX makeup) and Dancing

9. I aspire to become a better rapper, but singing and dancing are my strong points

10. I cant write my own music, but I like to write stories and poems often.

11. I have been playing flute for 10 years, and I can free hand on the Piano and Drum Set

12. I love things that are colorful, and those that are in black and white shades aswell.  I don't consider to give myself a favorite color

13. I have learned many korean pop and hiphop dances, though I have never recorded myself

14. My favorite Numbers are 3, 5, and 7. they were my highschool dance team audition numbers and I got in every year, and as a Captain 

15. I absolutely love Anime and Cosplaying, and I like to make my own outfits and makeup.

16. I have been playing videogames since I was little, some of my favorites are, SSX, Sonic, Dead or Alive5, Diablo 3, Mortal Combat, and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

17. I have 4 younger brothers. 2 are half brothers, and one is Autistic.

18. I am a very odd person, and I love to spend time with friends and family. Though my computer is my life currently.

19. I bake alot at home with my Dad.

20. My family is very musical, we own 11 guitars, a recording studio, an expanding drum set, an Ukelele, a Violin and a Keyboard. 

21. I love, love, love animals. My family has a dog and 2 cats. (we just put one down, or it would be 3)

22. In the next five years i would definitely love to be a trainee or rookie idol, whether american or korean,, it's just always been a dream and a goal of mine.

23. I have a fondness for school, though I am no longer in it, so I like to help my brothers with their homework.

24. Follow my instagram! I am an avid member on it, I am always taking Selfies or pictures of my Makeup, And I also dabble in Photography on my phone. @my_name_is_odd

25. I am a very quick learner, whether it be dancing or singing, or even other education such as math. I really enjoy learning new things and facts. I spend a lot of time on the computer just looking at random facts to memorize.


March 9, 2016 at 7:58 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 4

1. I am only 5ft tall


2. I took two choir classes in high school


3. I took dance classes in high school too


4. I'm a sweet person (or so I'm told by few people)


5. Studying Psychology


6. I really like the Doctor Who series


7. I love makeup


8. Favorite # would have to be 2 or 6..


9. Introvert


10. I'm a November baby


11. Baekhyun from EXO has been my ultimate bias for 3 years! crazy!


12. I have a dog and his name is Simon, but we call him puppy lol


13. Chocolate fountains are my guilty pleasure


14. I love the Steven Universe show


15. I'm always trying to find the good in things/people


16. I'm pretty silly once you get to know me


17. I'm superstitious


18. I'm a bit obsessed with the stars and everything in the sky


19. I was introduced to Kpop through Shinee's Ring Ding Dong


20. The first group I fell in love with was FTIsland


21. The first girl group I liked was SNSD


22. First Korean drama I ever watched was Princess Hours


23. I want to empower girls more! (we're always trying to compete w/ eachother and I don't like that)


24. I'm the oldest sibling of 6 others


25. And, I'm quite an emotional gal (I cry over the smallest things sometimes, happy or sad)

March 9, 2016 at 9:23 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Alexandria Richardson
Posts: 6
My 25 facts about me 1. I was born and raised in the city of Little Rock. 2. I am a soprano in my school's Advanced Choir. 3. I tried to and still am writing my very first song. 4. I am a very hyper night owl. 5. I'm a diabetic. 6. I first got introduced to k-pop by this youtuber named JREKML and he introduced me to BTS so I learned it from him. 7. I am a quick learner. 8. I'm mostly quiet and serious when I meet someone for the first time. 9. I can concentrate most when I hear music. 10. I act shy around people in public but not when performing. 11. I can only write my name in cursive but nothing else. 12. I can cook for myself sometimes. 13. My favorite colors are red, green, blue, and purple. 14. I never need to wear a lot of make-up. 15. I have black/grey natural hair. 16. I'm not always wearing skirts and dresses, I mostly wear pants. 17. I am trained in self defense. 18. I don't always have a good idea but sometimes my ideas lead to a new creation. 19. I also draw. (Most of it are cartoons) 20. I may be a tad sensitive so watch out for that. 21. I am random sometimesaround my friends. 22. I wish to travel to Seoul someday. 23. I can sing any female pitch but mostly soprano. 24. I almost always have a lucky necklace on me. 25.I am the least expected to do aegyo well. (I am really good at it.)

Alexandria D. Richardson

March 12, 2016 at 3:55 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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1. Born and raised in the United States, CA.

