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Maria Rim
Posts: 2

25 Things About Me8)8):D

1. Rim is my nickname -XoXo

2. I am from Philippines:o

3. I'm 17 years old

4. I'm a November baby:D

5. I love taking selcas :P

6. I love watching K-dramas

7. I am an EXO-L 8) yeah!~

8. FOOD is my bestfriend~XD

9. I think I have a mediocre talent :lol:

10. My girl crush are Liza Soberano, Kim So Hyun and Lee suk Kyung :P <3~

11. I do believe on horoscopes:roll: 

12. Black, white N gray are my favorite colors of all time :P~

13. I love to draw  and paint (I'm really into arts <3)

14. I love to sing and dance~

15. I do cover songs but I never upload them ~(T_T)~

16. I'm a SCORPIO~ Love 16 <3

17. My height is 5'6 or 5'7 (not sure XD)

18. I already have a husband :) ~

19. I love cute stuffs" (^_^)"

20. I'm a Filipina-Mestiza :)

21. I'm an Ambivert person (o_o)

22. I think I'm kinda crazy @_@

23. I'm an independent person (but money dependent XD)

24. I love to go shopping alone~

25.Oh! I forgot to tell you that Byun Baekhyun is my Husband!

                                                                                         - R i M xoxo8)



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Ivie O.
Posts: 1

25 Things About me <3

1. I moved High Schools to take Japanese.

2. I have been Singing and Dancing for 10+ years.

3. I have done 3 online auditions (SM, Big Hit, JYP and SoompixJYP rising legends) and one in person (JYP) not passing though.

4. I am super clumsy.

5. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood).

6. I like many styles of music.

7. I wish I lived somewhere not America right now.

8. It took me forever to get all 3 splits to lose them.

9. I learn things better by watching then doing.

10. I end up in the splits by accident more often than not (working on that).

11. I am a soprano.

12. My eyes are green but they turn blue.

13. I want red hair my hairs naturally dirty blonde.

14. I have been in a show choir for 7 years.

15. I persevere through many things.

16. I had surgery on my eyes to fix my eyes.

17. I had surgery on my face minor to remove a mole.

18. I wear glasses.

19. I do not dance with my glasses on.

20. My knees turn in slightly (working on that).

21. I really want to audition for JYP Ent. Because I like their values.

22. I want to be in a girl group.

23. I will follow rules.

24. I will support anyone. because no matter what that’s what is important to me.

25. I have been told I am too nice but I love making people feel better.



TripleThreatDiva (me)


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Posts: 1

25 Things About Me

1. I love to dance!

2. Absolute BTS trash

3. J-hope is my ultimate bias<3

4. College student hoping to become a Spanish teacher

5. I also love to paint, read, and write

6. I also listen to a lot of electronic

7. I play the violin and make ukulele tutorials on YouTube

8. I looove things that smell good

9. I'm also very into Miraculous Ladybug and Mystic Messenger

10. Tea is life

11. I'm 4'11 T.T

12. I'm a terrible singer but I absolutely love to sing haha

13. Cookies and Cream ice cream is 11/10

14. My fav movie is The Garden of Words

15. I have an Australian Shepard puppy who is the most adorable creature on earth (Same realm as Hobi)

16. I don't know many people around me who listen to k-pop sadly

17. My favorite thing is curling up in a blanket with a cup of tea and a candle burning while watching V-lives

18. I'd love to visit Japan and Korea one day

19. Hufflepuff all the way

20. Taurus

21. I've been studying Spanish for about 5 years now

22. On the side I’m learning Japanese, Korean, and French (Next is Mandarin)

23. My grandma is from Panama

24. I'm a vegetarian (Slowly going vegan)

25. I absolutely 100% love love love K-pop <3



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Posts: 1

I will answer to a pre-made tag ^^ 

What is your nickname?: Nora


What was favourite subject at school?: English and Music


What is your favourite drink?: Bubble tea or tea in general


What is your favourite song at the moment?: Currently I'd say it's probably BTS's Not Today


What is your favourite food?: I like all the food! especially pizza, any kind of chocolate sweet, spicy food, fries and mango eheh


What is the last thing you bought?: a striped sweater


Favourite book of all time?: Probably Harry Potter!


