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Here's 25 Things About Me! 1. I'm 5'0 2. Lived in Minnesota, USA 3. Born in Thailand, Asia 4. I'm the oldest out of my siblings 5. 16 years old 6. Birthday on April 15, 2000 7. I love to sing 8. I played badminton/volleyball 9. Got into Kpop in 2013 10. First Kpop group I got into is BAP 11. I'm Hmong (Asian) 12. In a OKP group called XKOH 13. English was my second language 14. I love Korean drama 15. In love with BTS 16. My UB is Jimin 17. First Kpop girl group that I got into was Girl Generation 18. I love 2ne1 19. CL is my bias 20. My dream is to become a singer or actress! 21. I like to dance, even though I'm pretty bad at it 22. In a choir class 23. In 10th grade 24. Stage name is Cece 25. Real name is Cee Vang


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25 Things About Mack:

[1] I am able to pick up dance routines really easily --- for most KPop dances, I only need to see the video a few times to learn the movements.

[2] I am interested in music production, and took a Music Technology course to help develop this skill in College.

[3] I am very interested in fashion and am always looking for new trends and styles that I can make my own.

[4] I play both Piano and Guitar as these instruments are best for composing.

[5] My personality is similar to Amber [f(x)], Jae [DAY6] and Chanyeol [EXO] --- at least that's what I've been told.

[6] I used to being the Maknae of situations so don't usually get on with people who are younger than me.

[7] I am learning Korean currently, and plan to take a GGA [Global Graduate Award] course in Korean at university and then attend ISI [International Summer Institution] at Seoul National University, to help my Korean speaking abilities and learn about Korean culture and soceity. 

[8] I have been approached for hair advertisments but have unfortunatly had to decline the offers, as I did not wish to take away from my education.

[9] My vocal range is best suited to met-soprano and am most comfortable in that range. My favourite song to sing is currently is Marry Me - Jason Derulo as it suits my range well. If I were to chose a Korean song to perform, it would be Nam Taehyun's "I'm Young".

[10] I am studing dance at university as I've wanted to perform since I was little, but there a very few opportunites that will allow me to sing, dance and act. I believe that the Korean industry will further my skills more so, than the training that is offered in the U.K. This is why I wish to enter this profession, rather than persue my dream in England.

[11] My currant Idol, is Amber Liu. I love how she isn't afriad to be exactly who she is and others accept that about her. Her music reflects who she is and her style. I think if I could emulate anyone, it would be Amber.

[12] The show I most watch is: We Got Married. I'm am a hopeless romantic and so this show really appeals to me as you get to see the development of the two celebrities falling for one another. [and yes, one day I would love to be on that show and have my own virtual marriage ^^]

[13] My favourite idol group is BTS. I admire their camaraderie and friendship, which has been strong through thick and thin. I would like to belong to a group like BTS and expirence that closeness for myself.

[14] I would like to move Korea, even if it's not for buiness. I have heard many wonderful things about Korean; including how safe the country is, along side how hospitable the people can be.

[15] I am obsessed with animals, and really would love to own two dogs in the future. 

[16] My favourite choreographer is Nick Bass, who choreographed EXO's Growl as well as Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. I love how he is able to organise dances for large groups like EXO and SuJu. Recently I'm liking Kwon Soonyoung [Hoshi (Seventeen)] who choreographs for his own group. All dances performed by Seventeen have been a collaborative effort amongst the members, but Soonyoung and Lee Chan [Dino] seem to contribute the most input and for them to organise all thirteen members at such a young age, is commendable. 

[17] My current wish, is to be able to make a career out of what I love doing: performing. 

[18] By the age of twenty, I wish have done something admirable with my life. 

[19] I would love to be the source of someone's inspiration, like Amber Liu is to me. When someone tells me they started something, or changed something because of me, I'll know that I've achieved this goal.

