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2013 Kpop Audition is now OPEN for a new Kpop Boy Group!

Kpop College is looking to create a 5 member Kpop group called "SharpDM".

Click Here to watch all applicants Kpop cover videos for SharpDM.  

Hurry!! Send us your Kpop cover video today! 

>>>  If your Kpop audition video was posted on SharpDM, please fill in the: SharpDM Audition Form    

Kpop College - Applicant Spotlight


Click Here to watch all applicants Kpop cover videos for SharpDM. 

Total number of Kpop cover videos received from applicants: 4 

                          SharpDM preferred Kpop cover videos


Copyright (c) 2012 - Jang Wooyoung of 2PM - "Sexy Lady", Record Label: JYP Entertainment

2PM Official Links: Homepage - iTunes - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Record Label - Fan Cafe


Please provide your Kpop cover audition video using the above or below examples.

The new Kpop group SharpDM will have a combination of style and abilities that these groups have.

SHINeeDream Girl - Super Junior: Sorry Sorry -  Spy

                                           SharpDM Directory

Section 2.0 - How can I audition for SharpDM?

Step 1: Create your Kpop Cover.

   Film your Kpop cover and post it on YouTube.

Step 2: Send Kpop College your Kpop Cover on Twitter. 

   Hi @Kpop College, here is my audition video for the new #Kpop group "SharpDM" - http://youtube..

Step 3: If you don't have a Twitter account, send your cover using our contact page. 

  Click Here to visit our Contact page. Be sure to provide your email address too.

Step 4: Kpop College will review your Kpop cover. 

   We will review your Kpop cover on YouTube and if it meets our criteria we will post it on SharpDM. 

Step 5: Kpop College will notify you after we post it.

   We will send you a message either on Twitter or email to let you know we posted your cover song.  

Are there any special requirements to audition for SharpDM? 

   Yes - Please click here to read all the requirements before auditioning. - Thanks! 

2.1 - YouTube Goals for the new Kpop group SharpDM

The goals for the new Kpop group SharpDM are identified below. Example artists and their songs are listed for reference to understand the scope of their success.

After all the members for SharpDM have been chosen, they will start practicing on new Kpop covers using the same Kpop cover song to create harmony between all members. All videos will be uploaded to Kpop College YouTube account under the "SharpDM" directory. Their covers at first will be recorded at their home. Depending on where the members reside and how much they move up the goal chart will determine how and when the group can practice together. 

When SharpDM reaches a new goal, their chances increase exponentially to become a famous professional Kpop group. Just imagine, if SharpDM reaches goal #10. Every single record label out there will be knocking on the door waiting to sign the new stylish swag tomboyish Kpop group called "SharpDM" to their record label.

More details of the plans have not been announced yet. Keep checking back as the game plan begins to form through the year.

Goal Views/Day Views/Year Kpop ArtistKpop Song
091,000,000365,000,000PSY"Gangnam Style"
07250,00091,250,000Girls Generation"I Got A Boy"
06100,00036,500,0002NE1"I Am The Best"
0550,00018,250,000Sistar "Alone"
0410,0003,650,0004Minute "Mirror Mirror
031,000365,000Nine Muses "Single Figaro
0210036,500A Pink"Wish List"
01103,650Rania "Style"

Section 3.0 - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Who is SharpDM?

   SharpDM will be a new Kpop boy group formed by Kpop College.

What does SharpDM stand for? 

   SharpDM stands for "Sharp Dressed Men". Be sure to submit your Kpop cover to reflect the name.

When will the auditions take place? 

  From June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014 

Where will the auditions take place? 

   Anywhere on planet Earth. You submit your audition to Kpop College for us to review. 

Why is SharpDM being created? 

   To help make 5 Kpop students dreams come true.  

How will applicants be chosen for SharpDM? 

   A scoring system will be used (Age, Location, Talent, Language, YouTube Views and Other).   

Section 4.0 - Watch all Kpop audition entries we have received

* Applicants are listed in order in which their Kpop cover was received. 

* Applicants highlighted in green font indicate they were featured in the "Applicant Spotlight" section. 

Good Luck to all Applicants!! 

Applicant #TBD - Your Name Goes Here - Cover song of: Kpop Boys Group - "Song Name".

.. Your dance cover video goes here.... (^-^)

Please send us your cover video today! The sooner we receive your video the higher your video is shown on this page! Don't wait too long. Tell your friends to stop by the SharpDM audition page so they can watch your Kpop cover dance. The more views you receive on YouTube, the more points you'll receive in the scoring system! 