Favourite Colour?: Red and yellow (but have a weakness for black, especially when it's about clothes)


Do you have any pets?: 5 cats, 1 dog and 2 gold fish ^^


Favourite Perfume?: Lady Million by Paco Rabanne


Favourite Holiday?: Christmas!


Are you married?: Nope (secretly/mentally with T.O.P if that counts)


Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, many times, can't say a specific number, but I've also moved abroad for some time; I like travelling a lot, I can adapt myself in a new enviroment pretty easily


Do you speak any other language?: my native language is Italian, then there's English as my second language; I know a bit of Cantonese, I'm currently studying Mandarin Chinese and Korean at the university and I know essentials of French and Spanish from previous studies (does Latin count too? lol)


How many siblings do you have?: One older sister


What is your favourite shop?: probably H&M and LUSH


Favourite restaurant?: any korean/ k bbq/ japanese or asian food restaurant would made me happy, these days I have a crush on Old Wild West too


When was the last time you cried?: last week watching a kdrama 


Favourite K-Drama?: The moon embracing the sun (해를 품은 달)


Favourite Movie?: Frozen? And Rapunzel :') lol


Favourite Kpop group?: BigBang


Favourite Rapper?: Jay Park and Bewhy


Ultimate idol?: T.O.P


How tall are you?: 172 cm


Can you cook?: I'm not excellent but yes

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Posts: 3

25 thing about me:)

  1. I'm Nikki Marie, but my mom called me nhekz
  2. I'm 18 years old and the eldest daughter in a family.
  3. Born on Apri 06,1998
  4. Currently studying at University ofNegros Occidental-Recoletos, Bacolod City
  5. I love teaching children so I take Beed course ( Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Education)
  6. I'm 5'2 tall, cute girl, brown complexion, and an emotional and shy type person.
  7. I love dancing and singing
  8.  I join beauty pageant and I don't expect that I won
  9. I love studying other languages like Spanish, Japanese, Korean and English
  10. My favorite song is " broken angel' by Arash ft. Helena
  11. My favorite food is rice and fruit salad
  12. blue and pink is my favorite color
  13. I love birds and dog
  14. I study sign language so that I can communicate with the deaf person
  15. I love dancing interpretative dances
  16. Gfriend and T-ara is my Favorite group
  17. I love singing a Persian and Korean song
  18. I love hanging around and visit different tourist spot
  19. Writing a story and a poem is my hobbies
  20. My motto is " try and try until you succeed"
  21. I'm afraid of heights
  22. I'm a joker person
  23. I already meet a person from a different country like Korean, Spain, China and Vietnam
  24. I love gardening and cooking
  25. I decided to enter in a congregation runned by the nuns

March 12, 2017 at 8:21 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 6

25 Things about ME!!

1. My full name is Victoria Jayanti Morrison

2. My first and middle names translate to "victory celebration"

3. I love to dance and often dance while shopping

4. Aside from modern/hip hop dancing I am also a tap and jazz dancer

5. I want to have my own international coffee shop some day where I can cook to my heart's content

6. I LOVE cooking

7. I am a soccer and football(american style) player

8. My birthday is March 15 the same as my favorite soccer team Liverpool

9. I am adopted and my mother father and I are all different races

10. I am 5'73/4"-8"

11. I have really long arms which makes me a great hugger

12. I love hugs

13. I am a very happy person with A LOT of energy

14. I am a loyal friend

15. If I really want to do something I will work until I achieve my goal.  Even if it takes time I will never give up on it

16.  I love people, making friends, and I treat my friends like family

17.  I am a freshman in college (1st year)

18. I travel aboroad every year

19. My favorite colors are purple, blue, orange, black, silver, and green

20. I am 19 years old

21. I am a lefty

22. I like learning languages and after spending a few days in a new place usually can understand what people try to tell me

23. My favorite things to watch are anime, superhero movies, and sci-fi

24. I really dont like snakes, spiders, or anything creepy crawly (I will run away)

25. I can usually sing along to if not know a song's lyrics (english or not) after listening to it a few times (Korean is harder but I'm getting there)