[20] The life of a trainee doesn't scare me. I've been told about the 'dark side' or KPop through friends, family and media but I am honestly okay with putting in the effort and time it takes to become the best and debut. I've seen the basic skills training that NEOZ are currently under with FNC Entertainment, but that would be something that I will work hard at and will not give up easily. Like the members of NEOZ said during their reality web series, I would be proud when seeing the mirror's steam up as I would know that I'd caused that through hard work.

[21] I don't have a definite entertainment company who I would want to join, but JYP Entertainment has always seemed like the most appealing company to work for.

[22] In terms of the kind of group I would like to be in, I love the dynamic between MAMAMOO but I think personally, I would prefer to be in a large group with seven or more members.

[23] My music taste is pretty random, with rap, pop, singer/songwriter genres being the bulk of my iTunes. However, I also enjoy the old retro style of Mark Ronson and MAMAMOO.

[24] If I could be on any variety show in Korea, I think either A Song for You, After School Club or Weekly Idol would be the shows that I would like to visit most. This is becuase they are tv shows made specifically to please the fans of the groups that appear on them. I wish to be able to connect to future fans through these shows whilst also showing off the variety skills that I will learn as a trainee.

[25] Lastly, I want to take this last spot to tell you that I will never stop chasing my dreams and encourage others not to give up on their's either. Wether you have a similar dream like mine, or an entirely different one, I hope that you achieve your goals and that you remain happy and healthy. I hope that I will have the opportunity to perform on stage with my future group, and that we will have many opportunites that we will take advantage of. Fighting <3



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25 Things About Me~
1. I'm 153cm tall
2. I like playing video games in my free time (though I'm quite bad at them)
3. I really enjoy doing art (drawing, digital art)
4. I used to want to be a professional photographer (still love it)
5. I can learn dances quite decently in a small amount of time but I have very little confidence in my dancing
6. I can play piano, guitar & ukulele
7. Currently singing & writing lyrics are my favorite things to do musically
8. I really enjoy rapping & wish to get better at it
9. I'm 100% Korean but am not fully fluent as I was born in Canada
10. I speak a mix of Busan Satoori & Seoul dialect
11. I've only been to Korea once to visit family
12. I know at least the chorus choreography for almost all BTS songs (the more popular ones)
13. I love cooking & baking
14. My experience with music/drama in school: 2 school musicals as a chorus member, highschool vocals & drama class, highschool choir & 1 university play as a set constructor & stage hand
15. I really enjoy experiencing new things & learning however I don't particularily enjoy schooling
16. I am very tomboyish & have very short hair, often to the point where I get mistaken for a 12 year old boy
17. I was never big on Kpop as a kid & to this day is still not my preferred music (though I do love it), I am much more in to hip-hop (full rap) & RnB music
18. I get very socially awkward & anxious in large/loud social setting such as parties & tend to stay away from them as much as I can
19. I get along with new people very easily
20. The longest I've slept for is ~20 hours straight.
21. I'm a very straight forward & blunt person but also very protective of my loved ones
22. I act very mature & reserved around new people/adults but act very childish & sarcastic with close friends
23. I have a bad habit of collecting things (polaroids, figures, plushies, clothes, hats, etc)
24. Classic: My favorite colors are black & white
25. I don't particularily have any dreams of becoming a "Kpop Idol" as I feel it would not suit me & I'd probably get kicked out in 2 seconds if I were to audition for JYP, YG or SMT (also because of my age). However, I do have a dream to do something big with music in the future whether it be a successful non-labelled solo artist, a lyricist for a company, or even a soloist/duet/or trio in a company like BigHit Entertainment where the company is more open to their artists being who they are