Section 5.0 - Rules for entering Kpop cover audition

What if I'm under 18 years old?

   * Please get permission from your parents before posting your Kpop cover on YouTube.

   * Please remember your school grades and family time should always come first.

   * Never give money or personal information to anyone, always consult with your parents.

   * Never met any person alone, always consult with your parents, keep them well informed. 

   * Don't post videos on YouTube that are not appropriate, first get your parents permission. 

What if I'm chosen as a winner?

   * Please realize Kpop winners will not be awarded money or specific contracts.

   * Please click here to read more about happens when the winners are chosen.

How many Kpop cover videos can I send in?

   * Three (3) is the maximum you can submit.

   * You can always replace a Kpop cover video with a newer one. 

Which Kpop cover videos does Kpop College accept? 

   * Please choose a Kpop artist that is featured on Kpop College, click here to review the directory.

   * This is because we want to give music credits for the Kpop artist for their hard work.

   * Your Kpop cover doesn't have to be the music video on their page, but from that artist.

   * Please choose a Kpop cover that is not offensive. 

   * The Kpop cover must show your work, don't submit covers if they don't feature at least yourself.

   * Others can be in the Kpop covers, but you must first get their permission to post YouTube.

   * Our preference however, is that only you are in the Kpop cover video as you'll receive more points.

   * Keep other company names out of the video. 

   * We only accept YouTube Kpop covers, we don't accept videos by mail.  

Section 6.0 - How does the scoring system work?

SharpDM Kpop Audition Scoring Formula: 

 * Score (100) = Age/Location (15) + Talent (30) + Language (15) + YouTube views (20) + Other (20) 


I. Age and Location Point Scoring:  

   * You are at least 19 years old and live in South Korea. (15 Points)

   * You are at least 19 years old and live anywhere else. (10 Points)

   * You are at least 14 years old and live in South Korea. (5 Points) 

   * You are at least 14 years old and live anywhere else. (3 Points) 


II. Talent Point Scoring: 

   * You have exceptional talent to Dance, Sing and Play (piano, guitar, bass, drums). (30 Points)

   * You have exceptional talent to Dance and Sing. (20 Points)

   * You have exceptional talent to Dance or Sing. (10 Points)


III. Language Abilities: 

   * You can speak, read and write Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. (15 Points)

   * You can speak and read Korean, English. (10 Points)

   * You can speak Korean and English. (5 Points)


IV. The Number of YouTube Views: 

   * The number of YouTube views you received. (0 to 30 Points distributed using bell shape curve) 


V. Other Point Scoring:

   * The remaining (20 Points) are used for other factors.  

Section 7.0 - What happens after the winners are chosen?

Option 1: Presenting the Group 

This option applies if the 5 members chosen reside in different countries.

As the group "SharpDM" grows in name popularity, we will search for a Record Label that may want to sign "SharpDM" to their roster. We will present them your YouTube audition videos and the name of the group. If they see 5 talented individuals who have a large number of YouTube views with an established marketable Kpop group name, they might be interested in signing the group.


Option 2: Training the Group 

This option applies if all 5 members chosen are from South Korea or same country.

The 5 members try to get together on their own and start practicing together. They improve their skills by creating a wide variety of YouTube cover dances. Kpop College will review the videos and offer advice to the group on what they should work on. In the beginning they will focus on synchronizing their choreography moves. Later they will work on singing. Kpop College will search for band members who would like to record the music for SharpDM group members. The music will be uploaded and the 5 members will create a dance for the newly created song. Once the group becomes established and their skills polished, Kpop College will search for a Record Label that may want to sign SharpDM to their roster. 


Assigning Kpop Celebrity Stage Names: 

Each member will be assigned a celebrity stage name. The five names will be: Ketano, Mayo, TT, Lazo and Jaro. The leader of the group will be "TT". If members want to choose their own stage name, that will be acceptable too. 


Due Date: 

We will conclude our search on June 1, 2014. By July 1, 2014 we will announce the 5 members who will be chosen to become the next Kpop boy group called "SharpDM". Note: The date can be extended if we can't locate all 5 members that all pass the minimum score required for the group. If that occurs, the date will be extended in increments of 6 months.  

8.0 - FAQ - Frequentuently Asked Questions about SharpDM

How do I contact Kpop College if I have a question about SharpDM?

First check the FAQ questions below, if not listed click here to send us a question.  

What tips can you give me for the SharpDM Audition? 

 * Smile at all times during your cover.  

 * Be kind, nice and respectful to everyone in your communications. 

 * Good audio and background helps make a more compelling Kpop cover. 

