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Iseul Seong

Joined Apr 30 2016
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19 years old
Texas, USA
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Kpop College

Who is your favorite Kpop artist?


What is your favorite Hobby?

singing, dancing, listening to music

Which University do you attend, attended or will attend?

I have absolutely no idea...

What is your YouTube address?

Sage Lee: personal YT channel

What is your Twitter address?

Seong Iseul: OKP Twitter

What is your Instagram address?

_sagely: personal Instagram

Which Kpop College social media links are you following?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
Rate your Dancing ability:


Rate your Singing ability:


Rate your Korean Language ability:


Which instruments can you play?

piano, cello

What Languages can you speak, read and write?

English, Korean, basic German

Which professions are you interested in?

  • Fashion Model
  • Photographer
  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Singer
  • Musician
Have you traveled to South Korea before?

Yes, but only as a very young child to go live with my relatives.

Do you like Korean food?

Of course :^)

If you were a Kpop trainee in South Korea, would you get homesick?

No, because I have relatives in Korea.

Why is it important in your viewpoint to be a team player, be optimistic and have strong perseverance?

These three characteristics are important aspects for success. In the perspective of KPOP:

1. Being a team player is crucial, especially since the majority of KPOP artists are groups. Cooperating with people you're going to be with for the next few years of your life would definitely help your group succeed, as discordance among members would hinder progress.

2. Optimism will get you far. KPOP is a very competitive business, and without optimism, you would get discouraged easily and set you further from success. By staying optimistic, you would be putting your best foot forward into all the work that you do in preparation for your activities, which directly translates into success.

3. Strong perseverance, again, is a necessary aspect of someone who wants to indulge in the KPOP business. The path to success will be lined with failures and roadbumps, which will become discouraging after a while. However, if you let these problems get in the way of your sights to success, you will never actually reach success. Persevering through issues will ultimately guide you to where you want to be.