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HyePeach / Hye Sun

Dance cover copyright (c) 2013 - HyePeach / Hye Sun - "Female President"

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Interview with Hye Peach 

Good evening, HyePeach

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day for this interview with Kpop College!

First we like to introduce our guest today, her name is Hye Sun. We believe she has exceptional talent as a Kpop dancer. Just take a look at her fan base around the world. She has received nearly 1/2 Million YouTube views since she posted her first Kpop cover video. On average, nearly 1,000 people are watching her Kpop covers every day!

HyePeach's most popular Kpop cover is T-ara's hit song "Sexy Love" in which she has received more than 100,000 views alone. And her most recent Kpop cover is Girls Day's new hit song "Female President". The cover is a remarkable cover as HyePeach pulled off a fabulous stunning performance with her super precise dance moves. Not only is her dance moves phenomenal, but she takes it to a new professional level by choosing stylish outfits and presenting perfect facial expressions in her Kpop covers. And like a true natural Kpop artist, she is always responding to questions on her YouTube page and being very polite and kind to everyone.

OK, now let's get to the interview with HyePeach as we're sure her fans around the world really want to learn more about this highly talented Kpop dancer.

KPC: Do you like your fans to refer to you as HeyPeach or Hey Sun?

HyePeach: Since HyePeach is my YouTube name, people should call me by this name. But since Hye Sun is my Korean Surname, it would be great if people recognize me only by saying HyeSun. So, both are pretty fine!

KPC: Where are you from? You look 100% Asian, what heritage are you?

HyePeach: I was born in France, and my mother is Laos, while my father is from Thailand.

KPC: How old are you?

HyePeach: I'm 16, will be 17 on September 7th.

KPC: When did you start practicing Kpop dance songs? Do you recall the first one you tried?

HyePeach: It was almost 6 years ago. I was already into dancing, and I found Kpop dance really really cool, so I just keep on dancing it! I think Wonder Girls Tell Me was my first dance I did.

KPC: Who is your favorite Kpop girl group and Kpop boy group?

HyePeach: For my Kpop girl group, I would go between T-ara and Sistar and Infinite is my bias group!

KPC: With you releasing a new Kpop cover nearly every 2 weeks, you seem to pick up dance moves very quickly. How long on average does it take to learn a new Kpop dance song?

HyePeach: It depends on what dance I'm learning. If it's difficult one, with sharp and fast moves with a dance practice I would take maybe 1 to 2 hours, maybe 3 to remember all the moves. If it's an easy one with repetitive and simple moves, then 30 minutes to 1 hour. And then about 2 hours of training.

KPC: Which languages can you speak?

HyePeach: I can speak fluent French, English almost fluently, Spanish and a bit of Korean as well.

KPC: The outfits you prepare for your Kpop covers are very stylish and you do an incredible job at trying to match not only the dance moves but the outfits too. Do you obtain your wardrobe of outfits from local stores or do you order from the internet?

HyePeach: I've never tried ordering from the internet yet, I should someday! All my clothes come from local stores, and I sometimes customize some to match a group outfit.

KPC: Can you sing or play a musical instrument?

HyePeach: Neither both. I can't sing, well I do like to but I can't. And I've never played an instrument.

KPC: What advice would you give students first starting to learn Kpop dance moves?

HyePeach: Be super patient and passionate! Even if you're not doing dance covers, be motivated if you really want to learn a dance. Don't be discouraged if you think you can't do this or that move. Keep on practicing until you get it! Practice is the real key word. If you learn a dance without any practicing, then it won't be that good. Be positive!

KPC: Are you attending college at this time and if so, what are you majoring in?

HyePeach: I've just passed my high school diploma, called the "Baccalaureat", and in September I will be doing a Bachelor in International Business.

KPC: If you were signed by a record label, which cities would you like to perform a concert at?

HyePeach: Most cities as I can, it would be so great! I love traveling, so being able to perform in like many cities would be like a dream for me!

KPC: What Kpop cover was the hardest to learn?

HyePeach: I honestly can't tell. Every cover that I've done has that move that you can't do right away, you have to practice it, otherwise they're about all the same difficultly. But if I have to choose one, I would say Girls Generation's "I Got A Boy". Hip-hop style never suited me that much.

KPC: You are very knowledgeable abotu Kpop artists out there based on your YouTube descriptions that you provide for each artist. If you could choose which record label you'd like to sign a contract with if that opportunity came up, which one would you choose?

HyePeach: Any label would be totally fine! They all want their "idols" to rise up in the K-pop industry, so they would do as most as they can for you to be as talented as possible.

KPC: Besides Kpop, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

HyePeach: I love gymnastics, even though I'm not able to practice that much, otherwise dancing all the way, even if it's not Kpop.

KPC: Have you had a chance to meet an actual Kpop artist say at a concert near you?

HyePeach: I've been to the SM Town 2011 that was in Paris, but I haven't had the chance to meet any of the artists that were here.

KPC: How would it feel if you saw your music CD's sold in stores around the world if you became a professional Kpop artist?

HyePeach: It would be such an achievement. Thinking about all the way you would have done to reach the goal, to see your own CD all over the world, and that you've became someone who can inspire or be a model to someone, that would be amazing!

KPC: What do you like about Kpop music compared to other music genres?

HyePeach: The visual side changes it all. The way that all choreographies, the backgrounds are set up, that we don't really see in other genres, makes all the difference. As Gina Lee (iiamxmee) said, the concept at each comeback of a group is a really good idea. It allows us to see a different side of a group everytime and we enjoy it. K-pop is globalizing all around the world, though Korean isn't a universal language.

KPC: In your Kpop covers, you look rather tall, how tall are you?

HyePeach: I'm 5'4", or 164cm.

KPC: If a Kpop record label signed a contract with you, would you prefer to perform in a group or as a solo Kpop artist?

HyePeach: Both have pros and cons. Being in a group would be much more entertaining, you can learn from other members and improve yourself, but sometimes arguments can happen and the atmosphere in the group wouldn't be well, scandals could occur... and this wouldn't be happening if you were going solo. But if I were to choose, I would perform in a group!

OK that wraps it up for our interview today with the up and coming future Kpop artist, Hye Sun! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day for this interview here at Kpop College! We wish you much success in the future! And looking forward to seeing you achieve your future dreams!

Let's stay in touch! Have a great day!

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