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What is Team Thunder? 

It is a group of Kpop College students that create "Thunder" in a strategic organized approach. This results in Kpop Artists and Record Labels taking notice and leading them into our university to take a look around.

When that occurs they see the thousands of students we have on campus who are striving to become a popular Kpop artist, actress or actor. Instead of going out and searching for new talent, they now have a large resource where they can have their recruiters stop by to search for new talent. But for this to occur, we need to use teamwork to generate enough Thunder at the right time.

        How it Works!


Kpop College identifies Kpop artist, Kpop groups, Actresses, Actors or Record Labels that "Team Thunder" will visit to leave encouraging supportive comments on their social media page. We will add you to a special group message system so you know when and who.

Thunder and lightening over Tehran
Team Thunder students rush to their Twitter page and leaves a supportive comment. For example: "I love your new #Kpop music video! I'm a student at Kpop College!"
Record Labels, Kpop artists, Kpop groups take notice of the large "organized" support they receive from students at Kpop College. This Thunder gets their attention and they visit Kpop College website to take a look around campus.
me signing one of the many mortgage papers.
Record Labels send their recruiters and scouts to Kpop College knowing there is a large pool of talented young future Kpop artists eager to become a future Kpop star, actress or actor. Some students who excel and pass their criteria may receive contracts with their company.
131116 AOA @ Sundown Festival 2013
Those students at Kpop College could go on to become future Kpop star with the Record Label, releasing hit music videos, music cd's and performing at concerts all over the world!

Example of "Team Thunder" in action:

When "Team Thunder" reaches hundreds or thousands of 

members, just imagine the huge effective impact our students 

will create! When a Kpop artist tweets a message and "Team 

Thunder" rushes in with thousands of supportive responses 

indicating they are a student at Kpop College. This will get their 

attention prompting them to visit Kpop College and recognize 

our talented students on campus!

Team Thunder members

Listed below are our Kpop College Team Thunder students. They are great team players, helping our efforts to bring Kpop Artists, Actresses, Actors and Record Labels to our exciting campus. Please click on their photo to friend request them on Kpop College or click on their name to follow them on Twitter.

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Hurry and join "Team Thunder" today!

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To join Team Thunder it is best to have a "Twitter" 

account. We will be doing most of our Team Thunder

activity using Twitter where many celebrities, artists and

record labels communicate quickly with everyone.

Once we receive your message, we will send you a friend request on Kpop College mail system. Please accept the request from Kpop College / Kpop DJ and we will add you to our Team Thunder list!