BONUS: I speak Russian, English, and some Malay 


Victoria J Morrison

April 5, 2017 at 11:56 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 2
25 Things About Me: 🔥😊🔥 1. I am 5'4". 2. I love experimenting with my hair color. 3. I love tattoos and I have 5 of them.😂 4. I am in love with all things Korean! ❤❤❤ (food, k-dramas, music, fashion, beauty products, culture and even history!) 5. I know how to read, write and understand Korean, but my speaking skills need A LOT of work. 6. HOWEVER, I can sing Korean songs.🎤♪♫♬ 7. I also love Thai culture, but not as much as Korean.😂❤ 8. I am also learning the Thai language.😊 9. I used to teach ESL and TOEFL to Koreans for 2 years. 10. I used to be a vocal coach for 2 years too. 11. I love COFFEE. 12. I also love TEA. 13. I don't like pineapples on pizza.😂✌ 14. I love reading books especially historical accounts, fiction and detective novels. 15. I am a sucker for romance, but don't expect it to happen in real life.😂 16. My dancing skills need work. 17. I have 4 stripes on my white belt in Jiujitsu, but I never got the chance to test for my blue belt. 18. I competed at the World Championships of Performing Arts 2016 in Long Beach, California and won 1 plaque, 3 gold medals and 4 silver medals. 19. I have a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology. 20. I am finishing my thesis to complete my Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at present. 21. I like playing board games and card games. 22. I travel when I can.☉☉☉ 23. I am an ambivert. 😂 24. I have 2 songs on Spotify.🎤♪♫♬ 25. I love to try new things and meet new people.😊❤
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Yung Seong Jeog Yeol
Posts: 2

1. More than 21 people tell me, I look Korean. Sadly, I am not. I am a Chinese born Canadian. 

2. My birth name is Zhi Tong. In Mandarin words, it means extremely bright which is commonly used to describe the sun. That is why, I gave myself a nickname called Yung Seong Jeog Yeol. 

3. I have lived in three corners of the world: China, New Zealand, and Canada. 

4. I am born seven days after the summer solstice, on June 28. I am 18 years old in June. 

5. I can sing, write, and read in three different languages: Mandarin, English, and Korean. 

6. I love writing lyrics, singing, drawing, and designing print ads for fun. I am a good poet, so I wanted to use that talent to write lyrics. I still have lots to learn as a singer but I am confident I can learn. My strongest course in school is marketing. 

7. I am the second born in my family. I have three siblings. I am my dad's third daughter, if you include my half sister who came first. 

8. I am Chinese but I was born with a family who look Korean starting from my grandparents. I am Chinese, but I have a Korean mind. I love everything that has Korean in it. 

9. My last name is very rare. I don't know how else to describe it. 

10. I am the type of girl who never swears, drink, smoke, or gamble. I am the type of girl who likes to protect and love her friends.

11. I am 1.77 meters tall. 

12. I have many friends who are Korean, Japanese, Canadian, Persian, Chinese. My best friend in fact, is Korean. 

13. A lot of people who know me, say that my laugh is contagious because I can laugh for 5 whole minutes non stop in a very high pitched voice. I can spend hours and hours on my phone sometimes just so I can help a friend who needs comfort while they are down. I often help my friends edit their essays.

14. My gifts I always give to my friends are usually always hand made, hand drawn, or has a deeper meaning to it. For example, I made a chain bracelet that's called "Chained to Your love." Love is as strong as chains. All my supplies come from Home Depot. 

15. I like Korean food alot, but sadly I am allergic to kimichi spicy sauce. 

16. My favourite hobby is collecting sea shells. I've liked it since I was young in Auckland. Once, I found a shell that is shaped like the actual human heart. My mood is instantly better when I am near the sea. 

17. I like shopping with my friends. I usually shop for shoes like wedge high heel converse shoes. Sometimes, I come back late because I don't want my friends to be all alone. I always get in trouble by my mom because of that, but I care about my friends feelings and safety more. 

18. I love my mom a lot, and she knows I do. Once, I phoned my mom and she said she was tired. So, I said, no need to worry about me. I'll be home soon. I walked from my school all the way to my house which is pretty far, with my backpack on. I came back with blisters on my ankle once, because I wanted to buy my mom some flowers. I didn't complain, because I knew my mother liked flowers alot. 

19. My dream is to become a singer, an employee at an advertising company, and a illustrator who illustrates graphic novels. 

20. My favourite colour is blue because it is the colour of the sky. 

21. I like characters who are not always perfect. Like, it gives the story a twist. My favourite character in Avatar the Last Air bender is Zuko.

