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Have what it takes to be the KPC Ulzzang? KpopCollege will be holding the official KPC Ulzzang Contest once a month. For the Winner: - Your picture will be posted on the Home Page of KpopCollege for the last two weeks of the month - Your picture will be posted on the KPC Contest instagram account and the KpopCollege instagram account. - Your picture will be tweeted twice (once per week) on the KpopCollege twitter account Requirements: 1. Must have at least 35 friends on KpopCollege 2. Must submit a picture where the FACE is clearly shown 3. Must have submitted at least one cover video 4. Must follow the Contest Theme. For more details visit: http://www.kpopcollege.com/kpculzzangcontest.htm
Ulzzang Nina
nice selfie
Choi Mari
cotton candy
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