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Hello! Welcome to Kpop College! 

My name is Claire and I'm the University Ambassador. Nice to meet you!

To help you get started on our expanding campus here at Kpop College nearly 4,000 students from all over the globe let me recommend five quick tips to help you out with my Campus Tour #1:

1. Enroll at Kpop College.

2. Move into your Dorm room.

3. Make new Friends on campus.

4. Let everyone know your Birthday.

5. Check out our large Kpop Concert Tour List.

Please feel free to send me a friend request here at Kpop College, message me with your questions and follow me on your social media pages below. Oh by the way, I'm in the 2015 Kpop Selca Tournament this year, so if you get the chance I'd appreciate your vote, thanks!

Claire's Official Links:

Kpop College - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Kpop Selca Tournament

Campus Tour #2

Okay, let's move on to campus tour #2. You know, here at Kpop College students can learn, enjoy and strive to become a Kpop artist! 

Watch some of the recent Kpop covers posted by students here on campus. Show them support by leaving them a comment and liking and sharing their cover. Kpop College's three simple principles are Teamwork, Optimism and Perseverance. 

Campus Tour #3

Check out our Birthday Calendar below, click the link below and wish them Happy Birthday! One attribute a Kpop star has to have is the ability to connect with others, this is a good way to practice your communications skills with your friends on campus! Don't be shy, the more friends you have the more impressed record labels will be! 

Post your: Birthday or another Kpop event on the Kpop College Calendar!

Monday, Oct 4 at 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 30 All Day
Thursday, Feb 10 All Day
Monday, Feb 14 All Day

Looking to form your own Kpop cover group or maybe join another group in progress with auditions? Then check out our forums with the latest bulletin board posting. 

Or check out: all the student created Kpop auditions.

Campus Tour #4

Here at Kpop College, you'll Learn about Kpop artist's, learn how to dance, sing and speak Korean. You'll also Enjoy your time moving into your Dorm room on campus and making new friends and forming new Kpop student lead auditions. And those students that strive to Become a Kpop artist get Promoted. Here are my 5 tips for Campus Tour #4:

1. Visit Kpop College Promoted Students page.

2. Locate students on campus who are from your home country.

3. Visit our Kpop College professional Auditions page with OPEN auditions at record labels.

    Did you know Google, Bing & Yahoo search engine rate's Kpop College #1 in the world!

4. Chat with Kpop Artist on Twitter where all your favorite artist are in one cafe!

5. Improve your singing with our Kpop Cover Analyzer.

Check out Kpop College students "East2West" new Kpop cover performance of BTS! Form your Kpop groups, practice practice practice and strive to become the next popular group!

Campus Tour #5

Don't forget to kick back and enjoy some free time playing some cool Kpop games! Have you tried our 50 Work Kpop Crossword Puzzle or our 75 Kpop Word Search? Stop by the Kpop College game center page and print out as many copies as you like and pass them out to your friends at school and then challenge them in timed competition. Who can finish the puzzle sooner!

Visit: Kpop College game center

And check out the cool Kpop Artist video games too! They are too cool!!

Campus Tour #6

Join Team Thunder

Don't miss your opportunity to join Team Thunder here at Kpop College! It's a group of dedicated students on campus who are assisting Kpop College to get the attention of big celebrity names, artist's, actresses and actors. Project #1 was so successful it landed some big time names now following our university Kpop College. This interest in turn will help students get recognized for their talent. Learn more about the success of Project #1 and how to join!

Click Here: Join Team Thunder