2. I am learning to compose music, taking audio and video classes at my nearby community college

3. I love to dance more than anything, it's my passion

4. I attended the EXO'Luxion #2 in LA

5. I am a low alto, but when I rap I sound like AOA Jimin/ 4minute HyunA

6. I am in an online kpop cover group XKOH

7. I'm 5'2"

8. I love to cook and clean!~ (great roomate! but I will scold you for organization and cleanliness)

9. I have like, zero to no emotion

10. I have been told I have resting bitch face

11. Park Chanyeol of EXO is my ultimate bias

12. I practice my dancing for an hour and forty five minutes each day

13. I may be attending the Secret9 Ent Kpop Camp this summer

14. I am soon to be auditioning for 1Million Dance Studio

15. I listen to music all day everyday (including as I am typing this)

16. I have four siblings, all sisters

17. I'm a spring chicken~! (born in April)

18. I am so many different races when people ask I say 'I'm a Heinz 57'

19. I can never leave the house without my phone

20. I have very bad anxiety in crowded places, but surprisingly when I'm onstage I don't feel anxious.

21. I am very sarcastic (VERY)

22. I have two dogs, and I am getting a puppy.

23. I cannot do aegyo, and I never will

24. I am currently working on a HyunA Roll Deep/ I Am The Best cover. (Dance and Sing)

25. I only like dark chocolate, and I cannot stand chocolate ice cream.


March 13, 2016 at 12:36 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Marina Livingston
Posts: 7

1. I was born in Ukraine but adopted by an American family at age 6.

2. Writing lyrics and listening to music are my favorite things to do.

3. Its hard for me to write happy lyrics, dont' know why though.

4. Music has been an insperation since I was very little.

5. I have 4 sisters; 3 biological and 1 my adoptive mothers real child.

6. I have very few friends but they are very close to me.

7. I had two dogs when I lived in Ukraine, one a Dolmation and the other Border Collie. Sadly one of them was kill by sling shot by my neighbors boys (perposfully too).

8. I cant eat Cheese, Yogart, Ice Cream or Chocolate because I'm lactose intolorent, but sometimes I do.

9. Big Bang, Gloria Estefan, Lady Gaga, Maradna Cosgrove, Blake Shelton, Florida Gorgea Line, Black Eyes Peas, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Akon, Ailee, Eminnem, Katy Perry, Foster the People, Peirce the Vail, Maroon 5, Cascada, Enrique Iglesias,Avril Lavigne, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Jake Owen, Christina Perri, Scotty McCreery, Pitbull, Shakira, Once Republic, and a couple more artist/bands are my insperations.

10. I am currently in my Junior year in High School.

11. I am 5'2"

12. I am not a big talker unless I am intrested/ know a lot of the topic that is being talked about.

13. Some people find me scary because I am almost an expert in Air Rifle but I am a very kind person.

12. I don't know where I stand in singing, but people have told me that I have a low voice.

13. I have tried to reach high notes in singing before but crack before I get to it.

14. I was a ballet dancer for a year when I was in elementry school, but do to my quick advancement my parents took me out of it because they didn't want me to go on points at such a young age.

15. I know how to play the Flute, Piano, Picalo but I am very rusty since the last time I played anyone of them was in 6th grade.

16. People have told me that I am hard to read; to tell you the truth that one of the reasons why so many of my friendships have ended because they didn't like how they couldn't read my emotions.

17. Before I was adopted my name was Marina Mykolayivna Poliak.

18. I am a great cook, mostly when it comes to deserts or pasteries.

19. I don't like the taste of Alchohol. Found that out when I was in Ukraine cause my biological parents are heavy drinkers.

20. I have an allergy to something that is in the grass other then that I'm allergy free.

21. I don't like the taste of Musterd. I don't like Mushrooms. Well as you can see, I am a very picky eater.

22. I like to try new foods from verious countries.

23. I am very adventerous. I would like to travel to many different countries. I have already treavel to alsmost all states in United States.

24. When it comes to clothing, I like to dress casually but when it comes to important events or going out to somewhere nice, I clean up really good.