22. I like small rooms rather than large bedrooms because it's nice and cozy. I like to be surrounded with my stuff and also being able to see an amazing view. 

23. If a friend gives me a gift like a crystal necklace or something, but it's not real crystal I won't think less of them. Who cares if it's not real? All that matters is their love and respect they have for you. I will still wear it and treasure it forever. 

24. My type of fashion usually includes modernized American kimonos. 

25. I started drawing around 4-6 years old. I am not a very good artist, but I have a lot of talent when it comes to creativity. 


I have lots to learn, but I have confidence I can achieve my dream by giving it all I got. Personally, I think being a singer means you shouldn't set popularity as your reason why you want to be a singer. I want to be a singer because I can't live without music so I want to bring my own type of music for people to enjoy and sing along. For university I am planning to study at UBC, but my wish is to attend a university like this. I hope I can attend this university when this university is built on land. Nice to meet you all, and thanks for having me!

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Posts: 2

25 Things About Me

1. I like to eat.

2.I can learn a song in just one day if I'll just focus to it 

3.I'm a positive-thinker that's why some of my friends called me Positive Virus

4. I hate Frogs and Too many veggies 

5. I'm doing my daily workout in the morning by doing sit-ups,sqats and jogging in place while singing

6. I can sing high-notes.......in the bathroom lol :D

7. I'm too weak in memorizing dance steps but I can memorize it by watching it many many tims

8. Some people thought I'm a Korean though I'm not^^

9. I can cook simple dishes

10. I can write songs if I'm in the mood or if I have inspiration

11. I'm shy at first when I am interacting with other people

12. I have a stage fright that when I am performing in front of many people I'm shaking

13. I'm talkative if I like the topic that we are talking

14. I'm into underrated groups than popular groups

15. I'm a chicken monster xDD

16. I can reinvent steps in a song if I'm in the mood

17. If I'm with my friends,sometimes I'm answering their questions by using any kpop songs

18.I'm an introvert 

19. I like reading horror but not watching them

20.I don't know my hate srsly speaking

21.I believe that I grew 0.01 mm everyday

22.I really like color Blue

23.I'm learning different languages everyday

24.I only use eyeliner and lipgloss when going into parties

25. I'm happy that its already number 25 cause I'm having a hard time thinking what should I write here lol

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Sara Elizabeth
Posts: 4

1. I'm 5foot 2.5inches short

2. I major in Digital Publishing and Print Design in my highschool

3. I'm a Gemini

4. My favourite colour is green

5. I love goldfish and cheese-its

6. My ult bias is Tao

7. I love writing

8. I'm currently working on an LGBT manga with a few of my friends

9. I run the Gay-Straight Allience and the Asian Culture Club at my school

10. I love almost all kinds of music

11. I live with my grandparents. My sister just moved in with my mom 3 years ago.

12. I want to be a kpop group manager 

13. I work at a donut shop and a tshirt store

14. I'm really bad at math, like i failed algebra 1 and geometry

15. I love reading regular novels and manga (YA novels are my favourite)

16. Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan are my favourite authors

17. I want to be fluent in as many languages as I can

18. My tumblr URL is notsenpai00.tumblr.com

19. My Musical.ly is notsenpai00

20. My kakaotalk ID is notsenpai00 (basically look up notsenpai00 on anything and it's probably me lol)

21. I have a smol dog named Lizzie (after Elizabeth from Black Butler)

22. I love anime, my favourite anime is Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi (I love her art, she also did Inuyasha)

23. My humor mainly consists of Sarcasm and Puns

24. My favourite JDrama is Koizora, it's so sad, especially since it's based on a true story ;-;

25. I have too many KDrama's that I love, I really like You're Beautiful and Kill Me Heal Me tho~

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Posts: 3

1) I am in a kpop group

2) I am pigeon toed so it is hard for me to walk from time to time

3) I am a dancer and have danced since i was 3 years old (American age)

4) I used to do competitve dancing for tap dancing but have recently started hip hop

5) I write stories on wattpad (you can follow me at shalcarter)

6) I like learning languages

7) Shal is my real first name and it is not short for anything. My name is just Shal and it came from a book series.

8) I like drawing a lot and draw often

9) I cook and bake

10) I grew up on a mini farm and heated my house with fire wood so I am pretty strong.

