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After lots of hard work and perseverance to improve your abilities, now it's time to work on striving to Become the next great Kpop artist, actress or actor. It's not easy to become a famous Kpop star but unless you try, you'll won't make it. Here at Kpop College we can't guarantee you'll become an artist, actress or actor but we'll help promoting students that exhibit great optimistic drive, lasting perseverance and strong teamwork skills. Entertainment agencies and Record Labels aren't going to invest a lot of money to train an artist who doesn't show those attributes. You'll need to practice singing, dancing and be prepared to show your best stage stellar image to impress the audience! 

Become a Kpop artist

Watch how the professionals do it over in South Korea with their perfected dance, singing and stellar image. You'll have access to over 300 groups and links to all their social media.

Become promoted artist

Impress Kpop College with your Optimistic attitude, your lasting Perseverance, your strong Teamwork, your great Singing, Dancing and Stellar image to become a promoted artist.

Become an artist, audition

Are you ready for the big time stage? Learn about Kpop auditions occurring all over the world. Find out who are the Record Labels. Kpop College ranks #1 in the world for auditions in Google Search Engine ranking!