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  1.  I'm of German and Native American Descent
  2. I LOVE the color gray
  3. I perfer sweet to sour/salty/savory
  4. I've always loved urban fashion
  5. I really like Jessi
  6. Horses are my favorite animals
  7. I've staned Exo for 4 years solid now
  8. Zhang Yixing, Jung Jaehyun, and Kim Namjoon are my top biases
  9. I'm severely allergic to cats and the spring time (pollen, grass, etc..)
  10. I can't handle spice (NO TOLLERANCE WHATSOEVER)
  11. Melon's and potatoes are my favorite foods
  12. I have two 100 lb dogs
  13. The smell of kimchi makes me scrunch my nose
  14. I'm very sociable 
  15. I'm the oldest of my friends but people tend to mistake me as the youngest (It's a Xiumin thing all over again lol)
  16. I've attended the EXO'LU'TION #2 in Chicago
  17. I have deep, very high respect for SHINee
  18. I hate the beach (I'm a big city person lol)
  19. I took choir for 4 years but I it never helped my singing xD I would rather rap
  20. I like to think and talk about the furture and invision myself in situations
  21. I get aggitated easily
  22. I have a tendancy to bottle up my feelings
  23. I perfer Modern to Classical anyday
  24. I would love to dance with East2West, Girin Jang, and Mina Myoung before I die
  25. Eunho Kim is a big crush of mine
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Malissa Bouakham
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25 facts about ME

*NOTE; Honestly I don't really have anything interesting about me besides my politicial beliefs in which people argue to me about but oh well*
-I am Lao/Taidam (which means I'm full asian)
-I was first soprano for 3 years straight in my choir
-I can do whistle notes
-I play clarinet (This is my fourth year)
-I'm in Marching Band with my clarinet (Second year)
-My Ultimate Bias is NCT U's Mark Lee
-My biases under Mark is Jeno and Jaemin of NCT
-My ultimate bias boy group is INFINITE
-I can learn a dance (sloppy, but it improves the more i learn it) by watching a video a bunch of times and memorizing it.
-My favorite thing to wear are hats!!!
-My favorite color is white
-I am an activist (I go against yellowface in medias and racism directed towards poc/rights for the POC)
-I am a feminist (Fighting for equality of the sexes and rights for women)
-I've been into kpop since 2007 (when wonder girl's debuted)
-I am against gender roles!!
-Pretty much I'm a hardcore democratic socialist and bERNIE SANDERS 
-My favorite subject was Math and Social Studies
-I praise and live for Beyonce
-I do digital art
-I like writing encouraging notes/confidence boosters to my friends to see them happy
-I post memes, all kinds of them, I'm a literal human meme
-Someone that encouraged me to keep up with my dream and have strong perseverance was my marching band director.
-I go into the Theravada category of Buddhism

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1. I’m 100% Chinese, born and raised in Malaysia

2. Living in Seoul for the past 2 years

3. I’m 167cm (5’5?)

4. I love singing, listening to music, photography and traveling

5. Introvert! c:

6. I love dogsssssss

7. Fav food: POTATOES!

8. I am a huge fan of B.A.P and always will be

9. Bang Yong Guk ♡

10. I love the colors black, teal and maroon

11. Not a huge fan of kdramas :x

12. I auditioned for KpopStar and got into the second preliminary round

13. I also auditioned for Jocoos’s Hidden Star audition and got into the second round

14. I auditioned for YG once in 2014

15. I love watching Adventure Time and a bunch of other cartoons

16. Horror movies are my favvvvv

17. I eat really really really slowly

18. I’m fluent in English, Malay, pretty good in Korean and Canto, and can understand Mandarin, planning on studying Japanese soon!

