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Posting your Covers and Making New Friends

Spotlight Cover

Post your Kpop cover performance in our Kpop College OPEN auditions and for others to Rate Your Cover!

The example cover to the left is Kpop College cover girl group AlyGael. Here at Kpop College, students can post covers and obtain feedback from other students on campus!

NEW Rules to Posting Kpop Covers on Kpop College

STEP # 1

1st - Click the clipboard above to rate another student's cover posted on Kpop College. Leave them constructive feedback under their video posted on Kpop College.

STEP # 2

2nd - Post your cover performance on Kpop College. All students who post a cover MUST rate another student's cover before posting their cover on Kpop College. See details below on how to post covers.

STEP # 3

3rd - Post message on Team Thunder Forum page letting others know you rated a cover and posted a cover. The top students who rate covers will get recognized by Kpop College Hall of Fame page.

Instructions on How to Post your Kpop Cover

Instructions on How to Post your Cover

I. Apply Now to become a Kpop College student to post your Kpop covers

II. Sign In to Kpop College.

III. Click Post Your Cover or (+ Add Video) to open up window to the left.

Step 1 - Existing Channel: Choose "Rate My Kpop Cover". 

Step 2 - Copy your YouTube link and past into the in Video URL space.

Note: Use the correct format to paste, see below:

a. Correct YouTube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=83ROwuL20LY

b. Wrong YouTube link format example: http://youtu.be/83ROwuL2OLY

Step 3 - Type in the Title box: Your Name - Title of Song - Kpop Artist Name. 

Step 4 - Type in the Description box your comments.

Step 5 - Press the green Submit button to post your cover on Kpop College.

Click here to confirm your cover was posted: Watch my Kpop cover video.

Watch Previous Posted Covers

Post Your Cover


Kpop Artist Directory

Click the photo to visit our large Kpop Artist Directory here at Kpop College. Help support the Kpop artist's and Record Labels that make it possible to create your own fun Kpop covers. 

This is your chance to visit all their official social media links that are well researched, follow them and legally download their great music from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other media sources. Let's help the Kpop Artist's that work so hard to create amazing new music tracks and videos by purchasing their music! Let's support them!

Click here: Support Kpop Artist's comment page to let other students on campus know how much you've spent this year purchasing their amazing music!

Contact Us

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Attention Record Labels & Entertainment Companies, should you identify an interest in one of our amazing students here at Kpop College please fill in the form to the left with the name of the student and or group you are interested in along with your contact information.

We will contact the student who you're interested in and forward them your information. Here at our university, it's our goal to effectively train and teach our students to help them excel in either their Entertainment or their Academic career path.

Students, if you have a message, feel free to use the same contact form. Note we receive many questions, so please see our FAQ section first to see if your question is listed there. Many times if we can't respond it's due to that fact your answer is already posted in the FAQ section. Thanks & Good Luck!!

How to convert your video

1. If you have a PC go to "Windows Movie Maker", if you have a Apple go to "iMovie".

2. Click Add videos and photos button to upload a picture. (You can't skip this step, YouTube needs a picture).

3. Click the "add music" button and search for the MP3 or MP4 song cover to upload.

4. Click on the "green wave" under your picture.

5. Write down the "Set end point" value.

6. Double click on the picture you uploaded and paste in the "Set end point" value into the "Duration" cell.

7. You should see multiple images of your picture and green wave expand on the right side.

8. Click on File - Save Movie - Recommended for this project button.

9. Save file as a MPEG file and wait for a few minutes as it converts a MP3/MP4 to MPEG file format.

10. Go to your YouTube channel and upload the new MPEG file and wait 5 - 15 minutes for it to upload. 


Make New Friends

Posting your Covers and Making New Friends is easy to do here at our university. Once you post your Kpop cover, students from all over the world will have the chance to review your cover and provide feedback. 

Instead of just posting your Kpop covers solely on YouTube and then waiting for others to locate your cover, why not post your new Kpop cover at Kpop College! As you leave feedback for other students on campus you'll form new friendships where you can help each other out.

Click on the student directory photo to visit the Kpop College student directory where you'll meet all the students who are enrolled at our university. Make friends from all over the world, send them a friend request, leave a message on their wall, form a new Kpop group with them, send them a message or several students a group message with Kpop College internal mail delivery system.