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1. I am 149 cm

2. I am currently learning korean

3. I took singing lessons for 5 years, but still not too confident and satisfied with my voice

4. The more I eat, the more I lose weight (strange, right ?)

5. I am a french girl with Vietnamese origins

6. I practised theater for 1 year

7. I'm struggling with my bad dancing skills af

8. I can't live without music

9. It is said that food is my only love

10. I'm actually really friendly and warm and clumsy when you get to know me

11. Problem is that I look cold and akward at first because I recently becam shy and afraid of people

12. I apparently have "judging eyes" (actually this is just called being asian and having slanting eyes)

13. I lately turned my lil sis into a huge fan of Vixx and Monsta X

14. I love reading, and if you talk to me while I'm reading, whether I'll find it truly interesting or not, I'll be fully concentrated on it and probably won't hear you

15. I'm currently an Art Student who wants to be a Comic Drawer (even if my drawing are more manga style when it comes to draw characters)

16. Because of my preparatory class, I have the bad habit to only sleep 4h by nights during the week, and end up sleeping the whole weekend

17. Yes dad, I'm the one who ate the last cookie. HAHAHAHA

18. "Haru Haru - Big bang" was my first love and have a special place in my hear

19. When I go to party, I'm often the one who's looking after her dumb friends

20. I don't smoke and litteraly can't bear the smell.

21. I have the strange habit too cut my hair when something "bad" happen, to turn the page and make me stronger

22. I'm afraid of spiders, I even barely missed a High School day because of it once

23. I'm afraid of blood if it's not mine

24. I don't really care about what people say about me in my back (I believe my butt make a better work than their mouth)

25 I can memorize melodies real quick

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annie agustin
Posts: 7

  1. I am 5'1
  2.  I have been dancing for ten years
  3. I have been rapping for 5 years
  4. I am 17 years old
  5. I love to learn
  6. I have pretty good pronunciation skills
  7. I speak spanish
  8. I skateboard
  9. I play basketball
  10. I love to meet new people
  11. I am dedicated
  12. I like to stay up late to practice
  13. I was adopted
  14. I have blue eyes
  15. Black is my favorite color
  16. I love meat and treats
  17. I only weigh 92 pounds
  18. I go by M when I rap
  19. I currently have two original songs online
  20. I lead a dance crew
  21. If I got signed I would drop everything and take the opportunity no questions asked
  22. I like tattoos 
  23. I draw and have been told I am talented at it
  24. I used to act
  25. I tend to be closer to friends than I am with family



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25 Things About Me!

1.) My name is Adriana ( aye-dree-on-uh )

2.) My grandmother is from Korea. She gave me the name "김도연"

3.) My bias group is BTS. I also like Sistar, Twice, EXO, April, EXO, EXID, AOA, GOT7, RaNia, f(x), SHINee, HyunA, Blackpink, Seventeen, and NCT.

4.) I am a beginner at rapping, singing, and dancing. I think I am best at rapping out of the 3.

5.) I like to make YouTube videos. My YouTube is Adriana Mae

6.) My biggest inspiration is Jeon Somi

7.) I am currently learning French and Korean. Sometime I would also like to learn Japanese, Thai, and Mandarin

8.) My favorite sport is football, and I was supposed to play on my school's football team. ( due to financial reasons i couldn't )

9.) I enjoy doing makeup.

10.) My favorite song at the moment is View by SHInee

11.) I am in the Gifted classes at my school

12.) My favorite classes in school are French and History

13.) If my dream of becoming an idol doesn't happen, I'd like to be a teacher.

14.) I've met the YouTuber Todrick Hall

15.) Some non kpop artists I like sre Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, and 5SOS.

16.) I often cry at Thai music videos and mini movies on YouTube

17.) I hope to have at least two kids when I'm older. ( hopefully a girl and a boy! )

18.) I used to do cheerleading, I was a flyer. I miss doing it, I hope to be on my high school's squad!