 * Synchronize your dance moves to the music. 

 * Be optimistic, positive, display confidence with gentle kind caring heart. 

How many Kpop Covers can I submit? 

 * We accept a maximum of 3 Kpop covers.  

 * However, you can replace them with better ones.  

What can I expect if I am chosen for the SharpDM Kpop group? 

 * Excitement! You were chosen out of all the applicants around the world!  

 * Look at this as a "stepping stone" to help you get closer to official Kpop artist.  

 * Please realize your the chances are low for a record label contract.

 * But also realize our perseverance here at Kpop College is high to help you.  

 * We can not guarantee that you'll be signed by a record label.  

 * Kpop College doesn't have financial resources, so don't except compensation.  

 * Look at this opportunity in a fun way to hopefully help jump start your chances.

What is your goal then if our chances are so low? 

 * Our main goal is to build social media recognition for the SharpDM group.  

 * We have hundreds of thousands of visitors at Kpop College to help you with that.  

 * If the SharpDM group receives lots of YouTube visits, it helps your chances. 
 * Take a look at Kpop Artist PSY, his chances were low, yet he became succceful.  

Can I submit a Kpop cover for a group not on Kpop College? 

 * Sorry but no, as we need to give music credit to the artist for their hard work.  

 * If you're favorite Kpop artist is not on Kpop College, please let us know 

Can I submit a Kpop cover for just singing? 

 * Yes you can. Please see scoring system for final calculation.

What if I can't speak Korean, but I can speak English and other language well? 

 * You can still send your cover. Please see scoring system for final calculation.

Does Kpop College accept SharpDM audition videos from any nationality? 

 * Yes we do. Please see scoring system for final calculation for location factor.


More FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about SharpDM: 

* A survey will be sent out to all the applicants in June (via Twitter accounts) to obtain scoring information. 

* The Kpop Worksheet Audition sheet is not for SharpDM, it's a reference worksheet you can use to help

   you prepare your information to audition with other record labels.  

* Smiling will help increase your score.

* You can submit up to 3 Kpop covers, but it must be different songs. 

* You can replace any one of the 3 audition Kpop covers with a better cover if you choose. 

* Kpop College is located in USA, not South Korea.

* Unless something else comes up, "SharpDM" is the name we've chosen for the group.

* The stage names of SharpDM is only a suggestion, group members can chose their own stage names.

* Kpop College doesn't have the financial resources to bring the group together and will not incur other costs.

* Kpop College can not guarantee the group will be signed by a record label, this is only our goal.

* Do not expect Kpop College to pay for any costs incurred to form the group, think of this in more a fun way.

* Our goal simply with the "SharpDM" group is to create a "springboard" to help the group hopefully obtain a contract with a record label. Since we have zero financial resources, we are working on creating more of the "name brand" of the SharpDM Kpop group using social media. Meaning that the group at first would create Kpop cover videos and post it to YouTube under the Kpop College channel. We would feature their cover videos here on this page for others to watch which will increase the number of YouTube views. If they achieve high levels of views, this gives the record labels more confidence this group should be signed by their company. At that time, the record label would basically take control of the SharpDM group. From there things would become more official and the record label would have a say in how the group will be managed. Our goal is to simply be a springboard to help the group achieve this success.

* Our primary goal is to find 5 members in South Korea. Our secondary goal if we can't meet the first goal is to form an international group outside of South Korea. 

* So as you can see, this isn't the typical way to form a famous Kpop group, but our goal is to think outside the box and be creative to help bring happiness to 5 members of SharpDM. The chances are very small of the group becoming successful but that does not deter us from trying. The SharpDM members should think of this activity in a more fun way than an official way. If lucky enough to be chosen by a record label, then it would be time to start thinking of it in an official manner. But for now, it's more fun and hope the group can rise in the Kpop wave to eventually achieve Kpop celebrity status. 

10.0 - SharpDM News

May 30, 2013: 

We created the Kpop boy group "SharpDM".  

9.0 - Disclaimer

Please note our intention is to help create a new girl Kpop group called "SharpDM". Yes, the chances are low, but no one can ever succeed unless they try. Unlike the traditional methods used to start a new Kpop boy group, our effort will have to be much more creative. We don't have the financial resources like other companies, instead our goal is to use social medial resources to help create a popular Kpop group. If the group becomes popular on YouTube, the chances of a record label signing them to their roster increases. Look at this opportunity with Kpop College as a "spring board" to help you achieve your dreams with a record label company.


Good Luck and keep sending us your YouTube Kpop cover dance videos!