March 15, 2016 at 5:00 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 2

25 Things About Me

  • 1. I'm Maria Fatima P Madulid. 19age
  • 2. I'm From Philippines but I decided to live here in dubai
  • 3.I love buying branded shoes specially rubber shoes of nike
  • 4. My Birthday is, February 14, 1997
  • 5. I have 4 siblings
  • 6. I'm 5'8 or 172 cm tall
  • 7. I'm good at sport
  • 8. I can't cook
  • 9. I love driving some of kind of motor cycle or bike
  • 10. I love eating
  • 11. I'm a fast learner
  • 12. I'm really obsess with shopping
  • 13. I can dance and act but I'm not good enough
  • 14. I'm good at singing, I think that is my talent haha :)
  • 15. I love korean food & I really love watching korean series
  • 16. I'm a moody person and I really hate that :D
  • 17. I do Ice skating and I love doing adventure stuff
  • 18. I'm obsess buying expensive stuff
  • 19. I hate people who using other people for their own sake
  • 20. I'm Daddy's and sometimes Mommy's Girl
  • 21. My favorite light color is Purple and Pink. Dark color is Black and Dark Red
  • 22. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer in  Hollywood
  • 23. Justin Bieber is my only one crush in Hollywood
  • 24.I'm compete some of pageant in my school in the Philippines
  • 25. I'm also a model in my country :)



March 31, 2016 at 10:22 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 2

Well there's always going to be more things that you wouldn't know about me, so talk to me and you'll find out but here are 25 interesting facts about me.


1. My ethnicity is Hmong and I was born in the United States.


2. My favorite colors are any shades pink, red, white and blue.


3. I love putting make up on and try many different styles.


4. I'm 5'2, but hopefully I can still keep growing.


5. I love singing, when I sing I feel free and joyful.


6. When you talk to me, I could possible be the most positive person you'll meet.


7. I love learning new things each day, my curiosity just takes the best of me.


8. I enjoy dressing up and coming up with styles.


9. I plan to graduae highschool by next year and become an forgien exchange student.


10. I been getting into cosplaying but I just love watching anime and reading manga.


11. I'm very patient ith doing anything crafting from sewing,baking, or drawing.


12. I'm very out-going and love meeting new people.


13. I always do my best and determined to finish it. Sometimes I can try so much it looks like I am trying to be an over achiever, I feel.


14. I enjoying singning to any language beause they all bring different feelings.


15. I love writing, I'm able to create this imaginary world that doesn't exist.


16. I'm still growing and finding who I am but also what I find important.


17. I enjoy dancing and learning more tactics on dancing.


18. I've been in choir for three years.


19. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon.


20. I have four siblings. My oldest brother, Tim, who's 24 and taking buisnessment courses. My second oldest brother, Joshua, 22, who teaches dancing. Myself. My little sister, Malinda, who's 8 and a smartie pants who is quick at learning new things. Finally my baby brother, Ben, who's 6 and the cutest boy with big eyes.


21. I'm very expressive and show all my emoitons through my face.


22. I love being cute or sexy, but I think cute fits me more.


23. My favorite foods are noodles and any berry icecreams.


24. I used to be allergic to eggs when I was 8.


25. I am someone who would cherish anyone who'd want me part of there life.


Anyway that as such a blast, I would love to make more friends and talk about so much fun things together. I hope I can many friends who are searching for the same dream and goal like me. So add me and we'll be great friends I bet.

