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Lola Fair

Copyright (c) 2014 - Lola Fair, Record Label: XP Muse

Lola Fair (Yumi Cha / 차유미 ) Official Links:

Homepage - iTunes - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - SoundCloud - Record Label - Fan Club -Instagram

Record Label: Discography - Birthday: December 21st. - Wikipedia: Baby Vox

Download Lola's new song Human Inside from iTunes.


10-26-14: Lola Fair releases her new song called: Human Inside

09-15-13: Interview with Lola Fair


Lola Fair or otherwise known as Yumi Cha in South Korea was the original

singer for the famous Kpop girl group: Baby Vox back in 1997.

Baby Vox is considered by many the first Kpop girl group to start the Hallyu wave.

Since that time, Yumi Cha has been instrumental in the Kpop world.

She has written Kpop lyrics for some of the world's most famous Kpop artists:

Super Junior - "This Is Love" - BoA - "Girls On Top" - Girls Generation - "The Boys"

Yumi Cha also sung background vocals for the world's most famous

Kpop girl group: Girls Generation - "The Boys" as shown below.

This song has over 100 Million views on YouTube.

Her other works include singing a duet with Kim Bum Soo and

her work with Kpop singer Baby J from Kpop girl group Jewelry.

And recent work with Ghostkick.

Super Junior - "This Is Love" (Lyrics Composer)

BoA - "Girls On Top" (Lyrics Composer)

Girls Generation - "The Boys" (Background Singer)