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Kpop Industry Statistics

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Please review the Kpop Industry Statistics below.

Kpop Popularity

This line graph above shows you the rapid rise of Kpop music from South Korea compared to other popular music genres. If you're into the stock market, Kpop and South Korean culture is a good bet as it's a very hot commodity around the world that everyone wants to have. Kpop continues to dominate the world with it's meteoric rise and all trends points that it will further open the gap between other music genres.


Kpop College

As you can see from the line chart above, Kpop College continues with it's rapid rise in worldwide popularity. By the summer of 2015, our student enrollment is set to exceed 5,000 students from all over the globe!


Example of Hot Kpop Artists

Take for example, HyunA from the South Korean Kpop girl group 4Minute. Here she performs a commerical for Toyota the largest Japanese auto manufacture in Japan. Kpop music is so popular, it's driving demand from even other countries to help sell their products. And for your HyunA and Toyota fans, you can pick up her stunning Kpop wallpaper by clicking on the links below. HyunA's recent Kpop music video is below.

Copyright (c) 2013 - Hyuna -  Record Label: Cube Entertainment, Collaboration: Toyota

Official K-pop Stage with Hyuna and Toyota Corolla: Homepage

Wallpaper 1 - Wallpaper 2 - Wallpaper 3 Wallpaper 4