April 5, 2016 at 6:19 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 8

1. I love everything Asian

2. I'm going to major in Asian Studies

3. I LOVE cats

4. I'm in love with death metal

5. I think my only hobbies are watching YouTube and kdramas :lol:

6. My biggest dream is to be a kdrama actress

7. I get angry when I'm hungry

8. I'm not good at art... at all

9. I'm a sucker for sweaters/hoodies

10. I have EXTREMELY expensive taste 

11. I pick up languages very quickly

12. I prefer fruit over meat and/or vegetables

13. I have a huge (but crude) sense of humor

14. I was diagnosed with ADHD (along with depression) when I was 7 years old

15. I was recently self-diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, and a small case of PICA :(

16. I'm too brutally honest

17. I'm definitely not a pure person, I use sooo much profanity in my everyday vocabulary

18. My mental state is more mature than my age

19. I love love love love kawaii things

20. I love all body modifications (piercings, tattoos, hairdye, etc.)

21. I'm a supporter of the LGBTQ community

22. My sexual orientation is bisexual

23. I cross dress all the time

24. I've way too friendly when I first meet people, but then I can get a little salty

aaaaaand 25. I'm crazily ambitious

But that's only 25 things about me ^^~


April 10, 2016 at 5:45 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 1

1. I'm 5'4"

2. I'm from Germany

3. I'm a huge horror and gore fan

4. I love dancing even though I kind of suck at it

5. Singing is probably the thing that I do more than anything else

6. I love Shakespeare

7. My favourite cartoons are probably Steven Universe and Adventure Time

8. My favourite movies are The Exorcist, Cabin in the Woods and Constantine

9. I'm proud of myself because I once hit Jimin's high note in Let Me Know

10. I love reading but most of the time I'm too lazy to actually do it

11. I spend a lot of my free time infront of the computer

12. I'm a huge Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge fan

13. I do some SFX Make Up on my Instagram

15. I know all the words to It's Tricky by Run DMC and I'm proud of it

16. I love cats more than any other animal

17. I'm the owner of two british short hair cats

18. My childhood dream is to become a singer and I'm still trying to get to it

19. A friend introduced me to Kpop with DOPE by BTS last year

20. I spend more money on Steam than on anything else

21. I can play 4 instruments

22. My favourite color is blue

23. I've been learning Korean for almost half a year but I still suck at it

22. I hate being called cute

23. I eat A LOT of sweets

24. I love screaming eommaya at my friends

25. I almost got caught dancing to Ice Cream Cake while waiting for the bus once

April 27, 2016 at 3:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 1

1. I'm BTS-Trash

2. I love singing and do it a lot and most of the time

3. Gore is love Gore is life

4. Same with Horror

5. I hate snapbacks but there's one person that actually changes that

6. Steven Universe is Love!

7. I look like a chipmunk

8. My favourite colours are BordeauxRed and Black

9. I listen to Metal, Rock, J-Rock and K-Pop 

10. One of my favourite games is Smite

11. I love spicy food

12. I hate it when people call me cute or pat my head

13. I curse. A lot. 

14. Most of the time I'm being weird with friends

15. I could live off of Candy and IceCream

16. I have a lot of rings. And I love all of them!

17. I'm not able to show affection towards someone.  ( I don't even know if I have feelings, though ) 

18. I have the habit of drawing on my Arm as soon as I'm bored

19. I used to do a lot of SFX MakeUp but it got less. I'm trying to do it more often~

20. I tend to dance when ever I hear music. It even looks like I'm dancing when I walk.. 

21. I have a crap tonne of Mangas. 

22. I own 2 consoles and 2 handheld 

23. I love Steampunk

24. I actually don't think that I can sing very well. It's ok but, meh.

25. This was a huge pain in the butt

April 27, 2016 at 3:58 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Pauline Legaspi
Posts: 52

25 Facts about me!

1.) I love purple! <3

2.) I love sweets!^-^ (which is why I've had to visit the dentist a couple of times.. but I've never gotten braces...yet. ㅋㅋㅋ)

3.) I'm involved in the arts of (Musical) Theatre and experienced in years of my school Choir.

4.) In Drama Club & Musical Theatre I've been in : Beauty and the Beast, Seusical the Musical, Deck the Stage, Lunch Counter, Hairspray, Michael Jackson Revolution (Lead Role).

5.) I've been in the Chorus since the beginning of Middle school and until High School. So 5-6 years? I'm currently in Women's Choir and Chamber Choir.

6.) I'm very humble and can be quite shy when we first meet. So I prefer to be in groups of people I'm comfortable with when making friends.

7.) I'm 5'3. 

8.) I though I was tall for an asian, but people consider me short TTTT

9.) Did I mention I love singing?

10.) I'm not confident in Dancing. My dancing is decent.

11.) I live in Florida, and today the weather reached 100 degrees >_<.

12.) I have a habit of collecting Hello Kitty it's not even funny. My room is full of HK.

13.) I love mangoes ~.

14.) I love R&b, Hiphop, Pop and anything that has meaningful lyrics to it.

15.) I've been Jamming to DEAN lately. I absolutely love his music and hope to make a song that we could sing together one day.

16.) I hope to study the Korean Culture and Language so I can move to Korea.

17.) I want to become a trainee to pursue my passion.

18.) I'm currently still working on my Album! That will be available in KPC website shortly~.

19.) I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life since I will gradute 2017.

20.) I'm the oldest out of 2 siblings.

21.) Starbucks <3.

22.) Food!

23.) Stalling.. sorry.

24.) I'm currently looking for people to create a duet cover. ^^

25.) I know basics 3 languages: Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and I'm fluent in English (My first Language) and Tagalog.

