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Caption My Drawings by RinSigh

Hello everyone my name is Rin Sigh and I'm from California.

I'm an illustrator here at Kpop College and I will be presenting drawings to you every few weeks or so. Students on our college campus of 6,000 plus students will have the opportunity to "Caption My Drawings"!! How cool will that be!!

OK, students get your thinking caps on! Are you ready yet? Not yet.. what!! Now come on, let those creative juices simmering in your mind start captioning my drawings! Let's have fun, please share your greatest captions for my drawings!

Let's me know though! No cruel, disgusting or demeaning captions. Please respect everyone and no bashing. Those that don't meet that requirement there captions will be removed. But hey let's not have that going on shall we, instead lets have FUN!!

Please send me a friend request here on Kpop College so I can get to know my fans better across the globe! I hope to become world famous someday with my illustrations and you can help me achieve that goal of my by getting me a coffee at my KoFi page. Please support me, so I can support you. I hope to talk to all of you soon, I'm waiting for you to friend request me!!

Follow me also on my other social media pages at: Kpop CollegeTwitter - Instagram - KoFi

OK now's the big moment for you... Let's start... Caption My Drawings!!

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