19.) I like memes lol

20.) I'm a fast runner

21.) I love Ryan from Kakao Friends and Gudetama

22.) I became a fan of kpop on my ultimate bias' ( Taehyung from BTS!! ) birthday last year

23.) I love shopping and going to the mall with my friends ( Fav places to shop - Sephora, AEO, Primark, and PacSun )

24.) I love going to art museums

25.) I truly, genuinely want to become a kpop idol. Not for the fame, money, or meeting my "oppas" ( *cringes a lil* ) but to make people happy and do something I love, performing. You may ask, "why not do it in your own country?" Well, I'm not a fan of the music here. It's disgusting in my opinion, hearing "shake that a**" and other gross content all of the time. Plus, I would absolutely love to be in a girl group. I love how talented and admirable kpop idols are. I love the concepts and how there's raps and dances to songs. It's truly wonderful. The most important reason is the fans. I want to inspire people who look up to me and make them feel good about themselves and to follow their dreams, just like my favorite idols inspire me now. :)

Thanks for reading! Don't hesitate to send me a friend request!


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Posts: 2


1) I love to longboard

2) I can easily say my singing is way better than my dancing, but i'm trying really hard :)

3) I love learning about new cultures and learning new languages

4) I'm roughly 5'3

5) I loooove all kinds of asian cuisine 

6) I'm pretty shy around people I don't know & i'm a natural introvert

7) My birthday's October 21

8 ) The first kpop song I ever heard was Fantastic Baby & it's so nostalgic

9) BigBang and SHINee were my intro to kpop

10) Kdramas!

11) I write poetry 

12) I'm really bad at cooking ):

13) I am the oldest of my friends & all my cousins- Ik ik its weird

14) I'm also the only one in my group of friends to listen to kpop

15) I'm a junior in high school

16) I'm hispanic

17) I loove spicy foods

18 ) I don't really have a favorite anything bc i'm very indecisive

19) I love anything that is scary (Scary movies, haunted houses, etc)

20) I've been listening to kpop for about 4 years now

21) Aside from kpop i listen to rap such J. Cole, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, etc and old school rock such as Guns N Roses, Fleetwood Mac, etc

22) I'm a brutal roaster 

23) I play tennis

24) My biggest weakness is going to anime or k conventions b/c i tend to make myself go broke 

25) My ultimate dream is to become someone that can make an impact 

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Liz Gloom
Posts: 1

25 Things About Me

1-i'm a shorty

2-i'm too old than i look

3-i dress in dark colors

4-i eat then drink but never mix both (eat and sips drink for example)

5-i'm a night owl

6-i like rock and metal so i'm surprised at myself for liking kpop too

7-i've been told i look asian or asian mixed but i'm none of the two

8-i like alternative fashion and Goth is like olala

9-i can't be cute to save my life but being scary? i've never failed!

10- i have too many dreams that can't fit in a lifetime

11- i can speak 3 languages but not perfectly (i'm a perfectionist sometimes)

12-i have no fashion sense! if it was up to me i'd dress like a homsless but my family can't let me embarrass them!  

13-i'm not good with makeup i swear!

14-i suck at video games

15- i like the 90's i don't know but there'e something that i like about that era

17- i have big pupiles

18-i like anime too much sometimes, tv shows( series), kdramas, chinese dramas..

19-i try to write lyrics sometimes 

20- i'm trying to be a sucesssful Blogger/YouTuber and so far it's going as planned!

21-My boyfriend and I make a funny and cute couple 

22-i can't cook to save my life!

23- tried to learn guitarmany times and each time i just keep sucking at it!

24-i can read hangul and i'm hesitant to learn to speak korean

25-i don't know if i should try to be into kpop industry i think i'm too old for that but just the thought of it is fun!

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Kaelah Williams
Posts: 2

25 Things About Me..

Wow... 25 is a big number to write about myself haha but I'll try

1. My full english name is Kaelah Anne Elizabeth Williams.

2. I am 15 years old

3. I am a mixed multicultural child with English, Australian, French, Aboriginal and I am pretty sure Irish too.

4. My favourite colour is blue.

5. My natural hair colour is blonde.

6. My natural eye colour is brown.

7. I am about 5'2 ish maybe smaller

8. Music is like a second language to me.

9. I started ballet as a dance subject then stopped due to lack of expenses to pay for it and didn't get back into dance until late 2015.

