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Quality Education in Singing

Kpop College is gearing up to add more training video's to our college library to help our students improve their singing skills. To become a future Kpop artist it's vital that you know how to properly sing and in Korean. Please visit our Korean Language College Learning Courses taught by our amazing Korean teacher Han-Na.

Visit our Instructional Singing Training Video Library to start improving your singing skills today. Many of you practice on your dancing skills, but equally you'll need to have great singing skills too to shine not only on TV and videos but also on the Radio, CD's, Downloaded songs, etc. 


Quality Education in Dancing

Here at Kpop College we provide a large volume of High Quality Education in Dancing videos to help our students refine their dancing skills. These dance training videos are produced by the actual professional Kpop artist's who owns that song. You'll receive step by step instructions on the best way to perform their great Kpop dance moves.

Start your training today with a large volume collection of Dancing videos in our College Library! To judge your improvement, we ask our students to carefully review the high quality dance skills performed by students who attend "DEF DANCE SKOOL" in South Korea, they have world class training classes1


Quality Education in Acting

For our students here at Kpop College, you can learn amazing new acting techniques by the talented Kpop artist Megan Lee! She is a very successful Kpop singer along as well as a very successful actress on Nickelodeon's new hit TV show that started the spring of 2015 called "Make It Pop". 

Students can learn best in class methods by watching Megan Lee's superior acting skills on "Make It Pop" TV show that is a Kpop inspired show. Both Megan Lee, other actors on "Make It Pop" and TV network Nickelodeon all follow Kpop College. Our university with all it's amazing students are really excited about the new hit TV show! 

For "Make It Pop" Season II, some students here at our university have applied for new actor roles for the hit show. Let's cross our fingers we see our students here at Kpop College star on the new hit TV show with Kpop artist Megan Lee!