19. I love food but I’ll pick sleep over food anyday unless it's potatoes

20. Scorpio c:

21. I suck at math

22. First started listening to kpop in 2009

23. I love taking selfies

24. I hate sunlight

25. Always wanted to be a singer since I was young and still do



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~~THESE ARE THE 25 THINGS ABOUT ME!!~~ 1. I started knowing K-POP when I was about 9/10 years old. I remember the year (2009) and also this kpop world is my cousin she recommended me and she is younger than me by 1 year. :) 2. I love alot of kpops groups, solos, etc. 3. I used to hate HIP HOP songs but when iKON came out I was so crazy about it since 2015!! 3. My favourite boy band used to be EXO but now is iKON. 4. My favourite idol guy is B.I in IKON. 5. My favourite colour is Purple and Blue and black. 6. I watched JYP SIXTEEN. 7. I loved both CHAE sisters especially Chae ryrung. 8. My role model in Girl's Generation (SNSD) is Yoona. 9. The 1st korean drama that I watched was Pretty Man 10. I am so excited as this year is my 1st time going to watch kpop concerts!! Which is GOT7 and iKON. 11. I only have 3 favourites rappers in the kpop world. 12. I hate doing housework is very tiring. 13. I am very bad in Mathematics and Science. 14. No matter how many times I look at the kpop dances I can't seems to remember unless someone personally teach me. 15. I never date ANY guys before not even once (I'm not kidding) 16. I sometimes wished to have a boyfriend but sometimes wished not to have haha. 17. I don't really like my family 18. My friends always never tell me good news. 19. I am not a easy going person. 20. I am not a open minded person (ofc not too open) 21. I want to dye my hair like all of taeyeon's hair colours but my parents don't allowed. :'( 22. I wished my parents can just give $200-$300 per weeks to buy whatever I want. 23. How I wished my parents allowed me to go home what time I want, so I am able to hang out with friends. 24. My favourite drink in a fast food restaurant is ice milo. 25. I cam get slapped by mum once before :(
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Izahera Selim
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25 facts about me!:lol:

1) I am 5 ft 3

2) I am the tallest female in my family

3) I can dance

4) I can sing

5) I am an okay rapper

6) I have lists of kdramas to watch (5+ pages)

7) I live in the UK

8) I am the middle child

9) I am left handed

10) I have been hooked into kpop for the past 7 years

11) First Korean idol group i watched was SHINee

12) I make friends really quickly

13) I want to try out more variety of foods

14) I look up to 4minute Hyuna Unnie for my style inspiration

15) I have the same birthday as Seventeen Jeonghan Oppa

16) I am saving up to buy merchandise

17) I love animals

18) I have a phobia of snakes and spiders

19) I love to travel

20) I have my own room ^-^

21) I listen to 2ne1 when I put on my makeup every morning

22) I have been dreaming of making a group consisting on boys and girls

23) I don’t like horror films

24) I love watching comedy films, variety programmes and dramas

25) I wanted to become an actress


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jacqueline bernessa
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25 things about me 1. i was born at surabaya, indonesia 2. i'm a kpopers since 2005 3. multifandom (well literaly i just stan them all) 4. i love singing 5. my dream since i was six is to become a korean idol/singer 6. i love acts too 7. i love my bias and food and God 8. i love jokes, makes people around me laugh 9. friendly 10. i love arts 11. photography and singing is my talent (well that what i think bout me) 12. i still need to learn english and korean :') 13. i was thinking to join every agency auditions (lol well i try hard for YG tho) 14. i'm kinda lazy person ehh but not that lazy u know? 15. i love advanture 16. i hate vegetables 17. i hate bugs 18. i forgive people too easily /u know wht i mean?.. uh.. 19. i think i'm cute .. 20. my bias is my role model 21. i love all bout korean 22. i have a lot of sns acc 23. middle child ( i hv one big bro, 1 big sist, and 1 lil sist) 24. i cant write a song but i loves reading, writing somethin, and sometime i write a lyric lawl) 25. i believe that i can achieve my dream, and you too
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1) My full name is Klara Agnete Obelitz

2) I am from Copenhagen, Denmark

3) My height is 171 cm(5'7? I'm not sure)

4) I'm obsessed with youtube. I love watching youtube, especially music/dance covers, I also love watching morning routines and such so I can see that some of the things I do aren't totally crazy xD

5)I'm kinda messy... I say kind of, because I leave my stuff everywhere, but it's in specific piles so I know where everything is

6) If I meet someone and I don't know what to say, I start laughing, and it makes the awkward silence even more awkward >_<

7) I've never broken a bone, eventhough I do stupid things all the time

8) I'm vegetarian(People often thinks that vegan and vegetarian is the same(BUT IT'S NOT)

9) I love almost all kinds of music and in almost all languages. But especially K-pop.

