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Kpop Audition Worksheet Form

Do you have talent to become the next Kpop music artist, actor or actress?

If so, start collecting the necessary information you'll need to audition at your favorite record label. Get our FREE Kpop Audition Worksheet (Form #:KPAWF-001) by  following these three simple steps below.

Note 1: Each record label has their own forms to use. The Kpop College worksheet form is used to help you gather the necessary information in advance so you're prepared to fill in the record label audition forms. Thanks and Good Luck!!

Note 2: If you're not ready for the big time stage yet, then try out Kpop College four Kpop auditions:

   1. Kitty Pretty Audition  2. SharpDM Audition  3. IG7 Audition  4. Solo Artist Audition 


Instructions to obtain your Kpop Worksheet Audition Form: 

  1. Start Following Kpop College on Twitter by pressing this button:


  2. Copy this Twitter message below by highlighting it and right click copy it.

   >> Hi @KpopCollege can you send me the free #Kpop Worksheet Audition Form? 


  3. Click here to send us this exact Twitter message


When we receive your message, we will send you the link to the form!! 

Thanks and Good Luck!!