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Kpop College is an online non-accredited university established in 2011. Our long range goal is to construct an actual campus on land but until then we're bringing Kpop to students online around the globe. While Kpop College strongly encourages students to pursue their academic careers in high school, we're giving students a parallel path to enrich their lives further while they're still young and vibrant. And the best part of it all, our university is 100% FREE, there is no tuition or fees!



Three Kpop College Goals:

1) LEARN - about Kpop artists.

2) ENJOY - your time making new friends.

3) BECOME - strive to become a popular artist.

Three Kpop College Motos:

1) TEAMWORK - learn to work together.

2) PERSEVERANCE - don't give up.

3) OPTIMISM - stay positive at all times.


The popularity of Kpop College continues to climb each day. With over 5,500 students on campus, with bounce rates and time on site better than $Billion dollar companies like Twitter & Instagram, our university keeps breaking new records. There are over billion websites on the planet and Kpop College ranks more popular than 99.973% of all the sites!

In addition to that, we have many popular artists, actress, movie directors, institutions and entertainment companies following us!


Our Korean Teacher Han-Na Kim provides our students excellent online courses in Korean language. If you want to become a future Kpop star, you're going to have to be able to communicate in their language.


We provide online videos on how to students can improve their singing skills.


We provide a large volume of online dance courses prepared by the actual Kpop stars themselves! They'll show you how to perform their popular dance moves!

Student Interactive Pages

Student Directory

More than 2,500 students are enrolled at our university! Make new friends, visit the directory and friend request a student here on campus.

Student Forums

Have you made a Kpop cover or another cover that you'd like to show to everyone? Post your cover and get feedback. Leave feedback too!

Student Union

Chat with other students on campus here at the student union. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and pastries and enjoy chatting with other students.

Enter the Auditions

Post your Cover

Have you created a Kpop cover or another cover on YouTube? Then show your talent, post your cover, get reviews and feedback to improve.

Watch Covers Posted

Watched recently posted Kpop covers by students here on campus. Be sure to show your college pride and leave feedback for other students.

Kpop Auditions

Are you ready to enter the professional auditions at the Record Labels, we got them all for you. This page is ranked #1 in the world by Google, Bing! 

Upcoming Events, Birthday's, Forum Posts and Breaking News

Monday, Oct 4 at 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 30 All Day
Thursday, Feb 10 All Day
Monday, Feb 14 All Day

Events & Birthday's

Know of a upcoming Kpop event that is not listed on Kpop College events? Post on our Calendar Be sure to add your birthday to the calendar too!!

Recent Forum Posts

Check out the recent messages students have left on our college bulletin board. Keep up to date with late breaking student news!

Late Breaking News

Read Late Breaking stories posted by our college news center. Note we only post positive news, Kpop College is all about optimistic positive thinking.

Professional Kpop Artists

Kpop Artist Directory

Choose from over 250 Kpop Artists / Groups, locate their official social media pages, watch their recent music video's and browse their photo gallery.

Kpop Concerts

Extensive real-time list of Kpop Concerts all over the world, don't miss the chance to attend your next Kpop concert near you!

Most Popular Artists

Who's the Most Popular Kpop Artist or Group? Which groups top the charts, good place for research and planning for your new group.

Student Top Performers

Student Billboard

Did you know Kpop College receives over 1/2 Million views per year! Our university now surpasses 99.79% of all the websites on the planet! Earn your way to the top for free advertising with your banner message, student profile photo and social media links.

Promoted Students

Do you have talent to become a future Kpop star, actress or actor? Want to increase your chances of being found by the record labels? Then try to get on our Promoted Students page for more recognition!

Top 25 Students

How many friends do you have? Try to get on our Top 25 Outgoing Students page to show the record labels you have a friendly and great personality!

TV & Movie Promotion Center

Make It Pop

Don't miss the new hit TV show "Make It Pop" starring Kpop artist Megan Lee! Season 2 will air summer 2015 on Nickelodeon!


Sun-Hi, Jodi, Corki and their DJ Caleb form their new group called "XO-IQ" in high school on the new hit TV show "Make It Pop".


Watch an array of great kids programming on Nickelodeon TV network and TeenNick! The new hit show "Make It Pop" airs on this great channel.

Kpop and Language Courses

Learn Kpop

Earn your virtual College degree at Kpop College in Kpop . 29 Credit Hours required and successful completion of the college exam.

Learn Korean

Earn your virtual College degree at Kpop College in Korean Language. 45 Credit Hours required and successful completion of the college exam.

Learn Korean 

Earn your virtual College degree at Kpop College in Singing. 42 Credit Hours required and successful completion of the college exam.

Dancing, Makeup and Modeling Classes

Learn Kpop Dance

Improve your Kpop Dance moves by learning from the professional South Korean Kpop artists! The artist's provide you step by step dance moves!

Learn Makeup

Learn how to apply makeup from Professional Korean Makeup Artist Saem Mool Jung to create your own beautiful Kpop selca image.

Learn Kpop Modeling

Many Kpop artist's also model in commercials as another means to generate revenue for their Record Label company and their salaries.

Dance Schools

Def Dance Skool

If you visit South Korea, you'll need to stop by Def Dance Skool for advanced training lessons. This school offers one of the world's best training classes.

Millennium Dance

Take classes at Millennium Dance Complex. Performers such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, User, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and others have taken classes here.

1Million Dance

Another top rated dance school in South Korea that provides their students high quality professional trainers. Learn from the best trainers in the world.

Teamwork Building

Watch Posted Covers

Show your teamwork skills by watching posted Kpop covers by other students and leaving them feedback on improvement tips.

Friend Request Others

Show your teamwork skills by visiting the Student Directory and sending a friend request to other students on campus. 

Write on Student Wall

Show your teamwork skills by visiting a students profile page and leaving an encouraging message on their wall. Example shown above.

Administration Office

Who Follows Us

Find out who follows Kpop College. From Kpop artists, Record Labels, Actresses, Actors, Movie & Music Producers, Universities, TV Networks, more!

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Got a Question?

Please note with thousands of students all over the world, we can't respond to all questions especially those already answered in our FAQ.


Introduction Video

Our famous Korean teacher Han-Na Kim introduces our university. Han-Na is the Dean of Foreign Languages & South Korea Ambassador.

Angie Yang

Angie Yang is our Student Communications Director here at Kpop College. She is also an inspiring composer, singer, musician and actress. Angie graduated High School in May 2015 winning top honors as her school's Valedictorian.

Kpop College

Kpop College's President is known by his more popular pen name of Kpop DJ. He works in the administration office coordinating multiple number of new projects for the university, expanding it and working to build a campus on land.

Han-Na Kim

Han-Na Kim is the Dean of Foreign Languages and Korean Teacher here at Kpop College. She is from South Korea. Visit Han-Na's pages to learn Korean, she is an amazing teacher! Han-Na is also a great Kpop dancer too! She is our South Korea Rep.


Team Thunder

Join Team Thunder, our organized team of volunteers who are working in synchronization to create Kpop waves in the Kpop Industry.

Current Volunteers

Stay tune, this page is under development.

Volunteers Needed

Stay tune this page is under development.

Kpop Games and Entertainment Zone

Kpop Games

Check out our huge list of Kpop games and Kpop game videos by famous Kpop artists. If you're bored, kick back and play some cool Kpop games!

Crossword Puzzle

Check out Kpop College's official Crossword Puzzle that features 50 Kpop groups. Print out as many copies as you wish and compete against friends!

Word Search Puzzle

Another fun game produced by Kpop College a 75 Kpop group word search. This is an advanced game. Print as many copies as you wish!

Resources & Tools

Kpop College Library

Stop by our College Library to search for words, people, places, etc on our expanding campus! It's lightning quick search engine for your research! Or check out a collection of great Kpop books.


Got Questions? We have the Answers! 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for those commonly asked questions to Kpop College.

Sell Your Music

Are you ready to start making some profit off the "original music" that you produce? If so, then visit our new page above to get started today!

Photo & Art Gallery


Student Selca Photos

Do you have a Kpop Selca / Selfie photo? Then go ahead and post it in our university student photo gallery to get to know other cool students! Start now: Post My Photo or: other galleries

Submit Your Artwork

Do you like drawing? If so, why not show your talents to other students here on campus. Start now: Submit My Artwork


Ulzzang Contest

Submit your Ulzzang "best face pic" in our contest! Hurry we're waiting: Post Photo