10) I can sleep pretty much anywhere if I'm tired enough, you'll find me sleeping the most strang places

11) If someone tells me, " you can't do this" or " You'll never be able to do this" thean I HAVE to do it just to prove them wrong

12) I got into K-pop in 2012 with Miss a's Bad girl good girl, and I still love Miss a to this day.

13) I've tried about every sport there is at least once. The sport I ended up playing was volleball though, but I don't play anymore

14) My family consists of me, my parents and my two younger brothers( I have two cats aswell)

15) My humour is so bad I don't even get it myself, and I think people only laugh because they feel bad for me.

16) I'm born Februar 27 2000 so I'm 16 years old

17) I couldn't boil an egg untill the age of 14, but now im a quite decent cook( Well at least it's edible right?)

18) My favourite colors are green, rosa and baby blue 

19) I'm super emotional(*Cough overdramatic cough*) I easily cry-_- on the other hand i easily laugh too, so that's a plus... Right?

20) I love siging, I sang in a choir for 6 years, but then I had to quit because of school and practicing collided :(

21) I'm very bad at praising myself, and I feel bad when others praise me. I don't know why.

22) I hate shopping, I find it boring. Whenever I need new clothes I just tell my friends to find the clothes they think will fit me

23) I'm don't think my dancing is as good as my singing. I'm an decent dancer, but that's it.

24) I would really like to be a trainee in South Korea but...

25) I'm kinda VERY pale, and VERY blue eyed, and VERY Aryan, but well I can still try, right?

This was everything from me, I hope it was interesting and that you now feel like you know me a little better. If interested please befriend me, contact me or anything. I promise I'll get a profile picture soon ^~^    

P.S English isn't my first language, so please excuse all my grammar mistakes, I tried

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Jen Moya
Posts: 1
1. I was born and raised in Thailand but is currently living in england 2. I have applied for BigHit, Loen and YG entertainment but non have gotten back to me yet :'( but i'm planning to re-apply soon 3. I love music so much i take my headphones everywhere and anywhere, i also tend to sleep with my headphones in. 3. My ultimate bias is EXO Lay or Zhang Yixing. 4. The solo artist that i am inspired by the most is DEAN, i love how much recognition he is getting now, him music really is beautiful. 5. I appreciate music more than anything and it is my long life dream to become a singer 6. I play alittle bit of guitar 7. I tend to write songs whenever i feel down 8. I also love art 9. I'm a very creative person, which can be a downfall as i'm not very academically brilliant. 10. I don't know or understand korean but can sing it. 11. I sing a lot on an app called smule and that is where i record my singing to later on put on youtube 12. I love to skateboard whenever it is sunny 13. I'm concious about my voice because i feel like it's never good enough 14. I love animals 15. My bias group is EXO 16. My favourite solo artists are: DEAN, Jay Park, Crush and Zion T 17. I like a lot of different types of music, but i am hooked on Kpop 18. I am trying everything to become a Kpop Idol but i'm scared i don't have the potential 19. I have a youtube channel where i upload my Kpop Covers 20. Amber Lui is my role model 21. I'm contemplating weather i should cut my hair short or not 22. I want to travel the world 23. I'm 16 years old 24. I will follow my dream 25. Thank you, so much for your support :)
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25 Things About Me

