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Kpop Meetup Groups

Looking for other Kpop friends to meet up with? Then check out the list below of Kpop Meetup Groups around the world. As with anything else please use caution when attending a meetup. Bring a friend and always get permission from your parents well in advance before you consider attending. Don't ever attend a meetup unless you specifically obtain permission from your parents. Bring them along the first few times so they can check out the place and people to build up their confidence. Show maturity and never let peer pressure take over your logic, be smart and be safe. Meet up only in a public places and have fun talking with friends about Kpop, KDrama and Korean Language! Remember safety always comes 1st!

Largest Kpop Meetup Groups

Newest Kpop Meetup Groups

Below are the newest list of Kpop Meetup Groups around the world:

Largest KDrama Meetup Groups

Or are you looking to meet up with Kdrama friends, then check out these Kdrama Meetup Groups:

Largest Korean Language Meetup Groups

Newest Korean Language Meetup Groups

And here is the newest Korean Language Meetup Groups around the world: