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Who Follows - Kpop College

Shown below is a sampling list of who follows Kpop College. We have many high profile institutions, celebrities, actresses, actors, models, producers, record labels, entertainment companies, universities, amusement parks, airlines and a wide variety of product and services that follows our modern, cool, hip and stylish university! Click on the photos below to visit & follow their Twitter page!

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Andrea Jung

Andrea is the CEO of Grameen America (an organization dedicated to helping women who live in poverty), mother, daughter and supporter of women's rights. 

In her previous post, Andrea was the longest serving CEO and President of Avon, a $10 Billion worldwide beauty company. She serves on the Board of Directors for several billion dollar companies including General Electric, Princeton University, Daimler and Apple.

Forbes magazine ranked Andrea Jung as the 25th Most Powerful Woman in the World. 

Andrea Jung also follows Kpop College on Twitter. Show your support by following her on her new Twitter page: Andrea Jung. Let Andrea know you support women's rights and that you're a student at Kpop College too!

Television & Actresses and Actors


American cable and satellite television network hosting the hit TV show "Make It Pop" is a very popular kid's cable channel. They have 3.2 Million followers!

Megan Lee

Kpop Artist and Actress for the new hit TV show "Make It Pop" that airs on Nickelodeon. 


American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the MTV Networks Kids & Family Group.

Television Shows, Movie Producers, Actresses & Actors

Make It Pop

The new hit TV show that airs on Nickelodeon and TeeNick! Season 2 to air summer 2015!


Megan Lee, Erika, Louriza and their cool DJ Dale rock the TV set of Make It Pop with their new group.

Dale Whibley

TV Actor for the new hit Nickelodeon TV Show called "Make It Pop". Dale plays the DJ in the show and in XO-IQ.

Christine Yoo

Korean Movie Director for the hit comedy romantic video called "Wedding Palace"

Dan Mechem

CEO of Mechem Media, son of Charles Mechem who was the CEO of Hanna-Barbera TV shows that produced Flinestones, Scooby-Doo, Jetsons, etc.


iDR has written songs for several popular Kpop groups such as: EXO, Super Junior, U-Kiss, 2AM, Hyori Lee and many other famous artists.

Entertainment & Music Distribution Companies


South Korean Entertainment Company, Producer and Kpop agency.


Japanese Music Distribution company for Tower Records.

Tip Top Ent.

South Korean Record Label for Kpop girl group Pascol and Girls2School.


Japanese Record Label, Avex has over 2.6 Billion YouTube views.


South Korean Entertainment Company and Distribution.

Legacy Recording

Sony Music's catalog division in New York City.

Kpop Artists & Groups

Lola Fair

Kpop Artist for Baby Vox, Background Singer for Girls Generation & Writer for Super Junior & BoA!

Sori Kim

South Korean Kpop Artist with hit songs Dual Life and Bikini.


South Korean Kpop girl group.

Kaila Yu

Kpop / Rock band singer for Nylon Pink and Fashion Model.

Katt Lee

Kpop / Rock band bass player for Nylon Pink.

Nylon Pink

All Asian Kpop Rock girl group from the U.S.

Jpop Artists, Kpop & Korean Artists, Ballerina's, Models, DJ's

Koda Kumi

Popular Japanese pop music artist.

Ann One

Popular Korean / American singer.

Luda Lee

Professional Ballerina in South Korea.

Kim Lee

Korean Super Model and DJ.


Popular DJ's Kim Lee and Kat Nova.


Super Model and Miss Universe Contestant.

Keelly Valentine

Kpop & Jpop singer who also co-wrote song for Korean Kpop artist J-Min for SM Entertainment.











Producers, Actors and Actresses

Peter Stengaard

Music Producer for several popular artist's (Ariana Grande, Ashanti, Ashley Tisdale and Others.

Smash Hitta

Producer for Megan Lee, Jannina W, Diamond White, Jay Park, Miss Ko, Arden Cho and B2ST.


Songwriter, Producer and singer based in LA, CA. Lived in South Korea and Japan prior to moving to LA.

Karen Duncan

Actress, Singer, Dancer and Model who's performed on YTV & for Queen Elizabeth II

Rob Hestand

Screen writer and Producer who worked at Saturday Nigh Live Studios.

DJ Shy

Karen, or her stage name of DJ Shy is a Korean American actress who has been in numerous TV shows such as General Hospital, 90210, etc.

World Music Artists & Groups

Matthew Koma

American singer and song writer from NYC. Matthew and Carly Rae Jepsen are said to be dating. 

Brian Hazard

American singer & musician is a 80's synthpop & EDM emulating Depeche Mode.

Aaron Carter

American singer and musician who's brother is Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.

Ben Landis

Electronic music producer for popular video games.

Melin Gray

Chinese singer and actress who now resides in NYC.

Chad Future

American singer, song writer and producer for Kpop music.


Seoul Cyber University

South Korea

Seoul Digital University

South Korea

Seoul Arts College

South Korea

Kwangwoon University

South Korea

Busan Digital University

South Korea

Dankook University

South Korea

Museums, Car Show, Convention Halls, Amusement Parks

Seoul Museum of History

Learn History about South Korea.

Seoul Motor Show

View top new vehicles and top models.


South Korea's large Convention Center.

Busan Aquarium

Visit South Korea's Aquarium.


Visit South Korea's Amusement Park.

National Theatre Korea

Visit South Korea's Theatre.

Dance Clubs

Club Elune

Located in Busan, South Korea

Club Octagon

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Club Vera

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Club Phantom

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Party Luv

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Rolling Hall

Located in Seoul, South Korea

Businesses, Institutions, Government Embassy, Airlines

Kakao Talk

South Korea's most popular smart phone messaging app with 93% of the country users.

Korean Embassy

The South Korean government Embassy located in Japan.

Visit Korea

South Korea government committee to promote Kpop.

Samsung Mobile

Mobile phone giant Samsung located in South Korea.

Asiana Airlines

One of South Korea's largest airlines.

Cathay Pacific

Another South Korea airline.


Kpop College Administration and Volunteers

Kpop College

The President of Kpop College is also known as "Kpop DJ". We're working around the clock to bring our students an amazing campus filled with fun, great memories and a great education! 

Angie Yang

Angie is the Student Communications Director here at our university. She graduated top of her class as School's 2015 Valedictorian. Angie is also an inspiring artist who is an amazing composer, singer, musician and actress. 

Han-Na Kim

Han-Na is our Korean Language Teacher, Dean of Foreign Languages and Director for South Korea Communications. Han-Na is an amazing teacher, her classes are fun and educational.

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Record Labels, Production Companies & Music Producers:

South Korea: 

Source Music - Dino Entertainment - Sound Move - T Entertainment - Afternoon Entertainment - Tip Top Entertainment - CJ E&M 



T Palette Records


United States:

Nickelodean TV Network 

A&R - Jaywan Inc / Universal Music  

Peter Stengaard has helped these artists: Ariana Grande, James Durbin, Donna Summer, Liza Minelli, The Pussycat Dolls, Ashanti, Peabo Bryson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Fantasia, Lindsey Lohan and many others.

Official Links: Homepage - Facebook - Twitter 



PM Recordings 

Kpop Groups:
Kpop Artists:

Baby Vox: Yumi Cha (Lola Fair) 

BBde Girls: Park Su Jin - Lyulin

Nylon Pink: Kaila Yu - Katt Lee

Bikiny: Jaein - Haei - LaLa

Solo Artists: Chad Future - Fat Cat (Kim So Young) - Sori Kim - Megan Lee

Jpop Groups:
Jpop Artists:

Koda Kumi 

Vanilla Beans: Rena 

Asian Artists

Melin Gray (China)

North American Artists:

Groups: The Clifftones - Telegraph - Liberty Deep Down - All The Above - Foxtrot - Declaration - Color Theory (Brian Hazard)


Individuals: Divinity Roxx - (Chaucer from Crash Boom Bang) - Madeline Musique - Stacy Clark - Wynter Gordon - Matt Iva - Mattew Koma - (Gioia Bruno from Expose) - Sina Lloyd - (Kim Cameron from SideFX) - Dylan Holland - (Tiara from RoXxyMontana) - Jacob Miller - (Aaron Carter brother of Nicker Carter from Backstreet Boys) - (Dominic Frissora from Telegraph) - (John Russo-Zirkel from Reverse Order) - Jordon York - Sheera - Ben Landis - James DeFrances 

European Artists
Composers, Musicians and Lyric Writers

Lyric Writers:

Lola Fair (Yumi Cha) former Kpop member of Baby Vox and lyricist for Super Junior, Girls Generation and BoA.

Fashion Models, Actresses, Actors, Directors, Producers:

Jenna Talackova (Miss Universe Model) - Jin Baik (DJ Shy) (CSI, General Hospital, others) - Hyun Jung Na (Miss Tourism Model) - Heshima Thompson (British Actor, Singer) - Alexandra Choi (Actress, Miss Korea Model) - Graham Spicer (Actor, Director) - Daniel Goddard (Actor, Model) - Kim Lee (Miss Asia Model, Super Model, DJ, Actress) - Christine Yoo (Director & Producer of Wedding Palace) - Wedding Palace Movie - Meghan Bucher - Dior C. Choi (Actor, Model) - Karen Holness (Actress on TV Show Make It Pop) - Dale Whibley (Actor on TV Show Make It Pop)

Popular South Korean & Japanese Cover Groups
Dance Clubs and DJ's
Professors, Teachers, CEO's

Antonei B Csoka, PhD - Korean Teacher: Han-Na Kim

Colleges & Universities:
Fashion Clothing, Makeup and Jewelry
Dance Academies
Professional Choreographer's / Dance Instructors / Dancers

Jenny Duff (Artistic Director) - Dalphe Morantus (Dancer for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Ricky Martin, Daft Punk and Pharrell)

Professional Ballerinas

South Korea: Korea National Ballet, Li-hoe Kim - Universal Ballet - Luda Lee 

Airline Companies, Travel and Hotels
Government Embassies

Seoul Arts Center, South Korea

Amusement Parks / Theaters

Busan Aquarium, South Korea - Everland Caribbean Bay, South Korea

National Theater of Korea, South Korea

Convention Centers / Exhibits / Autoshows

Bexco Convention Center, South Korea - Seoul Motor Show, South Korea

Electronics and Technology Companies
Book Authors, Magazines and Books
TV Networks / Journalists / Newspapers / Magazines

Metro Seoul News, South Korea 

Moll Anderson (Television, Radio Host, Writer)

Min (Kpop Entertainment News Reporter) 


Patrick O'Brien (KTT Fox Television) 

Music Stations & Resources