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Teamwork Office

Welcome to the "Teamwork Office" here at Kpop College. One of our motto's here at our university is teamwork. We believe this is a vital attribute that we want our students to display on and off campus. Teamwork will not only help you achieve your Kpop artist dreams but it will also give you the experience needed to excel in your academic career. 

By learning to work together as a team, you can accomplish a lot more in life. In the world we live today, it's very easy to become independent where you believe you can accomplish everything on your own with the new technologies that we have at our disposal. But don't lose sight of how important it is to work together as a team to accomplish big goals. Just like a basketball team, you need everyone working together by combining strengths of different players to achieve great things.

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Students who are interested in volunteer positions at Kpop College please use the contact form above. You'll find your 8 digit Student ID number on your student profile page link address. 


Kpop College Adminstrators

Kpop DJ


Kpop DJ is the President of Kpop College. The fun and free online university he created back in August 2011 is open to all Kpop students. His long term goal is to build an accredited campus on land and for Kpop College to become the most prestigious university on the planet. He's very familiar with the Asian culture being part of it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. He has traveled to Japan 27 times, China 1 time, Mexico 12 times, Canada 5 times and London 1 time. His next planned trip is to Seoul South, Korea to set up collaboration networks in the country. He is an avid fan of Kpop music and loves spinning music to the masses to help unite the world in love.

Angie Yang

Student Communications Director

Angie Yang is the student communications director at Kpop College. She recently started college and graduated from high school with honors and the class Valedictorian. Angie has an amazing singing voice, perfect image and she is gifted on the piano and many other musical instruments. Angie was one of the first members of Kpop College's first Kpop girl group Kitty Pretty. She writes her own lyrics and she has a beautiful golden heart. Angie is also striving to one day become a famous Kpop artist and actress. 

HanNa Kim

Korean Language Teacher & South Korea Representative

Meet Han-Na Kim, Kpop College's Korean Language Teacher and South Korea Representative. HanNa is from South Korea and now resides in the United States. She produces amazing YouTube videos that explain how to learn Korean Language in a very easy and fun way. HanNa is also a great Kpop dancer too! Han-Na was recently contracted with South Korean record label CJ E&M to provide content for their company.