11) Ever since i was little I knew I wanted to do something artistic with my future.

12) I have a family friend who is Cantonese and we used to sword fight with light sabers when I was little

13) I am 5'4"

14) I have had a knee surgery and I now have arthritis in my knee under my knee cap.

15) I am flexible enough to sit in a stradle position and put my chin on the ground but not flexible enough to do any flips

16) I am going to school for computers and dancing

17) I have lived in Ohio my whole life and only left the state for an 8th grade field trip to DC and for dance competitions in Virginia Beach

18) During my 8th grade field trip to DC, I was in a knee immobilizer since it was not even a month after my surgery.

19) I dont really show many emotions but when I do it scares many people

20) I am a jokester. I like making jokes a lot

21) I am like low alto/ high tenor but can reach as high as Jimin from BTS when he sings his high notes

22) I am highly allergic to like everything

23) I can freestyle dance to any music

24) I have bad OCD but not super bad. It acts up on the weirdest things

25) I have 3 siblings; 1 older brother, 1 older half brother and 1 younger sister

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Shaianne Mak
Posts: 2
1. I'm from a broken but happy family. 2. I'm 5"3 3. I have 4 pets, 3 cats and one dog. 4. I tend to learn multiple languages at once. 5. I can play the piano. 6. I'm an online gamer (mostly p.c) 7. Being a singer is my dream. 8. Being an actress is one of my dreams. 9. I'm very competitive when it comes to sports. 10. My favorite colors are purple, mint, and anything pastel. 11. My ultimate bias would be S.coups from Seventeen. 12.Ive listened to kpop for almost my entire life. 13. My favorite artist is Zion T 14. I like to sing I'm the shower lmao 15. I sometimes thought of dying my hair a Pastel color. 16. I love arcade games and theme parks. 17. I want to join a martial arts class 18.My preferred genre of music would be ballads amd R&Bs. 19. In my spare time I like to write. 20. Math, science, and music are my favorite subjects. 21. I want 2 kids, a boy and a girl when I'm grown. 22. I overthink things and make stuff hard for myself. 23. I'm very forgetful sometimes. 24. I feel like I'm to forgiving and nice. 25. My mom use to be a singer for a bit and now I want to achieve what she couldn't.
June 13, 2017 at 11:57 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 4
1. I am a vegan 2. I'm pursing a degree in nutrition at Howard University 3. I plan on moving to Korea to get a Masters/PhD in nutrition 4. I discovered Kpop in 2015, my first video was Catallena by Orange Caramel 5. My bias group is BTS, and by bias is Jimin 6. I am half white and half black (Haitian) 7. I can bend my thumbs back to make them flat 8. I was a cheerleader and a gymnast from when I was 5 years old to when I was 16 years old. 9. I created anew animal rights club at my high school 10. I won first place in a creative writing contest, winning a scholarship as a prize 11. My favorite color is blue, Favorite number is 2, and favorite shape is a circle 12. My favorite state in the USA is California. I fell in love with it while visiting Anaheim, where my mother grew up 13. I taught myself how to speak Korean by watching videos and dramas. 사실은 제가 아직 한국어를 말하기 더 연습해야 됩니다 14. I have a fear of sharks and circles that are clustered together (I don't know what it's called lol) 15. I know French after learning it in school for 4 years 16. I am in love with the musical Alexander Hamilton!!! 17. My pinky toes are turned slightly inward, causing them to be squished and flat a bit on the bottom (is this normal??) 18. I used to say that I don't like the smell of flowers but now I don't really mind them much 19. It is always my mission to find the little/big dipper in the night sky after going to the drive in movie theater 20. I have only been out of the country once to visit the British/US Virginia Islands and the Bahamas 21. I held a record for doing the longest handstand at my gymnastic team 22. Songs always randomly get popped into my head 23. I've only cut my hair four times in my life 24. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall 25. I AM AN INTROVERT BUT ALSO A CRAZY SILLY GIRL AT THE SAME TIME~
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Diana Bea
Posts: 2