1. I'm British-Australia.
2. I'm 5'6 or 172cm, which yes I know is tall for a girl.
3. I can play 8 different intruments (9 if you include voice) which are all self taught.
4. I've been interested in music and singing since I was about 4.
5. My favourite colour is green, which is contradictory to my username; 'BlueLouise'
6. Louise is actually my middle name.
7. I'm terrifed of leeches and fire.
8. I love fire.
9. Just clearing up 7 and 8, I am a pyromaniac and love fire, but I'm terrified when its out of control, which is my greatest fear; not being in control.
10. I do enjoy anime as a guilty pleasure.
11. I've played netball, volleyball and swimming.
12. I cannot dance to save my life
13. I love drawing and painting.
14. I'm sort of socially awkward when people first meet me, but I am a very confident and talkative person when comfortable.
15. I learnt Japanese for 7 years throughout school.
16. I can offically conclude that I am BTS trash.
17. I also really love acoustic music. Artists for example: Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Passenger, Lucy Rose, Gabrielle Applin, Bon Iver, Simon and Garfunkel.
18. Also religiously listen to alternative music, i.e. Boy and Bear, Ball Park Music, San Cisco, The Preatures, Saskwatch.
19. My favourite food is potato salad. Like seriously, I will fight someone over a bowl of potato salad.
20. I can't eat seafood. Some fish is an execption but other than that, I just can't eat it.
21. I also don't like cheese for some strange reason.
22. I'm missing muscles and ligaments in my right ankle. seriously PSA, don't do netball, it will kill your soul and your legs.
23. My dream has always been to become a singer/songwriter and a performer. Now my more realistic one is to become a music teacher
24. I'm kinda passive-aggressive. I get very aggressive during arguments, which is kinda a bad point in my personality
25. I can't walk in heels to save my life or anyones life. It's like watching a giraffe on stilts trying to walk.

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Okay lets see...

I love the Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama), but mostly Music.

My hobby is singing actually, Im always singing day and night...does my mums head in.

One of the reasons why my mum thinks that I am obsessed and possessed by a demon.

Since she either catches me singing or dancing all the time.

But her dirty looks and unproud gazes dont stop me, Im resilient and persistent and proud.

Which makes me someone good to work in a team, as I always do my part.

I have always wanted to be singer, from a very young age. 

It actually pains me to imagine myself in a different profession. 

I come from a very conservative famiily where Music = Satan and Misogyny = Good.

Fighting against that used up most of my life, I always felt like an outsider because the whole community was different to me.

I felt I was the weird one as i didnt match their expectation.

But then I found Kpop and it changed my life, The music, dance, image, it felt so right.

Then I looked into the culture, history, food of South Korea.

I found a whole new community a place where I finally fit in and didnt feel so alone anymore. 

This feulled me into trying new things, exploring new places. 

I decided to take BA Korean in university. 

Worked my ass off to get in, AAB in A - Level this uni was not kidding. But I did it.

This course will allow me to go to South Korea and study there for a year. 

I will see for myself what new culture there is and know face to face if it is for me.

While I am not waiting in anticipation for that day, as a hobby I create covers to Kpop Songs.

It is a nice way for me to release some stress. 

The satisfaction I get from someone commenting on my covers in a positive way makes me so happy. 

I upload onto YouTube and here, so if anyone wants to check it out they can.

I would upload dance covers but I am a bit ugly and fat at the moment. 

But I have started to lose it, hopefully I will be able to get to a size that I am happy with (have been obese my whole life)

Thanks for reading ;)

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Posts: 1

1. I'm 162 and I'm always the smaller whenever I go...

2. I was born in 1995.

3. I love cute animals, especially cats.

4. I'm really like a cat, so that's why people call me Neko which means cat in japanese.

5. I don't like being ordinary so I like to dye my hair on specific colors like mint or purple. I had so many colors on my head that I can't even count it.

6. I like to watch Kdramas on my free time, especially these with action and crime.

7. I love anime and jpop, and vocaloids.

8. I can't live without music, I love singing and dancing and there's no Neko without these things.

9. I'm the leader of FlyHigh, the not-popular-yet group from Poland.

10. Many people, when they meet me for the first time, are afraid of me. They saying that I look a bit scary and like I have a really high confidence, but in truth I'm very sensitive and I don't have much self-confidence at all.