10. I have danced for about 4 years almost now.

11. I loooooooooooove Korean BBQ.

12. I'm not an amazing singer but I am trying to train my voice.

13. I am a self taught Korean speaker (so far).

14. I love writing lyrics/peoms all the time about my emotions and feelings.

15. My favourite Rapper is Rapmonster from BTS.

16. My favourite SOLO male artist is probably Crush or Zion T.

17. My first exposure to kpop was back in 2013 when Ryan Higa made a joke about Kpop stars in his "Last Minute Halloween Costumes."

18. I hate bugs.

19. I love gaming.

20. I don't watch TV much but I love a good action or thriller movie.

21. I can speak a bit of Chinese, Japanese and French.

22. My favourite Kpop Groups are; BTS, BAP, EXO, GOT7, BIGBANG, BlackPink and 2NE1

23. I wish to be a singer/artist/song-writer when I grow up.

24. And if that doesn't work out I'll be an International English Teacher.

25. Grewing up I never really had many dreams because I was heavily bullied.

I did it! Hope you learnt something interesting... xD


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Posts: 9

25 Things About ME

1. I’m Filipina from Philippines     2. Who really love K-pop     3. I’m 23 years of age     4. I’m Single

5. I don’t hate man I just want to be solo unless I sense that the man I meet is my destiny :)

6. I adore a man who can accept my weaknesses :D      7. I’m 5’5” in height

8. I like a man if he is taller than me :P      9. I’m 50 kg in weight

10. I’m College Graduate (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture yr. 2014)

11. I completed my course BSED/Methods (BachelorOfScienceInSecondaryEducation) this October(2016)

12. I am Currently working in Department of Agriculture (PH)

13. I’m extra tough because of my ARMY-ROTC experience as officer (C-LTC)

14. I’m Simple but attractive      15. I have Slim figure      16. I love jeans than skirts

17. I love shirts than dresses      18. I love shoes than sandals      19. I like movies for children (ex Tinker bell)

20. I like playing guitar      21. I really like singing at Karaoke      

22. I also like listening myself [recorded voice] :)     23. I love RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop, KPOP, OPM songs  

24. Yeah I will confess now, I’m addict, yeah I’m addict in KPOP [obvious] :)

25. Yeah I’m also addict to my family, I Love them so much. 


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Ashley Yang
Posts: 4
  1. I am short. 
  2. I love Got7
  3. I don't know how to dance but can learn really quick
  4. I am Hmong
  5. I can write in Korean but can not speak it fluently yet
  6. I dream to become a future kpop idol
  7. I am not really good at math
  8. Math is my least favorite subject in school
  9. I am currently in Choir
  10. I am trying hard to audition for many companies
  11. I am asian-american
  12. I have two cute cats and a cute little dog
  13. I love to watch k-dramas 
  14. I plan to audition for the top 3 companies first then will try smaller companies
  15. I love ice cream
  16. I love to eat
  17. I can't really write my own lyrics but I will learn
  18. I love a lot of Kpop groups
  19. I would love to audition for JYP 
  20. I can sing pretty well, I guess
  21. I have no acting experience but I will learn
  22. I am a really quiet person if I am around people that I am not comfortable with
  23. I wish to go to Seoul
  24. I dream to go to one of Got7's performance for once
  25. I rather not get plastic surgery but I know that this will be a really hard thing for me to choose
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Posts: 1

