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Below is a list of individuals that need your help with encouraging messages. Help them get through another day as they struggle with leukemia, a life threatening disease. Many of them are in the hospital day in and day out for months on end and your thoughtful encouraging words can give them hope that they're not alone.

As students on Kpop College campus, let's not only strive to become a popular Kpop artist, actress or actor but let's us strive to also help others in need. By working as a team with those in need, showing your perseverance to be their friend and to give them optimism to get through another day will put a smile on their face. Let's Learn, Enjoy and also strive to Become a great role model in society by helping those in need. 

For a list of more individuals to help, please visit: Asian American Donor Program

Jenny Chu

Help Jenny by visiting & following her social media pages:

Meet Jenny Chu, a 30 year old woman who is known to be extremely loving, caring, adventurous, and generous. She is always spontaneous and loves to travel, as she leaves a long lasting impression on those she has met along the way. Her life was so carefree and seemed so normal. However, a couple months ago, she knew it was nothing to take lightly when she discovered a lump in her breast. 

On March 31st 2016 she was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma. This was devastating for Jenny to grasp, that someone so young, athletic, and healthy with no prior family history of cancer could be diagnosed with something so serious and harmful. Being the strong person she is, she tried her best to be brave.

3 weeks later, she underwent a lumpectomy, duct excision, and a sentinel node biopsy. Her doctor determined that her margins were not clear along with the discovery that she has DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). After her journey of meeting with several specialized doctors, the consensual agreement is that Jenny must now undergo a double mastectomy.

These past couple months have been emotionally draining; from all the doctor visits and overwhelming information, to the difficult life choices Jenny has faced. Although it has been extremely discouraging, Jenny remains positive and brave, as she must for those who love her and most importantly, for her health.

Jenny plans to work full time until her surgery date on July 5th, after which she will have to take time off to recover and immediately undergo a breast reconstruction process. A process that will take months during which she won't have a stable income to take care of all the medical bills (with high deductibles), living expenses, and the weekly commute from Las Vegas to California.

This is going to be a long journey and it's only the beginning, but Jenny's courage and strength will shine through and win this fight over cancer!


Phoebe is 8 years old and she was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a life-threatening immunodeficiency. At the time of this post (January 17, 2016) her parents informed their followers that she only has a few months remaining.

Let's help Phoebe by sending her encouraging messages on her Facebook page.

Those kind caring and thoughtful messages will cheer her up during her battle with HLH.

Send Phobe and encouraging message on her: Facebook page


Trish is 12 years old and she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in May 2015. Currently, she relies on platelet and blood transfusion in order for her body to function properly. Help Trish get through her constant hospital stays by sending her an encouraging message on her Facebook page.

She hopes to one day go to college to give back to her community. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, watching movies and making everyone smile. Her favorite thing to do is to put a smile on your face and making her surroundings happy. 

Send Trish and encouraging message on her: Facebook page


Sophia is 11 years old and she was born with Hemoglobin E-Beta Thalassemia disease. My treatment requires monthly blood transfusions and daily medication to make sure my immune system functions properly. I wish to live a “normal life” with no more blood transfusions and medications.

She likes to play with her dog, take hikes and go to the park to ride her scooter. 

Send Sophia an encouraging message to cheer her up: Facebook page