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Korean Language Exam

Exam: Korean 1201.01

Subject: Learn Korean Alphabet: Hangul - Part 1

Description: Freshmen level introductory college level course for those requiring grammar skills to write in Korean using Hangul.

This online lesson consist of a 9:54 minute video presentation for students to review at their own pace. At the end of the lesson, you will be required to take a 33 question exam to pass this course. It will be a multiple choice test. 

Course Detail: 

Units: 4 units 

Campus: Kpop College online

Career: Undergraduate

Course Requirements: 

Passing Grades (A: 94 - 100%), (B: 80 - 93%). Be sure to print screen and save your results (jpg, png) if you pass the exam as evidence to provide to the Administration Office.

Teacher: Han-Na Kim

Please meet our Korean teacher Miss. Han-Na Kim who is also the Dean of Foreign Languages, Administrator and Director of South Korea. She speaks both fluent Korean and English language. 

Han-Na has very impressive teaching skills. She has the natural ability to convey Korean in a very simple effective manner. Students rate Han-Na with very high scores, based on near perfect thumbs up scores on her YouTube channel. In addition to her teaching skills, Han-Na is also a very talented Kpop dancer.

Please follow Han-Na on her social media links below and to friend request her:

Kpop College - Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Forum Q&A

For those wanting to pursue a degree in the Korean language, it is a requirement to complete the exam shown above. For Freshman Level classes you need to acquire a total of 45 credit hours. This does not include general electives that you must complete the first year of college. Please note: At this time, Kpop College is a non-accredited university (businesses, other universities will not accept non-accredited degrees). Kpop College is online in phase I of our launch. It is our long term goal to construct a campus on land with accredited degree's but at this time it is only a virtual degree, so have fun earning your degree at Kpop College! 

Saving records of your exam:

It is up to each student on campus to retain proper records of all passing grades. When you receive a passing grade (A or B), you will need to take a "print screen" of your laptop screen or mobile phone. Retain a copy of that print screen showing your passing grade at the top when you finish the exam. That document can be a (jpg or png) file format. We expect students to take the exam on your own without assistance. When you complete all courses for your freshman year, please visit the Administration Office to provide records of your passing grades. This is after you have earned enough electives for that year. 

Return back to Korean Language Courses to watch and learn Korean language presented by our amazing Korean Teacher Miss. Han-Na Kim.