  1. I was born in Canada but moved to America when I was 5.
  2. I'm not the best dancer but I'm learning and trying my best.
  3. Im teaching myself Korean but I haven't learned much yet since I just started.
  4. I'm obsessed with books
  5. My favorite Kpop group is Got7
  6. I like Rock/Emo musci as well
  7. I love anime and manga
  8. I secretly still have so many stuffed animals
  9. I have 4 siblings
  10. Im a naturally very loud person
  11. I ride horses
  12. I think I have a unique personality
  13. Im a bit of a geek/nerd
  14. I play a lot of video games
  15. I'm 5'5
  16. I still havent posted a cover of my dancing yet but hopefully I will soon
  17. Im running out of things to say
  18. I have been called natuarally gifted at music. 
  19. I love to sing,
  20. My favorite song is Boombayah by Black Pink
  21. I like to make really bad puns, like Emo to the Extreemo
  22. Im pretty childish
  23. I was born in 2002
  24. I am really glad this is 24
  25. My dream is to be a kpop idol, and even though I am not the best Dancer/Singer etc. I wont give up and will continue to work hard until I have the nessacry skills and acheive my dream
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Posts: 10


2. currently in college for music

3. First got into dancing, specifically belly dance, when I was about 8 after imitating Shakira's dance from 'whenever wherever'

4. I tend to be shy until I get to know someone

5. I have two cats, Lilly and Loki

6. other than kpop, I'm also a fan of jrock and symphonic metal

7. my bias is Jungkook, just love his voice

8. I have a fear of spiders and heights

9. I'm an only child

10. I am a big fan of Tim Burton's films, especially the older movie like Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare before christmas

11. I love cooking anything, from baking, to cooking italian food to korean food, anything

12. my vocal range is D3 to (sometimes) F#6 and I am influenced by singers like Tarja Turunen and Sharon Den Adel

13. I love Urban Decay's cosmetics, just so bright

14. I can speak a bit of Japanese and French and I can sing in Japanese, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and soon Korean but I'm still learning

15. favorite colors are black and pink

16. I am a Metis, someone who is mixed European and Native American, as my dad is mixed French-Canadian ad Mi'kmaq and my mom is mixed too bu we don't know what tribe she's descended from

17. I don't talk much at all

18. I play guitar, bass, piano and flute

19. I love body art, HAD 20 piercings (now just 5) and two tattoos that I keep hidden most of the time

20. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, dyscalculia and dygraphia, which means I can't pay attention at times, I can't process math and I have the worst handwriting ever

21. I love green tea ice cream

22. I'm extremely nice though I often don't look it at first glance

23. I'm a night owl

24. Woul love to be a kpop idol someday

25. I'm a pretty spiritual person

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Posts: 1
25 THINGS ABOUT ME.. 1. I'm a Maori but I live in Sydney, Australia 2. I love EXO 3. Chanyeol is my UB 4.I'm the second oldest of 4 kids 5. I graduated high school in 2015 6. I want to be an idol because I want to spread happiness and help people 7. I like R&B, hip-hop, Indie and sometimes rock 8. I love to sing 9. I'm average at dancing 10. I was born in 1997 11. I have 2 dogs and love animals 12. Motto: 'Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE' 13. I like rapping as well 14. I love tons of groups: BTS, GOT7, B.A.P, SHINEE, SUPER JUNIOR 15. I love to travel 16. I love family 17. I like to read 18. My star sign is Leo 19. I love food 20. I love ramen 21. Kim Taehyung 22. Chicken is my favourite food ever 23. My sister loves kpop as well 24. My favourite song is 'What is Love' by EXO 25. I hate brussel sprouts
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Posts: 14

25 interesting facts about me:

1. 1.74m height

2. 21 years old

3. went to CA, LA, GA, TX, FL, and AK states (live CA)

4. kim yuna (ice queen) idol

5. chinese (mandrin), english, korean also bits of spanish and japanese (hi bye and numbers)

6. sing in  school choir and church band, but too shy to audition

7. enjoy hair gels and highlights

8. i hate getting wet from rain

9. never own any pets

10. apink, sistar, aoa, exid, and brand new blackpink are the BEST!!!

