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HELLO EVERYONE!!!😁 We are a new girl group that has recently been formed.We are RSVP. We are a crazy group who loves love jpop,kpop, anime, gaming,food,etc.What makes us similar to you?We too, have dreams that We would want to come true.That is why we have an amazing announcement.We are recruiting staff members for our group.We want a family who love our music and will support us through thick and thin.We want YOU!!!!We love singing and dancing.We want to spread that love all over the world.BUT we need an amazing team to help us get there.There is more good news.You can be any age,gender,ethnicity, etc to apply for this.We want people who want to thrive,who are energetic and creative,who aren't afraid to take risk or the answer no.We want you to bring out RSVP to how it should be.We want not the average,not the normal,what we want is outstanding,unique individuals who will do anything to help make us get there.We need people with passion,energy,and brainpower in our team. POSITIONS:This one is for our marketing team and you can live anywhere either in NJ.Please to feel free to promote is in your country.lol 😄 (promoter,public relations,Webdesigner,blogger,strong writers, etc) *need to be able to represent RSVP *make us stand out *making connections *spread the word *network with people *advertising *managing social media (Facebook,instagram,youtube,twitter,blogetc) *website designer *website developer *have communication skills *referrals *set up events,performances  *help grow fan base *make banners,business cards,fliers, ads etc CHOREOGRAPHER (must be flexible with hrs and must live in NJ.) *someone who knows how to dance *if you are great at teaching others *confident *knowledgeable in multiple dance genres *experience *supervising the dances *work well with others *someone who loves challenges *can also make up their own choreo for songs *would also love some back up dancers to contribute 😄(must also be flexible) Freelance MAKEUP ARTIST and HAIRSTYLIST (*you must be experienced and flexible and must live in NJ*)The kpop and jpop girls are really beautiful ,so we need to be up to Parr with them.  *Knowledge of different skin types and the makeup products suitable is a needed skill. *must be creative, artistic and bold enough to try new things. *Must have stamina and fitness as this job requires long hours of standing and working without taking breaks. *Knowledge of different products, make up brands, brushes and other tools is also vital. *Ability to work on deadlines and take pressure well is also a skill. *use a range of techniques to provide  with the desired colour, texture and shape  for hair.  *highly skilled in their ability to handle hair, and also have an extensive knowledge of the appropriate products for different hair types. * Creativity. *Good teamwork. *Maintaining a tactful, friendly manner. *Openness to learning new ideas and techniques. *Attention to detail *Cleanliness and good personal grooming. FASHION COORDINATER and STYLIST * Must be flexible *Must live in NJ *Coming up with creative fashion concepts  *Organize photo shoots, magazine events, and fashion shows *you will be working together with marketing team coming up with great ideas,so don't worry 😊 Vocal coach (*Must be experienced*) *must be flexible *(This one is mostly some one who has years of experience in singing,really good vocals who can also teach RSVP to harmonize,sing in different ranges,proper warm ups,etc) VIDEO DIRECTOR,PRODUCER,EDITOR, ETC *must be flexible *must live in NJ *must be experienced in directing and producing * anyone can apply for this position if you want to help assist them *if you are knowledgeable in this area to make the video look good and bring in views then you can apply for this position *also help find locations to shoot videos *Also looking for photographers to take great photos for portfolio,advertising,websites,etc We are a group that is starting out and would love a team to help and support us.If you love what we do,then join our family.Lets make this dream a reality.All of our efforts will pay off.This is also non paid.Feel free to share and spread the love. We know this would be a great experience for you.This can help boost confidence,make new friends,make your portfolio look good for when you decide to go into any of these positions in the future.Now is the time to make the chance and and enjoy it.Do not be afraid.Be confident.Without you,there isn't RSVP.So we would love it if you joined and created wonderful memories with us.If you want to apply please just comment down below the position you are applying for and tell us why you would be wonderful for this role.Please send pictures of yourself and also if you are a singer who love to coach us then please send link of yourself singing.If you want to apply for Choreographer,please send videos showing us your dancing.Hope to meet you guys soon.If you have any questions, please send us an email. 😉

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