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A Song For You Add Video

The KBS Global Request TV Show: "A Song For You" gives our students here at Kpop College a chance to post your videos and ask famous Kpop artists your questions! If your video is choosen, it will be played on this TV show in South Korea where you'll see your favorite Kpop star answer your questions! Send your video to KBS and post it here on Kpop College in this folder.

To get started, visit: kpopcollege.com/a-song-for-you

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  • AS4U - JJCC
    by VeraS on October 14, 2015 at 8:55 PM
    845 Views - 1 Comment

    Hello, it's me Vera from Germany. This is my entry for A Song For You with JJCC. Well, I wanna use this chance to tell you why you are so important to me. And because I am a Singer-Songwriter the easiest way to talk about my feelings is through a song. So I decided to compose a song and show it to you while I walking through my home town. Hope you understand the lyrics and enjoy it. “There was a girl with a mind full of dreams. She wanted to make them come true but forgot what it means. Suddenly she felt so lonely, became a target of hate. Pain and sorrow became more and more and she was just sinking to the floor. But one day in March 5 guys appeared suddenly. (JJCC) They practiced for years to reach their dream. The sparkling in their eyes, unique way of team work and their smiles at dark days it all changed my way. I wanna say Thank you for the music. For the way you talk with your fans. Thank you for your love in the past and all your future plans. You are the one who saved me from giving up my dreams. Huuu~ I turned into a happier person. It’s all thanks to you~”

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