11. anime and manga were childhood fun (open to english voice acting as career)

12. never been to korea!!!...someday i will (ancestrial/genetically im between 33%-nearly 100% korean) family line is complicated but also seemingly lost its korean roots

13. piano, baritone, guitar lessons other than vocal music

14. interested in surface level politics

15. enjoys racket sports especially tennis and badminton

16. kdramas and cdramas (esp korean casts included) i also look into the actors bio

17. i would truly be grateful if i can qualify into kpop training program

18. i worry discrimination (china-born but mostly korean kpop looking features w/o plastic surgery; even if peeps see me as korean, they shun me away when im not fluent or that my habits are different from those of south korea origin) i don't fit in han chinese either though i can easily mix in and be accepted as long as i assimilate

19. kimchi, japche, dakkeboggi, and kbbq are best foods

20. if i ever meet kpop idols who began their career before me, that will be the best ever experience

21. 169 lb (do i need to lost weight)

22. male (namja)

23. birthday on Jan 31

24. i wish i can convience my close friends to join with me on kpop journey

25. i want to know more about you!

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Posts: 1
25 Things About Me. 1. I'm from Philippines. 2. I am a huge fan of 2NE1. 3. I've been researching on the net on how to audition in entertainment agencies (like YG and JYP) 4. I am a Kumon student. 5. I am currently learning Korean, through the net. 6. Others say that I look like a Chinese, but I'm not a Chinese. 7. I love to sing-along while the songs are playing. 8. My height is 155cm (5'1) (I haven't checked my current height now, but I think it's still the same) 9. I read and write stories on Wattpad. 10. I don't have a Facebook account. 11. I am afraid of heights. 12. They say that I have a good handwriting. 13. My handwriting is small. 14. I love coffee. 15. I started learning Korean in June 2016 (can't remember what month it is) 16. My dream is to be a trainee and be a kpop idol. 17. I wish my first book would be published, because they say that my book deserves to be published. 18. I love to eat pizza 19. I don't know how to change my profile picture here in KpopCollege, that's why I don't have one. 20. I really like Blackpink Lisa's rap in their song Playing With Fire. 21. I really don't know if I have a good voice. 22. My dancing skills are not so good, but if someone would teach me on how to dance, maybe I'll improve. 23. I don't like playing games. 24. I started to sing random songs when I was 6 years old. 25. I hate wearing skirts.
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Xiao Lihua
Posts: 5
  1. I'm a girl.
  2. I have short hair because it's hot in Hawaii but I will grow my hair out again.
  3. My favorite colors are Red, Black, Blue and Green.
  4. I can sing and rap in Korean and Pinyin. Thanks to Exo's Chanyeol and former member Z.Tao.
  5. I love to dance when I have the free time for it. (I follow dance practice videos on my YouTube channel.)
  6. I love to make friends easily.
  7. I'm currently learning 4 dialects of Chinese and I'm also learning Korean. (Korean is work in progress.)
  8. I'm currently writing lyrics for my own songs.
  9. I was born in 1995.
  10. My hair color tends to change color but my natural hair color is black.
  11. I'm 5'7" tall.
  12. I'm not in the best of shape currently and would like to go down to 151lbs.
  13. I have over 100+ friends in South Korea. Thanks to my penpal app. (Doonglle)
  14. I'm Hawaiian, Chinese, Portugese, Black. But mostly Hawaiian and Chinese.
  15. I graduated high school in 2013.
  16. Someday I'd like to attend Seoul Institute of the Arts.
  17. I was introduced into Kpop during my freshman year of high school. SHINee started it all.
  18. Currently I am a hostess at the famous Dave and Buster's here in Honolulu, HI.
  19. I haven't uploaded any videos of me on my YouTube yet. (Work in progress. Just camera shy.)
  20. I love SHINee, EXO, 2ne1, BigBang, Red Velet, Seventeen, BTS, 2pm, Got7, BTOB, etc.
  21. I love to watch K-Dramas when I have the time.
  22. I would really like to learn to play the guitar and piano.
  23. I would like to move to South Korea someday and be near my friends.
  24. I want to create my own kpop group.
  25. My dream is to become a Kpop star and I will never give up until that dream is accomplished.

