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Take a break from all your homework and exams. Kick back with you favorite cup of coffee, pastries and friends here on Kpop College campus. Make new friends from around the globe who share the same interest in Kpop music and artists that you like. Check out which students are on Kpop College campus right now with our floating planet Earth below. When you see a flag appear, it means there is a visitor in the KPC Cafe. To start chatting, just sign up below (it's really easy & free). Using your student name will help you locate a friend when they're in the cafe too. Use your mouse over the floating Earth to zoom in and to give it a spin in any direction, it's fun!

Friend Request Kpop College student on left (photo): Evelyn
Evelyn has been dancing for 8 years from Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Chinese Forkloric. She's competed in many competitions and finished in the top 10 in each round. Plus she is fluent in four languages: English, Mandarian, Canotonese and Taiwanese!

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