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Kpop College - Instructions

Welcome to Kpop College! This page provides step by step instructions on what students should do when they enroll at our university. It first starts out explaining some background information about our exciting university gaining world popularity!

Background Information

Kpop College performance metrics is even surpassing billion dollar companies like Twitter and Instagram. Not too bad for a website that takes in completely no revenue! Thanks to all the 5,000 plus students on campus getting the word out about their university!

Kpop College - Kpop DJ, President

I. What is Kpop College?

Kpop College is an online non-accredited university providing our students a way to Learn about Kpop Artists, Enjoy making new Friends & strive to Become a future Kpop artist, actress, etc. Students can learn Korean language, dancing, singing & much more!

II. Who's enrolling Kpop College?

Visit our student member page we have more than 5,900 students already enrolled! By the end of 2018, our enrollment is predicted to surpass 10,000 students worldwide! It's also a great place to meet new friends who share the same interest as you do!

III. Why is Kpop College so popular?

Based on Alexa, internet performance metric company Kpop College is more popular than 99.9% of all the billion websites on the planet! Kpop College has even surpassed billion dollar companies like Twitter and Instagram in some metrics too! 


Enrollment is 100% free here at Kpop College! We take in no revenue, our goal is to provide students a free education so they can use those tools to become successful in life either in entertainment or academic career path.

Kpop College - Kpop DJ, President

I. Enroll as a new student.

To get started on your journey here at Kpop College, stop by our Admissions page to enroll. When you enroll you'll have a few questions to answer that will show on your student profile page so other students & labels can learn more about you.

II. Can anyone enroll at Kpop College?

Students need to be at least 13 years old unless with a parent. All races, nationalities, genders are welcome to enroll. We don't discriminate and welcome all. When you enroll please use a PC not a mobile phone so you can upload your student profile photo.

III. How much does it cost to enroll at Kpop College?

There is no Tuition or Fee's to enroll at Kpop College. We will never ask you for money. We are a 100% free website that receives absolutely no revenue. We believe all students should have a free education so they can become successful.