Xiao Lihua 8)

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Oh Mindi
Posts: 1

1. I am Irish-American

2. I am 17 years old

3. I have been singing since I was in 1st grade

4. I took vocal lessons from 1st grade to now

5. I have been dancing for a year

6. I love snakes

7. My favorite color is red

8. My favorite male solo idol is Eric Nam

9. Alex of RaNiA is a huge inspiration for me

10. I love to act! And I've been acting since 4th grade! :)

11. I almost was cast in a movie when I was younger

12. I've been in several plays before

13. I'm in the process of learning, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Irish,Thai,  and German

14. I know some American Sign Language

15. I've moved around a lot as a kid

16. I'm typically shy, but when I'm doing what I love (like singing or dancing) I don't care who's around. I'll just do it :)

17. My favorite animal is owls

18. I own a cat named Alduin

19. I named my cat after a dragon on a game called Skyrim

20. My favorite KPop boy group is BTS

21. My favorite KPop girl group is BlackPink

22. My favorite song is 24Hours by Sunmi

23. I like to laugh :)

24. I'm 5'6

25. I love shoes :)

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An Eunju
Posts: 1

1. I'm 1/4 Mexican, but I don't look like I have Mexican in me at all.

2. I like to draw and write

3. I do my nails a lot

4. I'm an Otaku

5. I know more Japanese than Korean, but I'm going to Korea.

6. I have a Deviantart - http://emiboo10.deviantart.com/ ;

7. I sing better in Korean and Japanese than in English

8. My favorite music artist is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

9. My favorite drawing artist is Ry Spirit

10. I can learn a dance in a week

11. I can learn Lyrics pretty fast

12. I've been wanting to move to Japan since I was in 5th grade, but since the 2nd semester of my Freshmen year in high school, i've wanted to live in Korea.

13. My favorite number is 8

14. My favorite colors are Light blue, red, and black.

15. I have a youtube with my best friend (Oh Mindi) called Mindi Eunju (please subcribe)

16. I'm obsessed with everything Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

17. I really hate being in america

18. My family dissapproves of me but that's okay, i'm leaving anyway

19. I have a fandom that i've created with characters named after food and objects (It's really a joke, but I love it and I plan to make a Manga)

20. I have asthma, but I still expect myself to be able to get up on stage and preform 3-5 songs at one time.

21. I have 9 cats

22. My favorite animal are cats

23. Sometimes I question my sexual orientation because Kyary and other girl groups always getting to me, but I'm straight xD

