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What is Team Thunder?

Why Team Thunder?

Join Team Thunder!

A large group of Kpop College students working as a team to generate interest in our university and our students on campus.

So famous artists, record labels and television networks take notice in our student's talents giving them more opportunity to become stars themselves!

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How Team Thunder Works?

1. Kpop College identifies popular stars and post a new Team Thunder Action message

2. Team Thunder students visit that star on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and leave them a supportive message while letting them know they're a student at Kpop College.

3. When popular stars receive a ton of supportive messages from fans and see they're all from same place that is (Kpop College), that makes it easy for them to remember. They will see how strong and coordinated of a fan base comes from Kpop College students and are more inclined to respond to their messages and visit our university.

4. All that will hopefully get those stars, artist's, actresses, actors, record labels, etc curious and interested to stop by Kpop College and see all the talented students we have on campus. 

5. Students post their cover performances on Kpop College to show their talent and it's our hope that one of those stars and labels see potential talent with a student on campus which leads to a contract for our students to go on to become a famous star themselves.


Has there been Success with Team Thunder?

Project #1: Absolutely, Yes!! 

The current members of Team Thunder were successful in convincing Korean Kpop Artist and Actress Megan Lee of the new hit TV Show that airs on Nickelodeon called "Make It Pop" to follow Kpop College on Twitter!

Now Kpop College and Megan tweet back to each other on a regular basis when her new high profile TV show airs on Nickelodeon! 

All this resulted in.... actor Dale Whibley from Make It Pop TV Show to also start following Kpop College! And this resulted in their pop band on TV called XO-IQ to follow Kpop College which resulted in Make It Pop TV show to follow Kpop College which resulted in the gigantic TV network with nearly 4 Million followers that airs the hit Nickelodeon TV show to also follow Kpop College! 

You can now see how this ripple effect occurred by members of Team Thunder! All this activity will generate interest by those stars and institutions to visit Kpop College out of curiosity to see why our team of students are so strong and motivated. This will give more opportunity for our students on campus to get recognized and to go on and become super stars and achieve Kpop College's motto of: Learn, Enjoy and Become!

Be sure to keep supporting these stars noted above to show your continued long lasting support. To be a good team, we need to not only sprint with energy but we need to last the marathon and show perseverance and optimism as a true dedicated fan they can always count on.

Now let's move on to Project #2 as Kpop College and Team Thunder works to seal another great victory for our talented students on campus! Join Team Thunder Now!!


Project #1: Make It Pop TV Show

Support the stars of the new hit TV Show Make It Pop 

Make It Pop - XO-IQ - Nickelodeon

Megan Lee - Dale Whibley

Erika Tham - Louriza Tronco

More Official Links:

Make It Pop on Kpop College

XO-IQ on Kpop College


Why should I invest my time in this?

It's like the stock market but not with money, but with your time. In the real stock market someone may invest say $15,000 into a particular stock costing $1.00 per share for 15,000 shares. Then let that stock mature after 3 years to say $3.00 per share. Now you sell your 15,000 shares of stock x $3.00 = $45,000 subtracted from your original investment of $15,000 which leaves you with a $30,000 ROI (Return on Investment)! Of course stocks could lose lots of money equally. But this is not stocks per se, it's your time invested to help get Kpop College noticed by big stars, record labels, etc which in turn increases the chance our students on campus get noticed which hopefully leads to contracts with talented students on our campus. 

Are there any guarantees? No but look at it this way, are there any guarantee's going solo and trying to do it all by yourself? No unless you're very lucky or extremely talented. That's why Kpop College's is all about Teamwork, with a team you can accomplish a lot more thunder to get noticed!

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How many Stock Shares have you earned?

For those that like to add some more fun to this (although not required), keep track of how many times you follow Team Thunder Action message by Tweeting or Retweeting a message Kpop College sends out. For each Tweet or Retweet you earn 1 more share. How many shares can you accumulate in your investment? For those students that like to keep track of that, please tell us how many shares you have earned each month and we will highlight how much stock you have earned. Those that earn more will be at the top of the list which will increase your chances to be seen by the stars and record labels showing your perseverance to achieve your dreams of becoming a star yourself!