25 Things about me:

  1. I'm left handed.
  2. I got 1 brother and 2 sister, I'm the oldest.
  3. I like adventure time! (cartoon show)
  4. I like to draw, especially landscapes and buildings. 
  5. I wanted to become a famous artist! :D
  6. I was a member of a theater/dancing group.
  7. I used to sing when I was kid.
  8. I'm good at make-up! :)
  9. My favorite colors are dark colors (especially Blue Green)
  10. I'm a shy person.
  11. I'm conservative about my looks, and style.
  12. I'm a man hater :p
  13. I like reading creepy stories at night.
  14. I like watching horror movies too (even when I'm alone).
  15. My voice is not load even when I shout.
  16. I'm a fashionista! :D
  17. I'm a photograper too :)
  18. I don't do wacky pose :p (because I feel ugly when I do)
  19. My fangirling doesn't last for a year. (it's mostly 3-4 months)
  20. my current body measurements are:
    Height: 5'1" - 163cm
    Bust: 31" - 81
    Waist: 24" - 63
    Hips: 34" - 88
  21. My natural hair color is Dark Brown.
  22. I have a frizzy hair :(
  23. My eye color is Dark Brown.
  24. I'm a gamer.
  25. I'm good at ballroom dance, doxology's and modern dance. 


~Diana B.

July 13, 2017 at 5:16 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 2

1.) I have depression

2.) I have anxiety(social and general)

3.) decent singer with 0 voice lessons

4.) I learn quickly

5.) I'm looking for a group that needs another member

6.) I live with my grandmother

7.) I have a dog, cat, and a bird

8.)I pick up dancing easily

9.) I love learning about different cultures

10.) I live in south Texas, USA

11.)I have ADHD 

12.) I didn't get diagnosed until middle of senior year of high school

13.) I love kids

14.) If Kpop doesn't work out I have to be a teacher

15.) I'm 5 foot 4

16.) I'm a complete dork

17.) I'm 18

18.) I'm pretty mature for 18 (usually)

19.) I swear my step dad was suppose to be my real dad

20.) I can't cook (except instant ramen and scrambled eggs)

21.) I'm a freahman in college

22.) I love anime/manga

23.) I'm Welsh

24.) I have scars from selfharm

25.) I'm a survivor


Chloe Mae

December 30, 2017 at 12:25 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 3

1. I can write a song in thirty minutes.

2. I love making my friends smile.

3. I am patient.

4. I've wanted to perform since 8 years of age.

5. Hannah Montana inspired my interest in performance.

6. I'm left handed.

7. My nicknames in middle school were Mikachu and Cheetah.

8. I have a notebook addiction.

9. I'm the oldest of my siblings.

10. I'm Eurasian.

11. I want to learn guitar.

12. I started learning dance yesterday.

13. I'm a visual learner.

14. I have good reflexes.

15. I can read people's expressions, even when they don't show anything.

16. I was in a snowboarding club.

17. I've never went to another country before.

18. I can't do complicated makeup.

19. I only wear makeup when I go out somewhere.

20. I have lived in a hotel for 6 months.

21. My favorite place in the world is my hometown.

22. I have been writing songs for majority of my life.

23. I love video games.

24. I am very sensitive with fabric.

25. My favorite color is black.

January 5, 2018 at 11:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 1

1: My Ultimate fav kpop group is SEVENTEEN

2: I can sing, act, and dance

3: I love the colour blue

4: Love playing softball

5: Have been in 4 different musicals ( Annie, Into the woods, Once On This Island, Mindy's Wedding )

6: I am a morning person

7: I speak English and French

8: Whenever I asked people what my background is, nobody can guess correctly 

9: I am half Chinese and half Ukrainian

10: I can play the Clarinet and Trumpet

11: I love dying my hair different colours. I have had blue, pink, purple, and red hair

12: Huge fan of anime

13: I am an inner geek ( comics/video games )

14: I have a phobia of being late

15: I have a hamster named Hoshi ( for all them SVT fans out there )

16: I am a swimming instructor

17: I got into Kpop around a couple of years ago, 2016 I think

18: I have a wall full of kpop posters in my room

19: I am part of a kpop dance cover group called Scarlet Prism

20: I'm planning on travelling to South Korea in a couple of years with my friends 

21: I have gone to an FNC audition and stole one of the posters that was stuck to a door where the auditions were held as a souvenir 

22: I am obsessed with horses and unicorns  

23: I have a Korean friend who is teaching me Korean

24: I'm not a procrastinator 

25: I regret what I wrote as my grad quote

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