24. I sometimes like to sew

25. J-Hope is my favorite rapper and my 2nd UB

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Posts: 5

1. Nickname Annie or Snow

2. I'm 5'3 or 163cm

3. Im 20 My birthday Oct. 30 1996

4. From Miami Florida

5. Been Dancing for 10 years(ballet,jazz,tap,hiphop,ect)

6. I love Anime

7. I have 5 brother 2 sister

8. Veterinarian in training

9. In college

10.Very photogenic

11. I know 4 language( English,Spanish,French,American Sign Language)

12. Play Softball,Vollyball,Soccer

13. Was Co-Captain of my dance tean 2 years ago

14. Very sweet and playful

15. Loves to eat and can cook and bake

16. Loves to shop

17. In love with Got7 and Exo and Sistar

18. Major crush on Got7 Markson(Mark and Jackson) and Exo D.O

19. Do a little modeling here in Florida

20. Love Adventure

21. Love amsument parks

22. Favorite color is Dark Red

23. Love Make-ups

24. I will be auditioning for 1Million Dance Studio

25. Planning to move to Seoul South Korea very soon.

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Posts: 6
25 Things About Me: 1. My full name is Makayla Chantel Hampton. 2. I'm 16 yrs old and I'm 5'2. 3. I absolutely hate being called short, even though my nickname among my friends is midget. 4. I'm extremely friendly, my mom tells me when I was younger I used to go up and hug strangers. 5. I like talking, I actually tend to talk to much which gets me in trouble. 6. I'm naturally loud and almost always excited. 7. I was originally into heavy metal and rock music but a friend of mine made me listen to BTS and I was hooked ever since. 8. Taemin is my ultimate bias ever I spam his song Solider because it fills me with hope. 9. I strongly dislike dogs with a passion because my my sisters keep teaching them to attack me. 10. I own a guinea pig named Elizabeth the 3rd after Jumin Han's cat. 11. I have two sisters both younger than me at ages 13 and 11. 12. My least favorite color is pink. 13. I procrastinate everything because I work better under pressure. 14. I love singing and writing poems, I can't really dance but I work hard at learning. 15. I'm currently learning Korean and I'm trying to get my mom to let me be an exchange student. 16. I don't give up on what I dream on achieving. 17. I recently dyed my hair a dark green. 18. I want to attend the wing concert for BTS that will be held in Chicago. 19. I live in the boring state of Indiana. 20. I have played at least 50 Shall We date games. 21. I'm addicted to trail-mix and oranges. 22. I have no fashion sense. 23. I can't cook at all. 24. I know the dance to BTS Silver spoon and Dope. 25. I want to either start a group or join one. That's all byee!!


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Posts: 29

I've been here for a while, but I've never done this. 

  1. My nickname is Chrisie or Christa
  2. I've been singing since I was in kindergarten.
  3. I've won two spelling bees when I was in middle school.
  4. I've lived in Minnesota.
  5. I've lived in Washington, DC (and Virginia).
  6. I've lived in Georgia. 
  7. I'm trying to learn how to dance.
  8. I'm relearning French, but I count it as a language I can speak.
  9. I'm trying to learn Korean.
  10. I'm a very fast typer.
  11. I'm 5'1. 
  12. I'm an Aquarius (#AQUARIUSGANG)
  13. I'm taking online classes right now and trying to get back onto a campus.
  14. I've never been in a relationship.
  15. I've been writing songs since I was 9.
  16. I was in Choir from 3rd-12th grade, but then went to college.
  17. I have one dog.
  18. I have three sisters.
  19. The oldest is an Aquarius, the middle is a Taurus and the baby is a Libra.
  20. As you can see, I'm in love with Astrology. 
  21. I'm a Psychology Major, but I want to go to Law School. 
  22. I'm trying to start a Youtube channel (again), but this time for real.
  23. I want to start a blog.
  24. I have over 10 Tumblr accounts.
  25. I can't drive yet.
  26. I've been to France.

C E E 

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1. I'm 5'4 or 164 cm tall.

2. My favourite colour is blue.

3. Our family has one dog and two guinea pigs.

4. 4Minute was the group that got me into kpop about a year ago.

5. I don't do makeup often.

6. My favourite girl group at the moment is Brown Eyed Girls and favourite boy group at the moment is Big Bang.

7. My favourite solo artist is Hyuna.

8. I like girl groups more than boy groups for some reason.

9. I'm very good at learning new languages and I hope I'll learn Korean quickly!

10. I'm a really messy person:D

11. I'm also a really emotional person.

12. I don't have a favourite subject at school, I like them all!

13. I'm now in 8th grade.

14. My favourite youtuber is TerryTV.

15. I like travelling and I've been in England, Greece and France. Would be interesting to visit South Korea someday!

16. I've been acting for two years and been in two "big" plays and now is my third year of acting so we are doing our third "big" play.

17. I'm Sagittarius.

18. People have told me that I'm good at drawing and writing stories.

19. I want to dye my hair black.

20. I like to watch when other people play horror games but I wouldn't dare to try them out myself!

21. I have a sweet tooth and I'm currently in love with white chocolate:P

22. I'm a perfectionist.

23. I've been in 24K concert in Finland, Helsinki and that was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget! <3

24. I don't have a stage fear. When I'm up on that stage, I'll just enjoy myself and do my best!

25. Last but not least, I want to have a great time here in Kpop College and make lots of new friends so don't be afraid to send me a friend request:)

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