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Kcon Dance Performance

Do you have talent to dance, sing, play music, act or model? 

Are you wanting to become a future Kpop artist, Actress or Actor? 

Then work hard and try to get on our Promoted Student's page where we help students get recognized by record labels and entertainment companies. 

To make it on this page, there are several things you'll need to work on. We identified 5 important things to consider. Of course there are more than 5, but this is a good start to increase your chances of getting promoted by our university. 

Did you know, Kpop College ranks #1 in the world for Kpop Auditions by Google?

Step 1: Teamwork

First and foremost is your commitment to show good sportsmanship or teamwork for your fellow college students on campus. Some examples include: Leaving feedback for other students who post their covers on Kpop College, Friend Requesting students on campus, Leaving them a friendly message their student wall, Following them on their Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud pages, Sharing their Kpop covers or Liking their covers. We are always watching who's using teamwork, that's the first thing that catches our attention.

Step Number 2 to get Promoted

Step 2: Endurance

To become a future Kpop star, it requires that you consistently work hard to achieve your goals. It's akin to running a marathon, you can't sprint a few miles and expect to win, it's gonna take a lot of endurance, patience and determination. If you're not into the long haul of years of hard work, then you may want to rethink your goals. Record Labels are not going to spend thousands of dollars, millions in many ways to raise great Kpop stars only to see them quit after that large investment. Show them you're a doer not a dreamer.

Step Number 3 to get Promoted

Step 3: Optimism

You're not going to reach your goals unless you keep thinking positive and optimistic about your quest and others. If you spend time dwelling on the negatives and who did this or that, it will occupy and drain your time and energy leaving you without the momentum to achieve your dreams. Every time you look back you lose 10 steps going forward. Keep your eye on the goal, stay positive and optimistic, look for the good things others do, be kind, be humble, promote others not demote others, work with others to become the best you can.

Step Number 4 to get Promoted

Step 4: Talent

You'll need to have talent to sing, dance, play music, speak multiple languages (Korean) and act to get into the art of entertainment. The more abilities you have the greater chance you have. Practice makes perfect, so allocate sufficient amount of time to practice and produce new covers often (2 covers per month on average). But don't let your grades fall either. Excelling in academics is very important for your long term career goals after you retire from the entertainment business or for many realizing this is not for you and to proceed with academic career.

Step Number 5 to get Promoted

Step 5: Visual

The last step is casting a great visual appearance. It's like the old saying, "A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words". There is the "Off Camera" daily image and then there is the "On Camera" performance image. Many artists spend countless hours with their health, fashion, makeup and hair stylist to achieve the best memorable image possible. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it comes in many shapes and forms, as art is not a defined measurement. This also goes for recording your covers, with crystal clear HD definition, background, lighting, colors, etc.


Angie Yang (Highly Recommended)

Please meet Angie Yang, a composer, musician, singer, rapper, dancer and inspiring actress. She knows Korean, Hmong and English language. Angie is the Student Communications Director here at Kpop College presiding over the entire student enrollment of nearly 4,000 students. She has a beautiful rich voice, highly talented piano player combined with a stunning beautiful celebrity star image. Angie composes her own songs and plays several instruments. She has a golden personality and is very consistent, patient, professional, mature and intelligent. Angie was Valedictorian of her High School Senior Class. She excels with many high quality attributes giving her a high potential to reach the top of the music charts and future actress roles on TV and Movies. Angie resides in the United States.

Follow her on: Official Site - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - CD Baby 

Alex La

Please meet Alex La from Canada. Alex is a smooth and strong singer, he can dazzle with his great Kpop image and his talented acting abilities. Check out his covers and send him a friend request!

Follow on: Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube

Alexander Schulze

Alex is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Producer who resides in the country of Germany. Alex has many hats in which is is the leader of several groups shown below. Alex also recorded Kpop College's Hwaiting song and others for Kitty Pretty.

Follow on: Konichiwa Panda - XHill Rate - Panorama - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Record Label - Instagram


Vera Schulze  (Signed by Record Label)

Please meet Vera from the country of Germany. Vera is a talented singer, songwriter and dancer. Vera has captured over 3 Million YouTube views with her great singing, dancing and reaction videos. Vera can speak 5 languages, play the guitar and she also writes her own music. Vera has been accepted into Germany's top talent school (Stage School) where she will be a trainee. After a few years of advanced training, she's planning to take her talent to South Korea as a future artist. Vera is also a member of Kpop cover girl group called: Alpha Six.  And to top that off, Vera has been signed by CJ E&M Record Label.

