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Joined Apr 5 2017
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Kpop College

Who is your favorite Kpop artist?

I have alot of favorties but i have to say the main bands i listen to are Bts, Exo, Got7, BigBang, Nu'est, and Monsta X. The main solo artists i like are Rap Monster and G-Dragon.

What is your favorite Hobby?

Playing Instruments

Rate your Dancing ability:


Rate your Singing ability:

Need Work

Rate your Korean Language ability:


Which instruments can you play?

Clarinet and Piano

What Languages can you speak, read and write?

English and French

Which professions are you interested in?

  • Photographer
  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Filmmaker
  • Producer
  • Dancer
  • Musician
Have you traveled to South Korea before?

No, not yet

Do you like Korean food?


If you were a Kpop trainee in South Korea, would you get homesick?


Why is it important in your viewpoint to be a team player, be optimistic and have strong perseverance?

Our world is based on teamwork, we wouldn't be here today if we didn't work together. We are stronger together and this applies to everything. Being able to support each other and work as a team helps us move forward faster and makes us a stronger force. Nothing would be what it is without teamwork. However, a team is only as strong as the people on it. If you aren't willing to be a teamplayer and help support your weight and contribute, then you are useless as a teammate. Being a teamplayer is a key compontent in a good team, without this productivity would slow down and our teams would weaken. Which in our day and age that is not a good thing. Now, being optimistic and having strong perseverance is equally important and contributes to being a good team and being a teamplayer. You must stay optimistic in order to work to the best of your capabilities. Bringing yourself and your team down with negative thoughts and worries is not good and will only hurt you in the long run. The same goes for having strong perseverance. If you cannot fight through the good and the bad you are bound to be defeated by life's unforgiving hands. You must stay strong and stick through it all in order to achieve your goals and be succsessful at anything. These three components work together and are all equally important to being succsessful. Without them we would all crumble and fall.