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                              Tae-Eun Hyun Fan Club


Cover Copyright (c) 2013 - Tae-Eun Hyun - "Love the Way You Lie"

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 Tae-Eun Hyun was born in South Korea and a multi-talented person.

She speak three languages: Korean, English and German.

Tae-Eun is also a great dancer who can play the Piano, Violoncello and Guitar.  


Kpop College is featuring her as a promising upcoming Kpop artist.  

Tell your cool friends about Tae-Eun Hyun, a future rising Kpop artist just right around the corner. 

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Attention Record Labels:

If you like to contact Miss. Tae-Eun Hyun about a potential Kpop artist contract please: contact us

We will forward your messages to her. 

                                       Tae-Eun Hyun fans

Students at Kpop College, please show your support for Miss. Tae-Eun Hyun in her efforts to become a famous South Korean artist by leaving a supportive and encouraging message for her in the comments below.


                 Tae-Eun Hyun's Top 10 Favorites
 Favorite Animals: Dog, Rabbit and Tiger.

Favorite Colors: Blue and Green.

Favorite Kpop Artists: Ailee, Hyorin, Lee Hi, Hongki (from FT Island).

Favorite Korean Dramas: Love Rain, Heartstrings and Family book of Gu.

Favorite Food: Kimbab, Sushi and Pasta.

Favorite Time of the Year: Winter and Spring.

Favorite Movie: Hearty Paws / Heart Is, The Way Home.

Favorite Book: German books. 

Favorite Hobbies: Dancing, Singing and Acting.

Favorite Subject in School: Sports and Music. 


                           Tae-Eun Hyun Gallery

Tae-Eun Hyun performing at a Cafe in Germany