April 29, 2016 at 8:27 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Iseul Seong
Posts: 1
~25 Things About Me~

1. I'm Korean but I was born and raised in the USA.
2. I'm a sophomore at a top high school in my state. :')
3. I played piano for 8 years, then switched to cello. I've been playing cello for 6 years now.
4. I have a pet tortoise named Tato!
5. My dream is to move to Korea and get trained professionally for singing.
6. A more realistic dream is to get into a good college: I'm undeclared, though.
7. I run a KPOP dance cover club at my school, and we just recently performed SNSD The Boys at our school's dance spring show. (4/28-29)
8. I joined Online KPOP last August (2015), and my first company was Phoenix Entertainment.
9. Currently, I'm main vocalist in group XKOH, and we aren't under any company.
10. I dyed my hair for the first time in January. :D
11. I compose and transcribe music. I once transcribed EXO's Black Pearl for my orchestra to play at a concert. These days, two of my friends and I have been transcribing Fall Out Boy's Centuries for a concert.
12. I collect erasers (the Japanese kind that come apart and are cute animals and things), and I have over 200!
13. My favorite subjects in school are history and orchestra. I'm really bad at math and science.
14. My favorite colors are pastel shades, especially blues and grays.
15. My favorite foods are Korean and Italian.
16. I've never had a boyfriend~ aha
17. My UB is Jeon Jungook but everyone from BTS ruins me
18. I love watching cooking shows but I'm useless in the kitchen. x.x
19. I'm in NHS and my orchestra's student office.
20. I'm 168 cm, which isn't that tall, but I'm taller than most of my friends. I guess my friends are just short. xD
21. I collect cheese wax (from the circular cheeses) and make turtles out of them. :)
22. I have three journals: one for ranting, one for aesthetic tumblr stuff, and one for music/KPOP.
23. I love ramen. I love ramen. I love ramen. 
24. My favorite candy is those long sour rainbow strip things and gummy sharks. Also coffee candy.
25. Last one!! I just joined KPOP College today! Let's become friends~ Reach out to me <3

ღ 성이슬 ღ Iseul ღ

April 30, 2016 at 8:55 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Mari Lopez
Posts: 1

25 Things About ME~:P

  1. Latina girl right here8)
  2. Don't look Mexican but I am
  3. 18 years old but still get confused for 15 (maybe because I'm short)
  4. I would swear I shrink in size (either that or the health teacher just keeps measuring me wrong :|)
  5. My friends say that if we were the F4 (BOF) I'd be Song Woo Bin because my competitive character only matches that of the gang leader's son :/ However I like Yi Jeong more <3
  6. I ONLY sing cumbias salsa and KPOP (ocasional rap here and there....)
  7. Won 1st place in a dance contest here in town
  8. Started singing since I was 3
  9. Can't play volleyball to save my life
  11. In top 5 in my class... (really hard to keep though...)
  12. Random dance around the house to kpop songs of the moment (just think what my moms face was when Hello Venus came around:lol:)
  13. Loooooooove writing stories
  14. H.A.T.E Jello, gummy bears, gum and anything the like
  15. Would kill for a bowl of dolsot bibimbap anyday
  16. I'm a great chef, no kidding
  17. Bang Yongguk :roll:
  18. Ailee is my idol (no pun intended)
  19. I love blue  
  20. Yellow makes me look sickly since I'm actually really pale
  21. If I were a kpop star I'd like to be like Whee In (great voice, dancing and amazing sense of humor)
  22. I have a boxer named Cinnamon and a Shitzu called Sophie
  23. Senior in highschool (Finally...)
  24. My favorite historical drama is Midnight Scholar, actors are Kim Soohyun (serious in my love from the star and childish in Producer <3) and Ahn Jae Hyun (Cute....)
  25. I've signed up for 4 auditions for different companies but never attend because of sickness or other personal reasons:(
May 10, 2016 at 9:57 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 4

1. I am 155 cm

2. I am interested in learning languages 

3. My math is really poor 

4. I have a bad habit of biting my nails 

5. I always move fast in everything i do

6. i love ice cream too much 

7.  My mind is not with me all the time lol 

8. I love listening musics while doing chores and reviewing

9. I love cold places and food

10 My mood changes when its so hot  

11. I always wonder if aliens do exist 

12. I love loooking stars before sleeping 

13. I like messing and having a prank with my lil bro and friends

14. I watch kdramas or reading books in my boring times 

15. I hate people that spreads gossip and bad rumors to other people

16. I love watching dance and singing competitions

17. I'm very picky when it comes to food 

18. I hate crowd 

19.I love wearing flat shoes

20. i hate wearing skirts

21. I love sleeping late

22. I love horror movies 

23. Im afraid of heights but trying to overcome everytime

24. I have stage fright

25 I love Rocky 박민혁 of astro

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ryoko meiomey
Posts: 11

hey there ~ this 25 facts about myself 

1. an asian girl

2. i'm freelance photgrapher ( only did this job for fun!)

