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Kpop Selca Tournament

2016 Kpop Selca World Champion

Sami "Seyeon"

Sami - Seyeon

United States
Visit Sami's social media accounts above and friend request her!

Congratulations to Sami "Seyeon" from the United States as she becomes the 2016 Kpop Selca World Champion! 

It was a fierce battle that lasted 6 months when the tournament got underway on December 7, 2015 with 32 students from Kpop College. After 6 rounds of tournament battle with votes coming in from all over the globe,  Sami took 1st place in each round! 

Her dream is to become a successful Model and Kpop idol. Sami has Asian heritage from China and other parts of Asia. She's 15 going on 16 and will be taking Chinese classes in high school. Sami is a hard worker who is very patient, kind and has a stellar beautiful Kpop image! Votes from all over the world gave Sami the win to become the Reigning World Champion!

Entertainment companies who are interested in Sami's talents should use the contact form to let Kpop College know of your interest. We will pass this information on to Sami. Kpop College will keep working with Sami to help promote this talented young and beautiful star who the world voted as #1.

Congratulations statement from Lola Fair

Lola is a talented Kpop artist from Kpop girl group Baby Vox! She's written lyrics for several Kpop artist and sung background vocals in Girls Generation hit song "The Boys"

2017 Kpop Selca Tournament Update

Students, start preparing for the 2017 Kpop Selca Tournament with your early entry to sign up! The 2017 Tournament will begin January 1, 2017 and conclude on April 3, 2017. Next year's battle will be intense so be sure to get your best Kpop Selca photos all prepared and ready to go when the tournament begins! Sami will be crowning the world champion next year as she passes the crown on to the 2017 champion, so be sure to friend request her and get some tips from her.


2016 Tournament Schedule:

I. The Round of 32 (12/07/15 - 12/31/15) - COMPLETE

II. The Sweet 16 (01/01/16 - 01/26/16) - COMPLETE

III. The Elite 8 (01/27/16 - 02/20/16) - COMPLETE

IV. The Final 4 (02/21/16 - 03/16/16) - COMPLETE

(Intermission Pause, Final Round preparation 3/16 - 4/23)

V. The Championship Round (04/24/16 - 06/05/16) - COMPLETE

Instructions: Cast your vote for the top 2 contestant's with the best Kpop Selca photos below! You decide who's going to make it to the Championship Round!

To follow updated news about this Tournament visit: 

Kpop College News Center - Post your Kpop Selca photo

Kpop Selca Photo Example

Copyright (c) 2015 - Kpop Artist, Lola Fair

Homepage - iTunes - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

SoundCloud - Record Label - Fan ClubInstagram

Lola Fair is from South Korean Kpop girl group: Baby Vox. 

Background vocals for: Girls Generation - "The Boys".

Lyricist for: Girls Generation, Super Junior and BoA!!

(Start Following Lola today! Let her know your a Kpop College student)

A photo posted by Lola Fair 🍭 (@lolafair) on

The 2016 Kpop Selca World Championship Round

Tournament Score: Results as of 06/05/16
Sami from the United States takes 1st place to become the 2016 Kpop Selca World Champion!

Name: Sami

Country: USA

Current Score: 67%

Name: Vera

Country: Germany

Current Score: 33%

The Final 4


Please cast your vote for the contestants in The Final 4 round (Feb 20 to Mar 16, 2016).

Use the voting buttons below to choose the top 2 contestants with the best Kpop Selca photo.

(Sami vs SySy) - (Alex vs Vera)

The scores are shown below their photo. When you cast a vote, their student profile page will open.

You decide which 2 will advance to The "World Championship" Round on March 17, 2016!


United States












The Elite 8


The Elite 8 Round is now completed. This Tournament took place from 1/27/16 to 2/21/16.

The contestants that advanced to the Final 4 are shown above.

Thanks to all the great contestants who participated and made it to this round!

The Sweet 16


The Sweet 16 Round is now completed. This Tournament took place from 1/1/16 to 1/26/16.

The contestants that advanced to The Elite 8 are shown above.

Thanks to all the great contestants who participated in this round!

The Round of 32


The Round of 32 is now completed. This Tournament took place from 12/7/15 to 12/31/15.

The contestants that advanced to the Sweet 16 are shown above.

Thanks to all the great contestants who competed in this exciting first round! Congratulations to all who participated!