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Joined Jun 8 2014
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Annyeonghaseyo~! My name is Lee Jae Soon, but you can just call me Jae. Jae Soon is not my birth name anyways ahaha.. Anyways! I am Chinese and Vietnamese, I am 14 years old, I like dancing a lot and I dance during lunch time and break at school. I can read hangul, speak it, write it, but I don't understand a majority of it. I love K-Pop and I've made a dance club in my middle school, and I plan on making another K-Pop club in my sophomore year. Since 6th grade, I've gotten into K-Pop and dancing and singing, although I suckkkk at singing I'm still trying xD), and I also got into K-dramas and acting as well. I'm average with looks, dancing, singing, drawing, writing, athletics, pretty much everything haha. Just an average person with average skills. If I put myself into proportion with 2 kpop stars, they would be Jeon Jungkook and Jung Eunji of BTS and APINK. Jungkook because(this is just a comparison, JUNGKOOK'S SKILLS ARE WAY ABOVE MINE) like him, I'm good at everything(not rlly good, but decent) but not specifically great at anything - maybe dancing, according to my lunch group, but I don't know. I'm also the youngest one in my immediate family and friends. Eunji, because of how she acts in dramas and her personality. I find myself wishing that I had half of the talent and personality of Eunji, and I hope that I can become like her when I grow up. (That went wayyyy off topic woah xD) Anyways, just writing this to say that I love Korea, love the music, culture, everythinggggggg. The end! 

Although, the main reason why I'm here. I feel like being in the K-pop industry is my ideal territory. I think I'm meant to be there. I don't find any other field interesting, not singing english songs in America, being a music teacher, being a musician, an actor in american movies - I don't think anything is meant for me except being in the K-pop world. I wouldn't make it as a choreographer, teacher, engineer, doctor, or anything else for that matter. I'm not even sure that I even qualify to be an idol haha. All I do know is that, right here, this, what I'm typing is what I've been putting a lot of thought into since I left elementary school. Back then, I used to want to be a veterinarian haha. I loved animals, but my interest faltered in that when I came across Kpop. I know I probably don't have the talent, skill, or personality for K-pop but Idk. This is where I feel like I belong, where I feel like I can be myself. Where I fit in. 

Aigoo..... life.... decisions..... careers... talent... everythinggggg. Everything is so difficult, haha. But as long as I get through one day, then the next, just keep saying tomorrow. until it's my time to say "today" I think I'll survive all of this. Parents, friends, school, everythinn. If you go with this mindset, hardships should be easier. Just focus on getting through one day, then the next day, until it finishes. Just hang in there, Jae!

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Reply Chung Ae Park
12:50 AM on December 23, 2015 
Oh that one.. :) Yes thank you :)
Reply Chung Ae Park
12:34 AM on December 23, 2015 
Thank you :) Your reffering to what audition??
Reply Sparrow
9:27 AM on June 9, 2014 
Welcome to kpop college Anh Lu-Kang Sungmin!!
Reply "Artsy" K-pop Designer
9:44 PM on June 8, 2014 
Welcome to KPOP College Anh Lu-Kang Sungmin!!! :)