11. I like meeting new people, but I'm a bit shy and I don't know how to talk down to someone.

12. I'm very loyal, so if someone is my friend, I can do a lot for that person.

13. I know what I want and I will do everything to achieve it.

14. I love a lot of kpop groups, but my first kpop group was BigBang and I have sentiment to that boyband.

15. My dream is to do something with music. I wnat to sing and making music but I don't know if I can do this...

16. I'm very strict in judging, especially when it comes to dance or vocal skills.

17. I like almost every kind of music, everything depends on the songs.

18. I have a dog, a cat and a guinea pig.

19. I'm very tolerant.

20. I'm impatient, but I have a lot of petience to some things like giving second chance to someone.

21. I want to people recognize me and love me the way I am.

22. I'm going to make FlyHigh popular.

23. I'm an amatour but I want to be better in the near future.

24. I really love performing on stage, but I'm always feeling very sick on stage, because of stress. But I can overcome it and people say that it's not visuable at all when I'm performing.

25. I understand English very well, but I can do mistakes when I'm talking or writing in this language. I can also understand a bit Japanese.

Write to me if you want, I'm not so scary ^^


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1. I self-identify as a pageant girl. 2. I am very YG biased. 3. I was in show choir in high school. 4. I've been apart of the K-Pop community for almost 5 years. 5. I speak 3 languages. (Spanish, Korean, and English) 6. I've never had a puppy, but I've always wanted a pug. 7. I can make any type of egg. (Scrambled, poached, fried, you name it.) 8. My ultimate bias is T.O.P of BIGBANG, GD is a close second and Hyuna is 3rd. 9. I am 1/3 of K+ Entertainment. 10. I love breakfast food, if you couldn't tell from #7. *^_^* 11. I've finally mastered popping popcorn (without burning it) at the tender age of 21. 12. Some youtubers I follow are Chonunmigooksaram JREKML and BapMokja. 13. I've been within seeing distance of Nelly and Future. 14. I plan to study at Korea University this fall! 15. My two favorite Korean foods are Bibimbap and Kimball. 16. I almost never notice the dancing in Kpop MVs; their beautiful faces and voices are way too distracting. 17. I'm pretty good at language learning. 18. I tend to unconsciously choose the rapper as my bias. 19. I've studied abroad in Spain twice. And I plan to study abroad in South Korea twice as well. 20. Sometimes I watch anime. 21. I can't hear this number without singing "2NE1" in my head. 22. I can't hear this number without singing the chorus of Taylor Swift's "22." 23. I've changed my major from English to Journalism to Spanish with a minor in Korean. 24. I've been paid to sing as entertainment for an event. 25. My favorite Korean phrase is 할수있어요!
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1. i'm 5'6

2. i'm a picky eater

3. mnm's & skittles are my favorite candy

4. i love to wear converse & vans

5. i love stormy weather

6. i'm a september baby

7. i love taking naps 

8. my least favorite movie genre is horror

9. my favorite food is chicken

10. i love to bake

11. i pick up on choreography quickly

12. i remember things easily

13. i'm a little shy when meeting new people, but get really talkative once i get to know you

14. i'm terrified of heights

15. my favorite color is pink, blue, & purple

16. i played basketball in 4th grade

17. i got into kpop from b.a.p

18. i have naturally curly hair

19. i'm a morning persom

20. i would live to visit Seoul & Tokyo

21. i was in band until 7th grade

22. my favorite drink is a strawberry banana smoothie

23. my first kdrama was ' boys over flowers '