3. major in science stream , but the fact i love arts more


5. i'm bad at korean language but love korean rapping

6. 'JOAH- jay park' is my first korean song that i kind sing fluently

7. i love wearing boy shirts rather than wearing sexy dress

8. i'm kinda cold person , and didn't talked much

9. i'm good at teamwork task 

10. i hate waiting people

11. love rapping ! beside rapping in korean , i can rap in malay song and a few english song

12.never travelling to other country around malaysia

13. doesn't have boyfriend .LOL

14. i really love to flirt around .

15. i wish i could travel to place that no one knew me

16. love racing game

17. bad at dancing 

18.find me on instagram : @meiomey

19.find me on smule:@ryokomeiomey

20. people at online site knew me as RYOKO MEIOMEY

21. an online singer at smule app

22. hope can join any entertainment company

23.i'm friendly don't worry .. you can add me as your friend :D

24. sometimes clumsy

25. love BIGBANG

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니나 Nina
Posts: 2

1. 175cm /5'9 I'm so tall!

2. I'm pretty flexible

3. I'm a rapper and I write my own songs

4. I'm interested in producing music

5. I'm studying Korean and Mandarin very intensely

6. I love dancing and when I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina

7. In my free time I watch Kdrama

8. I watch idol's performances to improve my performance skills

9. I'm a quiet but also bubbly person depending on the situation

10. I want to be a kpop idol because I want to spread cheerfulness

11. SM is the company I like the most. They have a unique and addicting style of music and fashion.

12. Motto: "Don't mind what the others say." ~April-Dream Candy

13. I think RedVelvet has the best concept because they can do cute and upbeat and sexy and cool.

14. My biggest fear is rejection and I will prove I can overcome this! Fighting!

15. I'm so glad KpopCollege exists so I can have the opportunity to get noticed by record labels and companies (like SM)

16. I don't think I can write 25 facts about me >m<

17. I love you

18. Please support me

19. SM notice me

20. OH i have 2 cute guinea pigs

21. Friend me

22. I'm American

23. I was born 1999

24. I'm aquarius

25. My sister is in love with Pringles



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natasha margaret
Posts: 41

25 Things about Me.

1) I'm 5'2 currently.

2) I was born in 2001.

3) My religion: paganism

4) My dads side of the family are Jewish making me half jewish.

5)I'm very unique (I have septum,lobe and belly button piercings and half and half hair)

6) My personality is unique too.

7) I am a HUGE comic geek.

8) I'm a bit crazy but cute.

9) I'm self teaching myself korean and japanese but will hopefully attend one of these classes.

10) I also have been taking french for 5 years (I am 14 currently and this is my last year of it) and i took spanish for a year.

11) I get called an art prodigy and sometimes music prodigy.

12) I am quite intellectual (especially in places like physics, Computing/hacking/coding and english/grammar)

13) I LOVE to read.

14) I am obsessed with anime and manga (I have he original japanese death note manga(s) )

15) I was born in 2001 as I said and my personality most of the time is a crazy little kid but im really cute a lot of the time.

16) I like to act cute and like a little kid.

17) I secretly still love teddies and dolls.

18 ) I love doing makeup.

19) I write my own songs (ENG/JPN sometimes and korean sometimes), I also sing and rap in korean as well as dance (mostly kpop covers) and act.

20)  I have been performing since i was 2/3

21) I love tons of Kpop groups like:Nu'est, BTS, EXID,girls day, SNSD, EXO, Seventeen, Mamamoo, Melody day, sonamoo, dalshabet, Oh my girl etc

22) I also make youtube videos (see my info).

23) My Youtube videos from now on have Japanese and korean subs, the description will have korean and japanese translations too and hopefully the title too if it isnt too long. My twitter will also be in Korean/english and japanese too as it is already and my facebook name will be changed to KRN

24) I like rock/heavy metal/metal/alternative rock and indie music as well.

25) My dream is to be an idol and I will never stop trying to achieve that.


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