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Learn Korean with Han-Na!

Meet Kpop College's Dean of Foreign Languages, Korean Teacher, Administrator and South Korean Director. She is a wonderful teacher and also a great Kpop dancer too! Please take a moment to friend request Han-Na at Kpop College and follow her on social media links above. This is your chance to not only learn Kpop cover dances and singing but to also learn Korean Language. 

Every Wednesday, Han-Na will teach you vocabulary words, and basic phrases will be taught every Friday. Other miscellaneous topics such as K-POP songs and dances, K-drama review, popular places to go in Korea, K-fashion, Korean-makeup, and all other Korean related videos will be uploaded on all other days.

Click on Han-Na's photo above to visit Han-Na's profile page here at Kpop College. Be sure to send her a friend request!

Han-Na's Kpop Cover Performances

Korean Teacher Han-Na is also an amazing Kpop dancer, watch her great cover performances here!

Han-Na Photo Gallery