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Angie Yang

Student Communications Director
Angie Yang is a talented, bright and beautiful Asian artist. She writes her own lyrics, plays the piano, sings and dances. She is currently attending college and she has a golden personality. Angie is also striving to become a world famous Kpop artist, actress!

Kpop DJ

Kpop DJ is the stage name for the President of Kpop College. Kpop DJ started following Kpop artist back in 2007. Four years later he opened this university Kpop College to help students reach their dreams of becoming a future Kpop star, actress or actor.

HanNa Kim

Korean Teacher
HanNa Kim is from South Korea. She is fluent in both Korean and English language. HanNa is an amazing teacher, her Korean language and cultural learning videos are very effective with her natural talent in from of the camera. She's also a great Kpop dancer too!

Welcome to Kpop College where students Learn about Kpop Artists, Enjoy Making New Friends and Striving to Become a Kpop Artist. Our beautiful online campus has more than 4,000 students already enrolled. Our university is larger than 74% of all the colleges and universities. Kpop College is currently is "Phase I" of our launch, meaning we are still only a virtual college and non-accredited. This means other businesses and universities will not accept non accredited degrees.

However our long range goals for "Phase II" is to open up an actual college campus on land where we have professor's, lecture halls, degree's, residence halls, libraries, cafeteria, cafe's, student union center and a large stadium to hold concerts and sporting events. We are striving to reach this goal by building one brick at a time as our college expands globally and becomes a modern state of the art university. So in the interim please enjoy our campus and take the campus tour below. 

Campus Tour 1 - About Kpop College

Learn about Artists

Learn about famous Kpop Artists.

Enjoy New Friends

Make New Friends from 3,000 on campus.

Become an Artist

Strive to become a Kpop Artist like OV Diary.

Campus Tour 2 - Moving into Campus

Enroll Now

Move into your Dorm Room.

Log In

Sign into your student profile page.

Residence Halls

Move into your Dorm Room.

Campus Tour 3 - Starting Classes

Learn Korean

Learn Korean to sing Kpop songs.

Learn Dancing

Learn Kpop Dancing from Kpop Artists.

Learn Singing

Learn how to Sing like Kpop Artists

Campus Tour 4 - Getting Started

Watch Kpop Covers

Watch other student cover performances.

Create your Group

Create your own Kpop group.

Post your Cover

Post your cover on Kpop College.

Campus Tour 5 - Training & Auditions in South Korea

Global K Center

Train in South Korea at Global K.

Def Dance Skool

Train in South Koreat at Def Dance Skool.

Record Label Auditions

Apply for Record Label Auditions in South Korea.

Campus Tour 6 - Student Involvement

Kpop Selca Tournament

Enter the 2015 Tournament

Student Union Center

Chat with other students in the Union.

Event Calendar

Find out what events are taking place.


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Kpop College Motto: "Learn, Enjoy and Become"