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Kpop Crossword Puzzles

Challenge your cool friends to a Kpop Crossword Puzzle Game!

Click the puzzle below and print out as many copies as you wish. Invite your friends over and challenge them to a Kpop Cross Puzzle game. Find out which one of your friends has the most knowledge of Kpop groups. Or time yourself and let us know how fast you completed the crossword puzzle. We will post the top 10 fastest times around the world. This game has 50 Kpop artists, how fast can you locate them?


Click Here to tell us how fast you solved this game. Please provide your first name, country where you reside and the time it took to solve the game.

For Answers to this Kpop Crossword Puzzle, please follow Kpop College on Twitter by clicking the button below and send us a message... "Hi Kpop College, can you send me the answers to Kpop Crossword Puzzle?"


World's Top 10 Fastest Kpop Crossword Puzzle Students

The top 10 will be shown here, hurry send us your results!