24. i love taking pictures

25. my ultimate bias is Zhang Yixing from EXO

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1.I'm very shy but as soon you get to know me,I'll be more jumpy and talkative. 2.I don't know how to put on make up. 3.I love Food. 4.I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters 5.I'm not that good in fashion 6. I'm a Introvert 7.My favorite colors are Black,White and Blue 8.My favorite food is Pizza,French Fries and Beef! 9.I'm Very Forgetful 10.My Favorite Fruits are Strawberries and Watermelons 11.I never been to KCON..YET 12.I'm the youngest in my family 13.I always brake my headphones by accident no matter what 14. I'm picky with my food 15.I'm Passionate about Music and Dancing 16.Apparently,I'm the weirdest one or Alien in my family. 17.I do random stuff sometimes for no reason 18.When ever something is messy,I turn into an Umma(Mom) 19. I think too much 20.I don't drink milk 21.I don't like showing too much skin 22.My Hobbies are Listening to Kpop and Watch YT. 23.I have Glasses 24.I'm Stubborn 25.And Lastly I don't know how to cook..except delicious Raman. And yeah that's all about me hope you enjoy and if not..I don't know🤔.Saranghae!❤️
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25 Things About Me
1) I'm 5'3"
2) I love singing and dancing
3) I enjoy playing league of legends
4) I can play the flute
5) I would love to audition to one of the companies
6) I am taking classes to study engineering in high school
7) I love watching JKNews + JKParty + JKFilms
8) David So is awesome
9) I am a black belt.
10) I have been training in martial arts for 5 1/2 years
11) I plan to audition within the next couple years
12) I have anxiety
13) I like watching Investigative tv shows
14) I have braces
15) I have glasses
16) I take multiple extra curriculum classes
17) I'm scared of bugs
18) I enjoy helping my friends
19) I love writing and reading angst
20) I have loved kpop for 3 years already.
21) I love anime
22) I tried to learn break dancing
23) I enjoy school, except for projects 
24) I want to be able to speak mandarin and korean
25) I am a malaysian chinese american girl. 

Adriana <3

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25 things about me... 1. I love and I excel at dance aspect but sometimes I am not confident about it. 2. I play piano, guitar and I want to learn drums. 3. I love reading books. 4. I love action movies. 5. I love eating but I don't gain too much weight. 6. I've been a K-pop fan since 2009. 7. My K- dramas crushes are Kim Bum, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Won Bin, and Song Jung Ki. 8. I am a multi- fandom fan. 9. I am a biology student. 10. I love black. 11. I can speak 6 different languages; Tagalog(Filipino), English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Italian. And 1 ethnic language from Philippines; Cebuano. 12. I don't actually pay attention in studying specially at school. 13. I am not an afternoon person. hahaha 14. I am a techy person. 15. I wrote lyrical poem. 16. I wrote stories and hopefully it'll be published soon. 17. I want to be a model. 18. I am good at drawing. 19. I want to be a fashion designer too. 20. I am a frustrated singer! lol.. 21. I dance covers Jun of seventeen. 22. I dance covers Jung Hwa of Exid. 23. I love Demi and joe Jonas. 24. I can surf net all day long. 25. I love all k-pop idols. They are one of my inspiration.


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Bae Dong-ra
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25 Things About Me:

1) I'm 5ft4.5in. tall.

2) I love any kind of chocolate, but milk chocolate is my favorite.

3) I have never tried bubble (boba) tea.

4) When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor.

5) My hair is naturally blonde.

6) My favorite colors are orange, black, white, and red.

7) My first k-pop male group was SHINee.

8) My first k-pop female group was Girls' Generation.

9) My first male bias was Key from SHINee.

10) My first female bias was Amber from f(x).

11) My favorite drink is coffee.

12) My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

13) My favorite food is tacos.

14) I like to dress comfortably (it doesn't matter what I wear really).

15) I have arachnophobia.

16) My favorite book so far is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

17) My favorite movies are Labyrinth (1986) and the Step Up series.

18) My favorite subjects in school are history and music.

19) I like to watch anime, especially Ergo Poxy and Kara no Kyoukai.

20) My english name is Harley.

21) I love to dance and sing.

22) I'm okay at rapping, but I'm getting better.

23) My eye color changes from blue to grey to green to teal quite often, but not in that order.

24) I have quite a large family. I have 4 sisters, 3 brothers, my mother, my father, my step-father. In total that's 10 family members, not including me.

25) I'm slowly learning korean.

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