Follow her on:  Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Please meet Jonghyun from South Korea. Jonghyun is currently attending college in France and striving to become a singer and filmmaker. Jonghyun has a very smooth, controlled and impressive voice. Do check out his fan page and send him a friend request!

 Fan Page - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram

Bitna Kim

Please meet Korean singer and photographer, Bitna Kim from the United States and born is Seoul, South Korea. She has a wonderful voice, one that resonates at the perfect pitch. The delivery of her voice is very strong and convincing, giving her the ability to wow her fans. Check out her covers below and send her a friend request on Kpop College!

Follow on: Fan Page - Homepage - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram



Please meet the talented Kpop cover boy group: East2West! These talented young men are from Canada and they're producing some very impressive cover performances for their fans around the globe. Be sure to send them a friend request here on Kpop College!

Follow on: Fan Page - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram



Please meet Kpop girl group: SMV from the country of Germany. Thani, Hang and Thaoi are preparing for their next Kpop cover performance release. 

Student Profile: Thani Nguyen - Hang Nguyen - Thaoi Nguyen / Fan Club - Twitter

OV Diary

Please meet our Kpop College girl group OV Diary, a six member all Asian Kpop girl group from the country of Germany. These talented ladies are hard workers, producing over 20 covers in one year. They are lead by their leader Ney Tran. 

Student Profile: Ney Tran - Thynka Nguyen - Sisi - My - Mondy - Cindy / Social Media: Fan Club - YouTube - Instagram

Instagram: Ney - Thynka - Sisi  /  Cameraman: Max Zimmerman - Photographer: Olja Ryzevski


Double The Fire

Please meet Kpop cover group: Double The Fire starring Shervonne and Todd. Two talented singers who were chosen to perform in South Korea at the Kpop World Festival. 

Student Profile - Fan Club - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Pauline Legaspi (Asian Panda)

Please meet Asian upcoming star Pauline from the United States. She is currently working on her first original Kpop music video and looking forward to release it to the public shortly. Her stage name is: Asian Panda. Watch out CL, Asian Panda is a great rapper and singer who has impressive skills.

Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Please meet Asian star Julgee, a talented and stylish future Kpop artist with an amazing high quality Kpop Selca image. She currently resides in the United States. She is fluent in English and French and currently learning Korean. Julgee plays the piano and the guitar in addition to dancing and singing. Julgee is also very talented at drawing too!

Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube

Steven Sing

Please meet Asian singer and dancer Steven Sing from the United States. Jesung is currently attending college and working on his degree. Jesung is also on a dance team at Ohio State University.

Student Profile - Fan Club - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram

Baby Jei

Please meet Baby Jei from the United States. She is currently attending college in South Korea though and already working with an entertainment agency in the new Korean movie she will be acting in.

Student Profile - Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Movie: Beauty Inside


Please meet Aubrey from Australia. Aubrey is a very talented dancer with strong and precise dance moves. She recently performed a cover of South Korean professional dancer Lia Kim you should check out on her fan page. Aubrey is also a member of a popular and talented Kpop cover group called: KCDC you'll need to watch.

 Fan Page - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

Lee Hani

Please meeet Lee Hani from Canada. Hani has a great Kpop image and she's a good dancer. She also delivers a strong singing voice for her fans.

 Fan Page - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram - SoundCloud


Please meet Lacieah from the United States. Lacieah is a great dancer and also popular on YouTube with her many covers.

Student Profile - Fan Club - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram


Please meet Belenada from the country of Spain. Belenda is a talented Kpop dancer, in fact she performed in South Korea at the Kpop World Festival representing her country. 

Student Profile - Fan Club - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Yee Mei

Please meet Yee Mei from Malaysia. Yee Mei is in a Kpop group called Triangelz, she is a good dancer with a great Kpop image. Yee Mei plays and teaches piano to other students. Her mother is also a popular singer over in Asia.

Student Profile - Fan Club - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Please meeet Sidorela from Crete. Sidorela is a great dancer and a very hard worker producing 18 Kpop covers in just 6 months. Her dedication to reach the top shines in her ability to work hard with a strong endurance to not give up.

Student Profile - Fan Club - TwitterYouTube - Google+

Kristin Nikolaou

Please meet Kristin Nikolaou from Europe. Kristin has a strong voice and a great Kpop image. She is currently working on her upcoming Kpop performances.


Please meet Fion from the country of Australia. Fion is currently attending college, she has a very unique voice which gives her the advantage over others. Fion also plays the piano and keyboard.

Student Profile - Fan Club - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


Myint Zu

Please meet Myint Zu from Myanmar. Myint has a great Kpop image and very nice voice. Check out her social media links below and friend request her on Kpop College.

Student Profile - Fan Page - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram


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